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Serious declines in performance and playability for NWN:EE

0po0ia0po0ia Member Posts: 13
edited April 2018 in Technical Support
So I'm not really sure if the massive FPS drop and rubberbanding lag I get from playing EE is from the recent upshoot in players, but I have a feeling it has something to do with the client itself. NWN at 1.69 wouldn't lag at all under similar circumstances. Is there any form of remedial for this, some kind of patch? Honestly at this early stage in the game I'm severely disappointed. I'd like to be able to play NWN as I did in 1.69, but in EE I have to use the lowest graphical settings and still only get a fraction of the performance that I got in 1.69. There. Is. Something. Wrong. The graphical "improvements" made to the game shouldn't be having this much of an effect, especially when all the graphical settings are turned down in attempts to compensate for this. Please let me know if action will be taken to fix this issue, otherwise I see no reason to continue playing this game.

I apologize for seeming bitter in advance, but this is a serious drag. If anyone wants the specs for my computer I can post that soon.



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