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Pillars of Eternity (NO SPOILERS)

ZinodinZinodin Member Posts: 153
edited March 2015 in Off-Topic
What will you do when you're not drooling after BG:EE and BG2:EE ?

Drool after this ! *Watch video*

EDIT: now when the game is out, use this thread for discussing anything SPOILER-FREE. If you want to discuss something including spoilers, use another thread:

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  • chickenhedchickenhed Member Posts: 208
    edited September 2012

    Isometric party based rpg from the makers of planescape torment. I thought it had at least some relevance to leave here :)

  • BerconBercon Member Posts: 486
    Almost brought tears to my eyes.

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    I've had the kickstarter page open on my computer for the last forty-five minutes.

    In that time, it has raised over $80,000.

  • AlejandroAlejandro Member Posts: 201
    @Aosaw I was actually noticing the same thing, hahaha.

  • JaxsbudgieJaxsbudgie Member Posts: 600
    edited September 2012
    Edit: my original post got super merged :)

  • oseasweroseaswer Member Posts: 7
    Pledged 20 for the digital copy. I'm still cautious about these kinds of projects but 20 seemed reasonable. If it were a sequel to Planescape or BG3 I'd probably pledge the full 65.

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    It has, but in the Off Topic forum.

    @Tanthalas, I summon thee!

  • TanthalasTanthalas Member Posts: 6,738
    Merged the topics.

    I was actually hoping for Dungeon Siege IV when this started, but this looks good too.

  • oseasweroseaswer Member Posts: 7
    I'm glad its sticking to the isometric roots. In fact, I don't want it to go the route of Dragon Age which was massive fail imo. I hope BG3 turns to isometric view.

  • WonKoWonKo Member Posts: 72
    Very much excited! Softened the blow of the BGEE delay. I get a feeling that in 2 years time there will be far "too many" old school RPGs kicking around thanks to these Kickstarters.

  • kilroy_was_herekilroy_was_here Member Posts: 455
    I think the most important selling point to me for this new project is the party-gathering. I like the Icewind Dale games, but the complete lack of intra-party interaction just miffed me in a way that would never go away.

    Since they don't have a D&D license anymore, I wonder what kind of system they'll be using. I hope that they take some inspiration from Pathfinder and have special racial abilities for each class. Things like that create a lot of variety and increase replayability.

  • BrandtCPBrandtCP Member Posts: 6
    OMG. I thought the anouncements of BGEE & Wasteland 2 were what I always wanted to hear. But this game, assuming it goes as they plan is almost everything I want in a CRPG. Turn-based combat is the only thing that would have made it everything I like. It's truly a dream team of developers.

  • BrandtCPBrandtCP Member Posts: 6
    Oh and one more thing. None of this 3 person party crap, either. I want 5 or 6 in a party.

  • MrKrisSatanMrKrisSatan Member Posts: 75
    So not only are the greatest games ever getting enhanced editions but isometric rpg's are coming back... Until this moment I never believed the world would end December 2012 but clearly this is a sign!

  • francfort40francfort40 Member Posts: 20
    edited September 2012
    Has anyone seen this new project to make new games from old ip like icewind dale and planescape?

    looks very promising

  • ajwzajwz Member Posts: 4,122
    Yeah, it sounds like every other "spiritual succesor to BG" ever made :p
    Actually I'm just kidding, it sounds like a great idea, and more to the point, obsidian are definitely one of the better rpg studios out there.
    I won't be supporting it as a kickstarter because I don't like kickstarters, but I will keep an eye on it, and I might actually buy it once *gasp* it is actually done.

  • Metal_HurlantMetal_Hurlant Member Posts: 324
    edited September 2012
    Pledged quite a bit of money to this. Definitely the most I've ever spent on a game. Been a long time fan since the BIS forums. Not going to get into the hype of the game. I'll pretty much put it out of my mind for the next 12 months so my expectations won't be unrealistic.

  • francfort40francfort40 Member Posts: 20
    I am more confident they could deliver a real spiritual successor to BG because they have the experienced team whois used to build game like this years ago.

  • vorticanvortican Member Posts: 206
    1) This is awesome.
    B) $599,080 in one day.

    This game is going to get made. MAKE IT SO.

  • Fake_SketchFake_Sketch Member Posts: 217
    ajwz said:

    "spiritual succesor to BG"

    That always scares me, I hope this is different.

  • j3cwillj3cwill Member Posts: 51
    Wow, if you would told me about BG:EE, BG2:EE, and this last year, I would have thought you were insane!

    I cannot wait for this one either, and exceptional talent to pull it off to boot:)

  • Metal_HurlantMetal_Hurlant Member Posts: 324
    And the money just keeps rolling in. Any guesses the final amount will be in 31 days time? :P

  • bigdogchrisbigdogchris Member Posts: 1,336
    edited September 2012
    They are averaging $42 per pledge ... that is unbelievable........

    What I don't understand is why the collectors edition cost $140 where only 10 years ago they could be had for $60 and the same contents.

  • j3cwillj3cwill Member Posts: 51
    Ok, I have never really followed a kickstarter campaign. What happens when they go past their goal?

  • MatteoTuriniMatteoTurini Member Posts: 105
    Seems interesting, but the Kickstarter video and page tell nothing about the actual rules of the game, that I think are one of the most important part of it...

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