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Sorry for thee Absence.

TorgrimmerTorgrimmer Member Posts: 329
edited March 2018 in Off-Topic
Hey all, Josh here, I know you have not seen me for almost a month and I am very sorry for that. Been through 2 surgeries plus a few set backs. The surgeries were due to bleeding in the area of the scar tissue in my brain, which of course has led to the set backs in the therapy part at rehab. Before i just lost feeling in my right leg, however, now I have no feeling in neither of my legs, plus resting tremors in left hand. Please continue to pray for me as I am still here in the Moss Rehab in the medical wing. I will be more active on the forums or at least try and will try to keep you updated on my progress pending on how i feel. Thank you all for your support and I do love you guys. Thank you.


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