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Meta-Gaming the Forum: The coveted 5 badges badge

Hi newcomers,

As you may be looking in amazement at some of old timer forumites, what with all their comments, and points, and badges. You may think to yourself, "Wow. I'd like to be that well respected and liked in this community."

Well I have good news for you, although you probably won't be an all time leader with tens of thousands of likes on your posts, a new member is the perfect time to obtain one of the most unobtainable of badges, the 5 badges in one day badge. You get this badge by getting 5 other badges in one day.

First badge: Comment on something, anything.
Second badge: Upload a profile picture. It doesn't have to be you. Just do an image search on "adorable fish" or whatever suits your fancy, then go to account options and upload a picture.
Third badge: Connect with facebook. Pretty easy to get if you don't mind "outing" yourself to all your irl friends about how super geeky you are.
Fourth badge: Name drop. use an at character @ and someone's name. This is especially helpful if you are commenting on what someone else has said. It will notify them that you commented on their comment so that they can respond and "like" that comment.
Fifth badge: Comment 9 more times to get the 10 comments badge. Don't spam comments though. Use that gord of yours to interact in a constructive way.

Viola. Instant Forum Cred.

More badges.
There is also a "5 likes", "5 agrees", and "5 insightful" badge.

The 5 likes badge is pretty easy if you just introduce yourself here in this members welcome spot. Just say "Hi, this is [some stuff about me and why i am posting here.]", tell your forum story or tell your first expierence with BG. (Telling your forum story works well with namedropping.)

I try to be funny, so i get more likes than agrees or insightfuls, so I don't have as much insight about how to get those. Perhaps focus on popular threads, such as unpopular opinions. I also find that insights on roleplaying aspects such as how to play alignments of certain classes can create fun debate and mild polarization/agrees.

In any case, try to be insightful and creative. Be generous with your own clicks on other people's comments. Comment on this thread if you have any more tips or if you have success.

If you pull it off you'll be that toast of the town. Good luck!



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