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We can rebuild them... better, stronger, faster! - Default NPC Customization and You

I would like to share with you here something that I have been doing for a long, long time, yet have noticed many people not even being aware of: customizing the default joinable game NPCs. I'm talking of course not about CHARNAME, but her/his potential allies: Aerie, Anomen, and all the other friendly (or unfriendly) faces.

These characters, the interactions, banters, personal quests, and of course romances, are one of the biggest draws of Baldur's Gate 2. It's not only a lot of story and plot, but also a lot of actual game content, particularly with the new NPCs from the Extended Edition who have some great quests in cool locations otherwise entirely inaccessible.

However, this whole dimension clashes with the desire of some people to actually run with a custom party, in the style of e.g. Icewind Dale. You can do that in BG2 by creating a multiplayer party - but then you lose everything mentioned above. No banter, no personal quests, no romance, now new EE locales.

But there is a way to have both! Thanks to the glorious EEKeeper savegame editor, you have a tool at your disposal that can transform anyone into anything! Ever wanted Aerie on 'roids, rocking the 18/00 as a 4-INT Berserker? DONE! Minsc the Mage, turning his enemies into squi... hamsters? NO PROBLEM!

Now, as for the HOW of doing this, it is incredibly simple and intuitive. EEKeeper has a very easy-to-understand interface, and if you look at the various tabs and options, you will quickly realize what you need to change and how in order to make your NPC dream happen. I encourage people to try and experiment, and so this is not intended as a tutorial; what this thread is supposed to be about (I made it, I get to decide!) is the ideas people can come up with to make their NPCs *truly* unique and interesting.

A word of warning, though: EEKeeper is a powerful tool, and with great power comes great desire to do silly things. That is perfectly fine if it's your thing, but do not let it go to your head. The temptation is great to crank every stat to 25 and watch Melissan run for dear life as you punch her lights out naked with one arm behind your back. I am not talking about that here, though. I am talking about things that make at least a little sense *in some way*. What way, that is up to the individual to decide. It can be RP-oriented, it can be Powergaming-oriented. That is a choice everyone has to make for themselves, and it should be understood what that choice is (and, ideally, why it was made).

To illustrate, and to get the discussion going, here is a brief overview over my own process. Again, this is just MY way of doing things, based on MY preferences - although I do welcome critique, criticism, and suggestions. Note that my game is cranked to 11 - I run with SCS, Spell Revisions, and Item Revisions, with every setting on maximum difficulty (including things like random-spawn liches and HLAs on enemies in SoA etc.), of course in Nightmare Mode and on Insane dififculty. That is not for the faint of heart, and consequently my parties are not faint-hearted either.

My usual party setup will have roll totals of 80 on most characters. CHARNAME alone I usually go with 85, simply because being a Bhaalspawn should at least skew the genetic lottery a little. I do run with higher or lower sometimes, too, but the vast majority of the time it'll be 80/85.
As for the classes, that varies wildly. I try to test many things, but I look at them from a powergaming perspective pretty much all the time. That means a lot of dual classing, and not a lot of Bards, for example (but lots of Archers and Inquisitors).
For purely flavor reasons, I try to match the classes I want to play at least somewhat to the NPCs. For example, when I play mages, I try to make sure that it's people like Aerie, Edwin, Neera etc. that end up in that role. If I make a Berserker, I might choose Minsc or Korgan to be it, while an Inquisitor could end up as Keldorn (not very creative) or Anomen or even (stretching it a bit) someone like Valygar. This is not an exact process, of course, and sometimes the NPCs I want to play actually take precedence over the class - e.g. I really hate Whiney McCryface, sorry, I meant to say: Anomen, and so even if I run a Fighter/Cleric I'd rather put it on someone not fitting the profile (like idk, Jan Jansen) than take him along. Similarly, I really like Neera, and so even if there is no Mage slot but only, say, a Druid, I might make her that despite the obvious RP cringe just to have her in my party for the romance etc. (pink hair = best hair, just sayin').

However, here is where it gets interesting. The actual reason I am starting this whole topic is to gather some ideas on how to add MORE FLAVOR to everything. I am good with theory when it comes to things like power, damage output, etc. I am not so good when it comes to things like flavor, RP value, and character building. But I would like more of that, and I think that EEKeeper is a great tool to not only get that, but to perhaps also combine it with the more down-to-earth powergaming approach.

What I'm talking about specifically is modifying NPCs in clever ways that offer some game decisions and considerations, while ALSO making sense in terms of flavor and story. That in fact is already in the game, to an extent. If you check Haer'Dalis, for example, you will notice that not only is he a race normally unavailable to playable characters (Tiefling), but he also has some innate damage resistances, too! Viconia also has a bonus, namely her magic resistance. Other characters do not have these innate traits, but might offer different unique things such as Edwin's amulet or Nalia's ring (but let's leave special items aside for now since they can't just be created by EEKeeper).

I would like to add more things like that to spice up my parties, and hopefully, if you like the idea, your parties as well. What I'd ask of everyone interested is to start gathering and discussing some ideas of what these special features could be. There are many possibilities, from stat bonuses/penalties (Viconia +1 STR/-1 CHA maybe? Mazzy -1 STR/+2 CHA?) to special resistances (10% slashing resistance to Aerie? -2 AC vs. slashing to Yoshimo?) to class/kit combinations that are otherwise illegal but make sense RP-wise (non-human dual-class? kit in a dual/multi-class?) - or something else, you name it! No, I mean it: go ahead and name it, I'm anxious to hear what other ideas there are along these lines!

Ideally, I would like these suggestions to be thought-out enough to also be balanced power-wise, though of course I realize that both "balance" and "power" are terms with a very vague meaning especially in a context that can change so much from setup to setup. That's fine. We only need a starting point, a nucleus to latch onto and grow our own individual ideas from. I'm sure there's people who've always thought that character X really should have trait Y or ability Z - let's hear it, then! I welcome any and all suggestions!


  • SampieroSampiero Member Posts: 31
    that seem to be a really good idea, i guess making "pure" stats would be good; like removing all STR points of aerie to put them in INT and WIS would be ok, or going completly reverse and do something like valkyrie aerie "they said i was crying and annoying.... but that aerie died, i'll show them the strength of the avariels" would be nice.
    I think it would also be RP to set CHARNAME race to "demon" (why not afterall) and doing a whole demonic party (even if it's just skins)

    but it's up to you :) you are the hardcore player here
  • semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,829
    An interesting way to use EEKeeper or Shadowkeeper is to randomly generate your character with an Excel sheet. Attached is an example file. It generates random values for ability scores, AC, THAC0, damage bonuses, resistances, class, race, proficiencies, kits, saves, and other things. But actually implementing random bonuses takes some time, and if you randomize too many things (like resistances and saves), you can end up with really lousy characters. It's usually better to just randomize stats and classes. I've done multiple randomized runs and they're pretty weird.

    You can also tweak your characters' appearance, and give them unique color schemes or turn them into other critters, though most weapons won't show up on most creature animations. Making your monk look like a vampire or your paladin look like a Deva, or turning your character gold all over, are nice ways to make the game fresh without affecting the difficulty or balance.
  • RavenslightRavenslight Member Posts: 1,609
    Excellent idea for a thread! I too have had a lot of fun “remaking” some of the original NPCs to better fit, either my play style, or a party spot when I want to role-play with a certain NPC in the party but don’t want their current class. It can be great fun! Also, once you have played the game several times it can be one way to spice things up.

    A couple of things that I often do is change Rasaad into a Cleric, or Neera into a regular mage. I do this simply because I really dislike playing the wild mage and monk classes, yet still want the banter and quests.
  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,210
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    Great ideas so far!

    You can also tweak your characters' appearance, and give them unique color schemes or turn them into other critters

    This especially is an excellent point to bring up, because it goes into what else you can do with EEKeeper - not only edit the game NPCs in creative ways, but custom-made ones, too! Wilson is already an example of a party member that doesn't follow the usual conventions, and there is nothing stopping you from playing with Greg the Friendly Moose, or Morte 2.0, or Elli the Freed Ellesime Clone, or... or...!
  • ArdulArdul Member Posts: 211
    One of my most common edits to NPCs is making mazzy into a cavalier. I also usually give the warriors on my team at least 17 strength, so they can surpass 18 with strength items using item revisions.
  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    It's your parade and I've no desire to rain on it, but personally I don't feel that I'm playing "real BG" if I muck about with it in ways which affect gameplay.

    However, even I use EEkeeper in spite of being rather a purist, to make certain purely-cosmetic changes which I prefer. For example, it's my opinion that dual-classed characters should take on the appearance of their new class, whereas the design default is to leave them looking like their original class, so I 'keeper a dual-classed protagonist as soon as I dual him/her, and I've 'keepered all of the .CRE files in BG2 for the supplied dual-classed characters (i.e. Imoen and Anomen) to use the sprites for their new classes. (In Imoen's case, that's quite a few .CRE files, because of all the dream-Imoens etc.)

    Obviously what I'm doing is very minor customisation compared to what you have in mind, but I offer it as an example of something even a purist might do.
  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,210
    Absolutely understand your positions @Gallowglass. That's the beauty of having options, you can choose to do something or choose not to do it, too. Me personally, I find the "real BG" great and everything, but 10 years into a relationship a little spice might freshen things up ;)

    I'm actually thinking of making a party with some truly, ehm, "special" characters. Critters, strange creatures, unconventional beings. I'll see what I come up with exactly, just a notion for now.
  • semiticgoddesssemiticgoddess Member Posts: 14,829
    Dual-classed character don't retain their old class' appearance necessarily. Certain class avatars take precedence over others. Fighter/Clerics will have fighter animations, Cleric/Thieves will have cleric animations, and Thief/Mages will have thief animations. It goes Fighter->Cleric->Thief->Mage. So Anomen retains his original fighter animation, while Yoshimo changes if he dual-classes.

    Nalia is an exception. Despite having the same class as Imoen, she comes with the mage animation instead of the thief animation.
  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    Oh! That's interesting, @semiticgod, I hadn't noticed that ... I guess I've never tried some of the combinations which would have made this more evident (or maybe haven't done so for so long that I can't now remember the effect). Still, with that hierarchy, most of the more obvious and common dual-classing strategies (such as Fighter->anything) will end up with the character retaining the appearance of the original class ... and that's the point at which I disagree with the default and 'keeper the appearance to fit the new class.
  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
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    [Oops, accidentally double-posted.]
  • BardukBarduk Member Posts: 1
    I've been doing this before. I always turn Viconia into the drow cleric model for example, it looks much better and has more flavor than the standard elf. You can also do crazy stuff like making your Main character a Necromancer or Deathknight and creating a party of Undead minions that you are adventuring with.
  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,210
    @Barduk: That's actually pretty cool. I need to remember the next time I take Viccy along. The other thing also sounds highly interesting, your own party of various sorts of undead could make for some really cool games.
  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
    edited December 2015
    I'm interested in doing a SCS Insane Tactics Legacy of Bhaal run from Candlekeep to the end of the saga when SoD will be released with minimal reload (maybe even No-Reload if that's possible) and I'm tinkering on the party I'm going to play.
    But I also wanted to enjoy the banters and most importantly, the quests of the differents NPCs of the game so this thread is really nice.

    So far I know I'm going to play :

    F/M/T, party leader and only Thief in the group.
    Sorcerer to avoid the problem where every characters need every scrolls at the same time.
    Skald for these epic buffs and the added spellcasting (I'm going to play with RR) also has the advantage of freeing up some equipment.

    But I'm not sure about the others, what would you advice me ? I also need someone to wield the DoE to reach at least 85% DR (Either Blackguard, Ranger/Cleric or Dwarven Defender) as I don't want to waste this very powerful piece of gear, plus with RR, the epic Skald song also gives +10% DR, to a maximum of 95%/100% for the classes listed above.

    The F/M/T is going to be the Charname, the Sorcerer is going to be Edwin for the bonus spellcasting and the banters/quests.
  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    @Gotural - I reckon that Valygar could be converted into a half-Elf (or indeed half-Drow?) Cleric/Ranger without too severely contradicting his story and without even changing his portrait, so he could readily be your DoE-wielder.
  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,210
    Ranger/Cleric - this could fit to Jaheira I suppose, not canon with her druidic roots of course but the overall personality fits her well. Valygar is an option, though RP-wise he does not strike me as a very godly man... Maybe Mazzy? She does have a notion towards Arvoreen (uses her bow, right?) and is fairly righteous. Another possibility is Anomen, though he may be too much of a city slicker to really fit a ranger role.

    Dwarven Defender would basically be limited to Korgan, for obvious reasons. Don't like him, but there you go. Same goes for Blackguard, to a degree. Tough to make anyone but Dorn work.

    Personally, I just pick who I *like*, and let RP be damned. Blackguard Aerie? Sure. Dwarven Defender Viconia? Bring it. But that's not for everyone's taste, obviously.

    In terms of party composition, I'd probably take some more "meat" along. Spellcasters are fine, but the best, most reliable damage usually comes from fighter-types. Without Nightmare Mode, I favor a lot of fighter dualing, but I'm not too familiar with RR and how it affects things. F/M/T + Sorcerer is definitely a strong start, Skald I cannot say (RR). R/C tank is a perennial favorite, of course.

    I like the approach from the gear side of things. Maybe you can just continue with that. Unmodded Carsomyr, for example, is FILTHY good; FoA+5 is downright absurd. +APR weapons with IH tear through enemies like a blowtorch through butter. I'm not sure I have my unmodded ranking list around anymore, but iirc the top 5 weapons were FoA+5, Crom Faeyr, Foebane+5, Angurvadal+5, and... uh... Club of Detonation+4? I think?

    Of course there's also ranged weapons. I've grown to love Archers, and found them exceedingly effective in well into late BG2. In ToB their growth slows down considerably, but even at endgame they are very good. They also apparently DESTROY BG1, though I have played very little of that so I'm not too much help there.

    Inquisitor is also pretty unfair in SCS, unless you curb the power of the dispel in the settings. For that I love Keldorn in every respect, also his starting weapon and armor are surprisingly good.

    So, an example I could imagine:

    Sorcerer - Edwin
    Ranger/Cleric - Jaheira
    Archer - Mazzy
    Skald - Haer'Dalis
    Inquisitor - Keldorn

    That's for BG2, naturally. As I mentioned, BG1 is not my forte. Someone else I'm sure can help you a lot more there than I.
  •  TheArtisan TheArtisan Member Posts: 3,277
    Minsc is a ranger/cleric in my game.
  • ButtercheeseButtercheese Member Posts: 3,766
    I always multiclass Xan to fighter/mage and redistribute some of his statpoints.
  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,210

    Minsc is a ranger/cleric in my game.

    Good point! I could see him worship a god, certainly has the right mind for religion.
  • Stormheart83Stormheart83 Member Posts: 6
    Barduk said:

    I've been doing this before. I always turn Viconia into the drow cleric model for example, it looks much better and has more flavor than the standard elf. You can also do crazy stuff like making your Main character a Necromancer or Deathknight and creating a party of Undead minions that you are adventuring with.

    Glorious! How? Pretend I'm an idiot( indeed I am ) and tell me how.
  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,210

    Glorious! How? Pretend I'm an idiot( indeed I am ) and tell me how.

    First you make a party normally, however you like (single or multi). You save, and then load that save in EEKeeper (note that you can make a full custom party in multiplayer, then copy the savegame file from the multiplayer save folder to the single-player folder and use that party in single player).

    The third tab from the left is "Appearance". Here you can change how your character looks - the usual options (colors, etc.) but also more unconventional ones. The "Appearance" drop-down menu has all the models in the game listed. You can change your character's model to any of those. If you choose "Drow" or "Drow Female", you will look like the in-game drow fighters/clerics (note that drow mages appear to have no special model but are simply elf mages with changed skin color).

    Note that while this will change your field model, it will NOT give you the appropriate paper doll model in your inventory; for most models not normally available to players there is no paper doll graphic in the game, thus it will be missing in the game and the inventory will be blank. It doesn't change much mechanically, just don't be surprised.
  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,714
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    I don't change NPCs stats, but I often change their classes. Here is my list:

    NPC: Imoen

    From: Thief --- To: Adventurer -> Mage

    Motive: Because BG2 kind of enforces this and I don't like the gap in this plot - I prefer to made myself the change than to just wake up and discover that my little sis can summon fiends.

    NPC: Ajantis

    From: Paladin --- To: Cavalier

    Motive: Because I want to. IMHO seems to fit his personalty.

    NPC: Kivan

    From: Ranger --- To: Archer

    Motive: Do we REALLY need to talk about it?

    NPC: Minsc

    From: Ranger --- To: Barbarian

    Motive: Really need to explain this one? Minsc is not much a Ranger as I am a deer. The foreign aspect of him suits it really well.

    NPC: Dynaheir

    From: Invoker --- To: Sorcerer (Hathran)

    Motive: The mysterious foreign thing heavily weights in here. Also, IMHO, being a Sorcerer give Edwin a most solid motive for wanting her dead.

    NPC: Coran

    From: Fighter/Thief --- To: Bounty Hunter

    Motive: Well, he is literally hunting a bounty when you met him in Cloakwood.

    NPC: Khalid

    From: Fighter --- To: Kensai

    Motive: He is so righteous and one of the bravest NPCs in all BG Saga! And I really mean it. Being brave means to do what you need to do despite your fear about what you're doing. Otherwise we're talking about Courage, not Bravery.

    NPC: Jaheira

    From: Fighter/Druid --- To: Druid

    Motive: Never understood why she had the multiclass.

    NPC: Faldorn

    From: Druid --- To: Avenger

    Motive: Seems to suit her roleplay better.

    NPC: Xan

    From: Enchanter --- To: Fighter/Mage (Bladesinger)

    Motive: He was chosen by a Moonblade to be its bearer. No elf would overlook a weapon training being an elected by such a weapon.

    NPC: Alora

    From: Thief --- To: Burglar

    Motive: She was breaking and entering the Hall of Wonders the moment we met her - and she has connections with the local thieves guild, what makes me think that robbery is kind of a habit for her.

    NPC: Montaron

    From: Fighter/Thief --- To: Assassin

    Motive: One more time, this seems to fit better his personalty.

    NPC: Shar-Teel

    From: Fighter --- To: Berserker

    Motive: One more time, this seems to fit better her personalty. Her lust for bloodshed speaks for itself.

    NPC: Nalia

    From: Thief -> Mage --- To: Skald

    Motive: She have a very vivid spirit. Always running from the courts of royalty to be in taverns among commoners. Nonetheless she flees a keep overhelmed by trolls and COMES (with backup) BACK TO KICK THEM OUT OFF THERE. This is pure Skald material. And I make her a favor: she had kind of useless thief skills anyway.

    NPC: Valygar

    From: Stalker --- To: Mage Hunter

    Motive: Really? The guy passes a big part being haunted by the dark stains that magic let in his family. At first I would make him a WS, but it would change his class from Ranger to Fighter (and it would be kind of out of the character) and cripple him very much, even with the WS Rebalancing Mod.

    NPC: Mazzy

    From: Fighter --- To: Truesword of Arvoreen

    Motive: Giving her the right status.

    NPC: Anomen

    From: Fighter -> Cleric --- To: Fighter -> Priest of Helm

    Motive: The character is a Helm priest. It just makes sense.

    NPC: Viconia

    From: Cleric --- To: Nightcloak of Shar

    Motive: She is a priestess of Shar :neutral:

    NPC: Branwen

    From: Cleric --- To: Battleguard of Tempus

    Motive: She is a priestess of Tempus :neutral:

    NPC: Tiax

    From: Cleric/Thief --- To: Cleric/Strifeleader of Cyric

    Motive: Because only with proper worship Cyric will give Tiax the ultimate power to rule us all! :neutral:

    NPC: Garrick

    From: Bard --- To: Gallant

    Motive: I really don't know anything about this guy, it is just a (most of the times) helpless attempt to make him appealing. Too bad he is not badass enough to be a Skald - just don't fit his RP.

    NPC: Edwin

    From: Conjurer --- To: Red Wizard

    Motive: Well... he IS a Red Wizard, isn't he? :neutral:

    NPC: Yeslick

    From: Fighter/Cleric --- To: Alaghor of Clangeddin

    Motive: Giving him the right priesthood :neutral:

    NPC: Eldoth

    From: Bard --- To: Stalker

    Motive: Ranger evil? I know. Why not? There's a half-orc blackguard! Eldoth is found in the middle of the woods - odd place for a bard. And I'm just trying to do a practical about his situation with Skie :smiley:

    Edit: Some posterior ideas:

    NPC: Hexxat

    From: Thief --- To: Shadowdancer

    NPC: Safana

    From: Thief --- To: Swashbuckler

    Motive: As well stated in a post down, she lived in a ship for a long time.


    I wish I could give the appropriate kits for Quayle and Aerie.

    Mods used: Divine Remix, Tome and Blood, Songs and Silence, NPC Kitpack (for BG2 changes), Might and Guile.
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  • ithildurnewithildurnew Member Posts: 265
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    Giving Kivan the Archer kit (at least in BGT) seems a no brainer. A lvl 2 Archer joining the squishy party early on in BG1 portion of the game is a HUGE boon, almost unfair.
    I use NPCKitpack mod to give the Adventurer kits to Imoen and Nalia; it fits their roles better since neither are going to be doing much backstabbing.
    Anomen gets Priest of Helm kit when he completes his knighthood quest successfully (NPCKitpack mod again)
    Savanna gets Swashbuckler, seems somewhat fitting (she spent significant time on a ship plus her general style)
    Minor adjustsments to every thief in the BG1 portion of BGT is pretty much required due to differences between thief skill implementation betwen BG1 and BG2 engines (haven't played BG1EE yet so I'm not sure if that would be necessary).
    Jaheira gets WIS boosts from the tomes in BG1 portion of the game, ending up with 16 or 17 WIS that carries over to SoA.
    NPC Kitpack also changes Edwin's title to Red Wizard of Thay, Minsc's title to Rashemei Ranger, and makes Korgan a Dwarven Berzerker.

    I've given Viconia a Sharran priestess kit a few times, but honestly, I can't stand how bioware (and most mods) handle Sharran lore so I like to ignore this aspect of her character as much as possible.

    Other than that, I see little reason to mess with the NPCs as they are. btw I don't even need EEKeeper/Shadowkeeper for most of these changes, 2 mods will do the trick (NPCKitpack and LvL1NPCs, the latter is being worked on to be EE compatible I believe) - though watch out for a bug in NPCKitpack that gives the Adventurer bonuses to Imoen a second time when dualclassing her and reactivating her Thief class - that requires xKeeper or NI to fix.

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  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,714
    Safana as a Swashbuckler is a wonderful idea! Looking forward for doing this.

    I'll make some corrections and add Hexxat too. :)

  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,868
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    In BG1, I've drastically changed all the playable NPCs to make them more interesting. Here's how:

    *Can cast Draw Upon Holy Might 3x/day, Holy Power 1x/day, Righteous Magic 1x/day
    *Has a Seeking Sword in inventory permanently and can cast spells with it equipped
    *Is immune to backstab (I made it so that some enemies in the game can backstab you)

    *Has 25 Dexterity and 3 Constitution
    *Has two Rabbit's Foot items equipped
    *Has five points in daggers and two points in Single Weapon Style
    *Can use any item

    The secret playable character:
    *Has 5 in all stats, but all his stats are tripled
    *Has two of his special ring equipped
    *Has five points in quarterstaves and darts
    *Can cast level 8 spells 4x/day
    *Starts with the spells Maze, Pierce Shield, Protection from Energy, and Symbol: Fear

    *Is now a cleric/ranger
    *Has 18/51 Strength and 20 Wisdom
    *Can cast Champion's Strength 1x/day (this spell now sets strength to 25 but it still prevents spellcasting)
    *Her casting level is increased by 10 (so at level 3, DUHM will give her +4 Strength, Dexterity and Constitution)
    *Has five points in war hammers

    *Is now a fighter/swashbuckler
    *Starts with the cursed Viper's Edge longsword, which normally isn't obtainable in the game
    *Can use thieving skills while wearing any armor
    *Is immune to poison and petrification

    *Can use Death Gaze 3x/day
    *Can cast Horror 50x/day
    *Instantly casts Cure Critical Wounds on himself whenever he kills anyone

    *Has 100% resistance to fire, cold and electricity
    *Her casting level is increased by 6
    *Gets +10 damage and THAC0 while unarmed

    *Can memorize twice as many spells for all spell levels
    *Can cast Summon Hakeashar 1x/day

    *Can use any item
    *Can use Offensive Spin 2x/day (he's not a blade)
    *Is immune to stun
    *His bard song casts Symbol: Stun on himself

    *Is now an avenger
    *Has 25 Wisdom
    *Has Aura Cleansing
    *Has five points in spears
    *Can cast Creeping Doom 1x/day

    *Can cast spells and use thieving skills while wearing any armor
    *His casting level is increased by 10 but his casting time is increased by 4
    *His bard song casts Mass Cure on himself
    *Can use Defensive Spin 2x/day (he's not a blade either) and can cast Bigby's Clenched Fist 1x/day

    *Is now a mage/thief
    *Has five attacks per round
    *Has 127% acid resistance
    *Can cast Phantom Blade and Spell Sequencer 1x/day each

    *Has 18/00 Strength and 18 in all other stats
    *Can cast Iron Skins and Harper's Call 1x/day each
    *Starts with five points in quarterstaves and no other proficiencies

    *Is now a dwarven Defender
    *Has 25 Constitution
    *Has 127% magic damage resistance

    *Is now a fighter/transmuter
    *Now uses scimitars instead of long swords
    *Has 25 Dexterity
    *Is permanently hasted
    *Can cast Flesh to Stone, Stone to Flesh and Time Stop 1x/day each
    *Has extremely good saves vs breath

    *Is now an archer
    *Starts with three points in longbows
    *Gets +6 damage and THAC0 with ranged weapons, in addition to the normal archer bonuses
    *Anyone who he hits with a ranged weapon becomes hasted

    *Has 18/00 Strength, 12 Dexterity and 18 Constitution
    *Wields halberds instead of two-handed swords
    *Deals maximum damage with each hit
    *Has extremely good saves vs death
    *Can cast Earthquake 1x/day

    *Is now a fighter/assassin
    *Has 19 Dexterity and 14 Constitution
    *Has large additional bonuses to Hide in Shadows and Move Silently
    *Has five points in short swords
    *Backstab multiplier is increased by 2

    *Has 75% resistance to acid, cold, crushing, slashing, and magic damage
    *Has -75% resistance to fire, electricity, piercing, missile, and magic
    *Has extemely good saves vs wands, petrification, and breath
    *Has extremely bad saves vs spells and death

    *Has 25 Intelligence and 18 Wisdom
    *Can cast Invisibility 50x/day, Mass Invisibility 1x/day, and Project Image 1x/day
    *Has 127% resistance to electricity
    *Can cast spells while wearing any armor

    *Has 0 base THAC0 at level 1
    *Can cast two of Dradeel's spells: he can cast Selune's Blessing (a minor globe of invunerability effect) 3x/day and Selune's Curse (a blue fireball that does 20d6 magic damage, save for half) 1x/day

    *Has 25 Charisma
    *Can cast Charm Person 2x/day (her version of the spell now charms with no save)

    *Is now a kensai
    *Has 18/00 Strength and 3 Constitution
    *Gets +5 damage and THAC0 in addition to the normal kensai bonuses
    *Starts with four points in bastard swords and no other proficiencies
    *Gets a critical hit on a roll of 15-20

    *Has a backstab multiplier of x9 at all levels
    *Deals maximum damage
    *Has 0 base AC

    *Has 18 Strength
    *Has Aura Cleansing
    *Can cast Wondrous Recall 5x/day
    *His spells have twice the normal duration
    *His ghasts are more powerful

    *Backstabs on every hit for double damage
    *Can cast Heal and Harm 1x/day each (she casts a special version of Harm that doesn't require her to attack the enemy)

    *Has 18 Strength and 3 Constitution
    *Has five points in daggers (his Moonblade is a dagger) and two points in Single Weapon Style
    *Can memorize 10 additional level 5 spells (though only once he reaches level 9)
    *His spells have three times the normal duration

    *Has 18 Intelligence, 18 Wisdom, and 3 Constitution
    *Has Aura Cleansing
    *Can cast Energy Drain 6x/day

    *Has 18 Constitution
    *Has zero casting time
    *Is immune to fatigue
    *Can cast Chaotic Commands 1x/day and Regneration 2x/day

    I also made a lot of the enemies much tougher to balance it out.
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  • ithildurnewithildurnew Member Posts: 265
    edited February 2016
    Version 4 -September 25, 2014

    Added Polish (thanks yarpen) and Russian (thanks Kania, Malekith & translations
    Made EE-compatible

    It seemed to work just fine (Imoen dualclass bug non relevant since imoen is already dual classed in BG2EE, might be an issue for the pending EE Trilogy mod) on my BG2EE install.

    Not a knock on your mod by any means! NPCKitpack (and even most of Lvl1NPCs) has a very different and more subtle focus/scope than your mod, which seems to make much more extensive changes to the game.
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