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Corwin wtf

MereinidMereinid Member Posts: 35
Hello all, I just got around to starting the SoD expansion pack. I just recruited Corwin. The GameBanshee walkthrough gave a breakdown of the recruitable characters. Well, I picked up Minsc/Dynaheir & Safana in BG.
Well, I wanted to get Corwin once we started chapter 8. She is supposed to be an Archer. I am thinking that I have a bugged game. Her class says Archer and it says that she is the epitome of archery. She has NO proficiencies in Bows or any kind of ranged weapons, none. She has 4 proficiencies in Scimitar/Katana and 1 in Halberd. Is this a bug or did the makers just not pay attention when pencil whipping this character out. She's a front line fighter now. She carried a bow the entire time she escorted me around town. I am not even sure why she has a bow.

Is there a mod that can re-adjust her skills to fit her actual class?


*Edit* Now I am looking into her inventory, she has a Mastercraft Halberd and her bow. Why give her 4 proficiencies in Scimitar and Katana and then get a fracking Halberd. It has only 1 prof!!!. That is just about the most asinine thing I have seen.


  • NoonNoon Member Posts: 174
    She has 4 points in long bow in a normal game, moreover, archers can't put more than 1 point in non-ranged weapons, so it is definitely a bug.
    Any mods installed ?
    Try reloading a save prior to meeting her, or just use eekeeper to put the right proficiencies.

  • MereinidMereinid Member Posts: 35
    I am playing a normal game. Only mod I have is the ease of use mod that makes things stack too much higher levels. and EE-keeper you say? Cool.

  • MereinidMereinid Member Posts: 35
    Hey all, where is the short sword proficiency in SoD? Is it under Dagger/Dart now or under Large Swords?

  • joluvjoluv Member Posts: 1,894
    What in the world? The EE games, including SoD, don't have dagger/dart or large sword proficiencies. The short sword proficiency is called short sword.

  • MereinidMereinid Member Posts: 35
    That's what I was thinking also..but I have no listing of Short Swords or Hammer Profs. Haha, I am thinking there is something seriously wrong with my install.

  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 2,195
    Are um completely sure you didn't install any weapon proficiency overhaul mod?

    Can you give us a print from a character creation screen so we can see how the weapon proficiency shows up for you?

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 15,607
    Post the contents of your weidu.log file (it should be found in your main installation folder). This sounds like a problem with mods.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 476
    @Mereinid, quick Q... do you have a version (Steam or GoG) of BG SoD that requires the use of Modmerge, and if so, did you use it prior to adding Ease of Use mod. Does this mod exist for EE versions? I thought it was for the original series with the Tweaks Anthology for EE (which incorporates the stacking component).

    OK, it ended up as a couple of quicks Qs...

  • SkatanSkatan Member Posts: 2,836
    There's no way you are using a vanilla install, not with all the things you say happened.

    Firstly, like others are saying, there's no combined proficiences and haven't been for a long time in the EEs. You must have a mod that does this.
    Secondly, there's not "Mastercraft halberds" in the vanilla EEs so you must have mods that add these
    Thirdly, 4 points in scimis and katanas + 1 in halberds means Corwin on your install have either 9 prof points which would mean she's level level 15, which she ofc can't be in SoD, or that you somehow have katanas and scimis in the same profiency: see point 1.

    I'm not good with mods, rarely use them, but to me it's obvious you need to either clean up your install or just go with the flow and eekeeper her stats and inventory.

  • MereinidMereinid Member Posts: 35
    I just uninstalled it and it's reinstalling now. I will not add the ease of use..and looking at the folder. It looks like I had other mods int here I had forgotten I had put in. Thank you all for replying back to me. I will let you know how it's going. I might just have to replay the dang game again! lol. Peace.


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