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What would you do if you rolled past two 100s in less than a week?

justfeelinathomejustfeelinathome Member Posts: 353
Title says it all. One was a half-elf Dragon Disciple and the other a Human Beast Master, whom I thought of messing around with as a Dual... I've only seen so much as 4 100s in my life, one of which a (unkited!) Sorcerer in my early days of BG EE, where I messed up the Spell selection. My Cavalier I still keep.

My record of not rolling past characters was pretty spotless up until this point.

What would you do if you rolled past two 100s in less than a week? 61 votes

Use Shadowkeeper or Ctrl+8 to get a Character like the ones you lost.
lansounetmoody_magelunarFlashburnEnialusMeliamneMoradinCaptRorydreambledTroodon80MythagoDurenasKefkaTressetSo_LoWPaulGreystokebooinyoureyesHippeisCaradocArdulOrlonKronsteen 29 votes
Set the font-size to maximum, to re-start rolling BIG numbers.
JuliusBorisovjustfeelinathomeTelcontar 3 votes
Smash (or damage) whatever device your gaming on.
YupImMadBroIthualZaferick 3 votes
Start a pol to see what other people would do.
Chnapysmady3jackjackAlleroz 4 votes
Play a different game for some time.
Xar105shaldonHazey 3 votes
Set yourself a point-limit, or make some other form of challenge.
deltagomungomunkBelfaldurnikopd70 4 votes
Take an existing character through SoD (that you haven't yet).
Zilber 1 vote
Other suggestions (please elaborate!)
mlnevesePhilhelmMrpenfold666IlincaNonnahswriterFinneousPJ[Deleted User]Yulaw9460DaevelonNildarMr2150znancekivellmarzbarzGenderNihilismGirdle 14 votes


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