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Six-man party ending XP

Finished another round of BG and this time I managed to reach 6.8 million XP thanks to Neera and Rasaad's quests. I have done every single quest in the game (even doing non-party NPC quests) yet I'm nowhere near the 8 million cap. Without exploiting certain respawn points, how are you supposed to reach the cap?


  • MrSextonMrSexton Member Posts: 374
    @Grond0 - I've scribed all scrolls. My thief has detrapped and opened everything. NPC:s were recruited at strategic XP-levels.

    And sorry if I was unclear - I meant the whole six-man party reaching the XP-cap.

    Resting in unsafe areas is exploiting respawn points...


  • PaulaMigratePaulaMigrate Member Posts: 1,201
    In an EET mega mod install I finished, I had party members with 9-12 Mio XP depending on where they joined, PC and one NPC for the whole game, Viconia most of the time, Sarevok and Irenicus in ToB only, Aerie for SoA and ToB. I also had a lot of revolving NPCs all through the game, so XPs gained while they were in party was lost. In addition, I use EET_Tweak components that reduce XP gain to 50% and remove all XPCap.

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 6,110
    I was about to post that perhaps your preferred answer would be to install mods that add extra encounters - but I see @PaulaMigrate has already effectively done that :).

  • Yulaw9460Yulaw9460 Member Posts: 634
    Some might spend thousands of shiny coins, gained from highly unscrupulous bouts of shoplifting and subsequent fencing, on tons of dirt cheap Scrolls of Freedom (9.000 xp each) from Ribalds secret stash, and then go on a scribe/erase rampage.

    Some might do that, mind you. I'd never stoop to that level myself. I keep my games clean. *COUGH!!!!!!*

  • MyragMyrag Member Posts: 288
    I'm surprised as I play with 6 man party all the time and I usually level cap around sendai's enclave.

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 6,110
    @Myrag that sounds like you've got mods installed - is that the case or are you using one of the strategies I suggested earlier?

  • MyragMyrag Member Posts: 288
    edited January 2018
    Grond0 said:

    @Myrag that sounds like you've got mods installed - is that the case or are you using one of the strategies I suggested earlier?

    @Grond0 You are correct my friend, I do something similar to that. I play SCS/Ascension which adds a bit of extra enemies in few places which are worth considerably more XP (for instance spirit trolls are very common with 12k XP each; dearnise is worth over 1mil XP with those ridiculous troll spawns) but also I play very mage heavy party (many duals/multis) so I have constant high flow of XP from scroll learning even without forget-memorize routine.

    I also have FMT in party which means I steal from everyone in the game and athakan guards carry a lot of 7-8 level spell scrolls.

    Lastly I start from BGEE->SOD which means I start BG2EE with entire party at 500k instead of classic starting XP (over 2MIL saved XP this way).

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  • NikomakkosNikomakkos Member Posts: 44
    Is it impossible to reinvite a custom party member after removing him/her?

  • EnuhalEnuhal Member Posts: 513
    @Nikomakkos It used to be (at least in BG2 - in BG1, everything is fine), but the issue is fixed in the 2.5 beta.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 20,483
    Enuhal said:

    @Nikomakkos It used to be (at least in BG2 - in BG1, everything is fine), but the issue is fixed in the 2.5 beta.

    Just giving a detail: the issue will be fixed in the full 2.5 beta, the bug is still present in the beta.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,132
    without mods, exploits or going through SoD, the absolute best i have ever done was have 7.1 million XP by the end of ToB ( right before chapter 10 when you fight you know who ) usually i hit around 6.8 million ( i've noticed that if i play with NPCs as apposed to a custom team i will have more XP )

    so when i finish the final bhaalspawn challenge i go to yaga shura's enclave for the rest, because sometimes you will get potions of superior healing ( if you kill the giants fast enough ) and if you press the rest button fast enough ( and i mean super fast ) you can get multiple spawns, with one of the spawns being; fire giant x3, fell cat x2 and a fire elemental, thats 84 000 xp just for that group alone

  • ArunsunArunsun Member Posts: 1,581
    One way to get a considerable amount of extra experience is to play solo till you have 1 250 000 experience, and try getting that not doing quests that give you quest experience, but rather regular experience. This way, NPCs will join you with max XP, around 1 250 000, which is already quite the headstart compared to getting everyone as soon as possible.

  • MrSextonMrSexton Member Posts: 374
    The reason for this question is that a normal play through of the games vs XP-cap will give you
    BG 110 000 vs 89 000
    ToTSC 195 000 vs 161 000
    BG2 3,3 million vs 2,95 million
    ToB 6,5 millioon vs 9 million

    ToB is the one that does't fit in. In all the other games, the XP-cap was too low.
    But maybe you should look at it the other way around - ToB is the only game that didn't make a mistanke with the XP-cap.

  • dunbardunbar Member Posts: 1,518
    Maybe that is why the XP cap remover is popular. On the other hand it also highlights the problems of being a DM - if you dish out too many XP too early you trivialise subsequent encounters.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,132
    it could also be the fact that we've played these games so many times that reaching the XP cap is so easy because we know all the quests and do absolutely everything to uncover every single piece of area, for example:

    in BG1, if i dont play a gold piece run, i skip werewolf island ( because it's virtually pointless to go there, unless the staff mace is one of your character's "ultimate weapon") and i don't hit the XP cap until i almost hit the last boss in the under city, so the XP cap in bg1 isnt too bad

    in BG2, i remember the very first time i ever beat that game ( back in the day when ToB didnt exist ) my team was only around 2.63 million XP each, which it around 300 000 away from the XP cap, infact, before ToB came out, my idea on how BG2 was supposed to be played was: you get out of the first dungeon, you do the waukeen's promenade, you do the slavers quest in the slums, do jaheira's quest in the docks ( the one with xzar ) and then whatever your class is you do that "stronghold" quest and then off you go to spell hold and such, come back, take out bodhi, and then off to suldanessellar and go from there

    back in the day game guides weren't as extensive as they were now if even existent at all, so it was basically whatever you found it, that is all you got, so back when these games first came out, it was very possible that you wouldn't reach that cap from all the stuff that you missed, in fact i believe the first time i ever beat ToB i was only around 6 million XP

    but now adays, there are millions of great guides out there, and forums and the fact that people have played these games so many times, they know where absolutely everything is so hitting the XP cap now becomes a lot easier

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,584
    limited wish, potentially infinite xp, fair, as killing vampires is a dangerous thing that should be rewarded, and is not an exploit.
    Turning to stone and back to flash somehow is an exploit as you are supposed to get the killing xp only one time for each creature, so is imprisonment.
    but the genie, having the needed WIS (low one), make different vampires spawn each time, killing them correctly gives xp as they are not summoned by the party mages. in the dialogue of an other limited wish choice where you ask for having more xp is clearly stated that fighting the creatures the genie summons is a legit and intended way to get xp. that choice can happen only one time in the game, the one that make him summon undeads can be chosen all day long, as long as you can cast the wish.

    someones can think that "the devs did not intend...." or that "you are not supposed to... " or whatever he likes to think, and can avoid the whole thing, as everyone is free to play the game the way he likes.
    but this does not make that tactic an exploit, is only casting multiple times a spell taking a repeatable choice (thing that is obviously not an exploit) and get xp from killing foe summoned by a creature that is supposed to spawn foe whose slaughtering gives xp.

    What @Arunsun say about soloing until a certain level is true and is also not an exploit, is a big part of my fast leveling a 6 party people routine that i told about in a recent topic, but probably is not enough to hit the level cap. the only other 2 ways that i know that are not border line to exploit are the limited wish use and resting in dangerous areas.

    imprisonment, flash to stone and scribing/erasing scrolls imo are borderline to exploits, and the fact that the latter is so widely used by players does not make it less exploiting.
    i use in some runs the trick to turn to stone and back to flash foe and never use the erasing/scribing one, because i think that you should earn the xp and there is no challenge in having your thief drink multiple thieving potions and your mage multiple genius ones. but this is my playstyle, my personal choice, and does not make the one or the other less exploiting.

  • James_MJames_M Member Posts: 126
    6.8 million per party member is pretty good; sounds about right for a basic completionist play through with a full party. There are means to get significant extra xp's if desired, some of the means are of course exploity/cheesy.
    - Did you scribe scrolls with Imoen, Aerie, Jan, Nalia, Edwin and Haer'Dalis? That's worth about 6-7 million xp (without erasing and relearning any spells). If EE, Neera as well for another 1 million xp. A bit tedious but is worth a lot of xp's.
    - Can carefully fight some continuously summoned Glabrezu's from the Demogorgon. We usually obtain another 1 million bonus xp's that way.
    - After defeating he Demogorgon the party gets 100k xp per member; can also read the scroll (the one given by the Ghostly Apparition) quickly after exiting level 5 of Watchers Keep for an extra 80k xp per character.
    Have fun!

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,584
    @James_M, the 3rd one is surely an abuse, an exploit, the first 2 are not, while scribing and erasing with the same mage probably is, even if the fact that many PG use it make us accept it as a legittimate way.

  • James_MJames_M Member Posts: 126
    edited March 2018
    Hi @gorgonzola. Yes, the 3rd point is quite sneaky/exploity alright, but we chose to do it! We do not scribe/erase spells with the same mage, but meticulously buy unknown spells during Chapter 6 to scribe for the xp's. I like the tactic that you mention: casting Limited Wish...with low WIS in order to fight some vampires...good one. Alternatively, Imoen (or a mage) can wear a Ring of Folly and have several Limited Wish spells memorized. Have a Cleric or Mage memorize Remove Curse to remove the Ring of Folly from Imoen.

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  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,584
    Beware that anyone near the point where the vampires are spawned gets dispelled and looses every protection he can have, that is why is better to use a pi to cast the l.wish, is destroyed as soon as the spell is cast, so you can have only a vampyre spawn for every clone, but the mage is safe, while 6 undeads around and the aura not clean is an unsafe situation...

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