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  • SjerrieSjerrie Member Posts: 1,183
    TStael said:

    Actual gaming confessions? Hum...

    That, yes please. :)

    I fully agree with your point on Teagan btw. Of course people can change over the years but at least Anders' change was explained. Also, time hasn't been fair on seneschal Bran either by the (Trespasser) looks of him.

    Confession: this new Inquisition game I started... it's also my first on nightmare difficulty, the sole reason being the achievement. I've only just entered the Hinterlands, but sofar I'm enjoying it slightly less than before because I don't remember battles against 3 templars/apostates ever taking this long. I need awesome crafted weapons ASAP.

    Confession: taking into account my previous 3 games, including a romance, I think I'm starting to get the hang of Sera-speak.

  • TStaelTStael Member Posts: 861
    Sjerrie said:

    I fully agree with your point on Teagan btw. Of course people can change over the years but at least Anders' change was explained. Also, time hasn't been fair on seneschal Bran either by the (Trespasser) looks of him.

    Confession: having had quite the in-game crush on Keldorn in BG2, and being quite a fan-gal of Flemeth, I still think Teagan was very cruelly and unjustly treated.

    BW can crearly manage compelling, charming and bad-ass older folks, and Teagon would have really deserved that... And even if he had to age badly, there was no excuse for that hat IMO!! :-p

    Confession: DA:I is the only BW RPG ever I have not upped the difficulty above normal and probably never will, unless someone fixes the combat interface by a mod.

    I hate the "tactical combat" view, and just don't enjoy WASD'ing after and having to pretty much headbutt my opponents to deliver an attack... I simply do not want combat to last longer than is strictly necessary.

    Confession: I only switch to tactical view in DA:I briefly if I do not have barrier to counter dragon elemental attacks, because - imagine - you cannot do a simple "control + A" to select your whole party, and mouse click to move them out of the way. Ridic that, I find.

  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,173
    I'm about halfway through my third DA:I run and felt like bumping this thread. This was my first time playing a FemInquisitor and I chose to romance Blackwall so I wanted to talk about him.
    Confession: Blackwall/Rainier was already one of my favorite characters despite him not getting much attention (I don't think he's got a single mention here but now that I'm romancing him I think he's reached my top 3 companions alongside Cole and Vivienne (yes, I like Vivi, don't judge). Playing the romance made me wish I had done it on a blind run so I could fully appreciate the emotional impact but I think it's awesome that knowing the truth about Rainier lets you understand the double meanings behind everything he says. I haven't played the whole thing yet (or Trespasser for that matter) so I don't know how it ends but it's already topped the other romances I've tried. I hear Solas is pretty great but despite being somewhat fond of him I'm not totally into of the idea of romancing him.

  • TStaelTStael Member Posts: 861
    A happy triump and the soft underbelly of sexism with Bioware.

    I finally beat the Rock Wraith, as in DA2 Chapter One End, at "hard" difficulty. Yea really!

    I must qualify: I played spirit healer mage, exceptionally to get Carver writing lore - with *death does not result in injury" and had resurrecting Anders with me.

    Together I think we ressurrected the party five times. The final one was me running around awaiting my resurrection to recharge, while to Rock Wraith was balling away n all.

    Would never feel inclined as my default rogue, but this in fact only leaves one fight in the whole BG / DA universe to beat at hard, for me: the father of Draconis! I got pretty close last time in ToB, but at about 10% of HP, the paternal wrath got me...

    That soft underbelly?

    I wanted to roll a male Inki because Dorian is a favorite char, just to romance him. "Venture capital" has been my outfit of choice, because I do not like the default one. Only, as a male, it seems I cannot admire my backside. As a female Inki I most definately did.

    I don't mind either way - as long as it does not matter by the gender of your hero. I am rather disappointed it does - with BW no less.

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