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Do you kill Bandoth after you've completed his quest?

fireandsteel73fireandsteel73 Member Posts: 31
Bandoth the irritable mage now found in that sort of Dwarven kettle-house in Dorn's Deep

Do you kill Bandoth after you've completed his quest? 25 votes

Yes - he's annoying, rude, patronising and a tetchy old man who deserves to feel my wrath
SeldarSikorskysarevok57kotekoGirewanifupaulineJurisinethNoloirGrumSirBatincetuldor88fireandsteel73Ladas 14 votes
No - because he's obviously a brilliant researcher (?) and his work must continue
WooginDJKajuruJuliusBorisovLintharNimranHudzyOlvynChuruDaevelonsemiticgodBillyYankHiker008 11 votes


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