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The German Dub - We are still waiting.

ButtercheeseButtercheese Member Posts: 3,769
edited June 2016 in Feature Requests
Alright, real talk.

It has been over two years now since BG2:EE has been released.
And after countless patches, the German dub still hasn't been re-included in the game.

Usually I don't care much for dubs, but the thing with the BG2 dub is ... that for a few exceptions, it's actually better than the original English version imo. A lot of us German speaking players have literally grown up with that version. It's iconic and arguably one of the best game dubs out there in general.

I think you will understand why a lot of us folks here are pretty salty about the voices still missing.
I am not saying that you should half-ass the EE voices. Please no. The new guys have to be on par with the old ones or it will ruin it. But at the very least, you could re-include the old ones and fill up the new ones with the English versions.

This has already been discussed on the German subforums, but we have been completely ignored there, which is why I am coming here.

So please, Beamdog.
Give us our dub back.

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