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Finished Morrowind, Onto Oblivion!

VallmyrVallmyr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 2,453
So I finally finished Morrowind after 114 hours. I used the MGSO graphics overhaul mod, the Keynari Fox Race Mod, and A Bard's Life Mod and had a great time! Morrowind is definitely in my top 5 games (NWN2:MotB>BG2>Morrowind probably).

So I started with Arena, skipped Daggerfall for now, beat Morrowind, and now am going to try Oblivion. What mods should I use? I'm looking at so far

Unofficial Oblivion patch (
The Lilmothiit Race ( What can I say, I adore playing foxfolk.

I've heard a lot in Oblivion you can mess up your character because of the jank way that world scaling works. Anyone know of a way I can avoid this?

I'm also going to try and find some graphical mods. From my little research there isn't anything as comprehensive as MGSO so I suppose I'll get a bunch of mods and manually install them.

Anyway, what do you all suggest?



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