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What fighter-mage combination do you like best?

borntodieborntodie Member Posts: 51
I wonder what kind of fighter/mage class combinations are the most popular. I hear a lot about kensai/mages, but personally I found Berserker/Mage the most potent (if cheesy) dual option. Berserker rage is like a spell immunity:everything that can't be dispelled. :blush:

And if you really need super high Thac0 for a particular fight, you can activate Tenser's Transformation (love that spell - 250+ HP is such a sight).

But enough about me, what is your opinion?

What fighter-mage combination do you like best? 31 votes

Kensai > Mage dual
sarevok57NoonMirandelSmurfking 4 votes
Berserker > Mage dual
FlashburnsemiticgodborntodieFyl 4 votes
Fighter / Mage multi
NonnahswriterRaduzielthespaceYulaw9460Jaheiras_Witnesshoi_GrbutteredsoulJGPchimaeraRVNSDurmir46 11 votes
Fighter / Mage / Thief multi
ThacoBelljsavingStummvonBordwehrFiddler 4 votes
none, too cheesy for me
QuartzMush_MushDanacm 3 votes
something else
NecroscopeNeverusedEnuhalArchGhostBorek 5 votes


  • MyragMyrag Member Posts: 193
    What, no FMC? FMC is great fighter and tank with ability to cast blur, skins, images, pfmw etc. and minor sequencer on chant/bless and other cool cleric combos with contigency/sequencer spells.

    But personally I use all of above with exception of Berserker>Mage dual.

    I typically use
    • Kensai 13 -> Mage (lower dual doesn't make sense honestly)
    • Fighter/Illusionist -> best FM multi
    • FMT -> Great all around since you need thief anyway, powerfull assassination late gate, 100% detect illusion for SCS
    • FMC -> as above
    Overall Wizard Slayer 9 -> Mage is pretty cool too (maybe bit weird role play wise) but if I go WS dual I usually prefer go Druid for sick anti-caster character in SCS.

  • borntodieborntodie Member Posts: 51
    Berserker > Mage dual
    Sorry for omitting FMC, unfortunately it seems I can't add more poll options retroactively.

  • Durmir46Durmir46 Member Posts: 96
    Fighter / Mage multi
    To be honest it depends.

    If you intend to use a speed weapon as off-hand, berserker->mage might have your preference, for a dual at lvl9. You won't miss out much the damage and THAC0 of the Kensai, instead of which you'll have an extremely useful rage ability, and you can dual sooner, making the process a lot easier.

    That's for dual.
    Now I have just finished a playthrough with a Kensai (13) -> Thief. And while he was insanely powerful (probably one of my most OP character so far), I believe I would have done better in multi. The main reason why is HLA. I ended up with many more traps than I would ever require, many great evasions etc. Instead I could have taken some damage resist, GWW (although you obviously won't need that one), and other F goodies. This will be even more important for a F/M as there is only a very limited amount of mage HLAs.

    A multi gnome I/F will give you a mage spec (you'll miss out skull trap and abi-dalzim, but you'll have +1 spell per day per level; considering as a F/M you should not need these necro spells, more buffs for you is definitely awesome) and both HLAs. You will still pick all mages HLAs, plus fighter goodies. Also, shorty saves and a +1 intel will come extra handy. Considering the buffs you will have access to, the loss of grandmastery should not impact much. Especially since your natural THAC0 will exceed the one of a dual (even a 13 Kensai) pretty quickly. Also, no down time to catch up with your first class (trust me it counts...), and you'll kick ass as soon as lvl1.

    In any case, as a fighter you will be an absolute monster no matter what you pick.

  • Jaheiras_WitnessJaheiras_Witness Member Posts: 416
    Fighter / Mage multi
    Fighter/Illusionist. Playing one currently, love it :)

  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 387
    something else
    I have tweaks Anthology installed which lets me dual class Barbarian > Mage, it's hella fun, the rage doesn't protect Vs Imprisonment, but free damage reduction, immune to backstab, +2 base movement speed, d12 HP's from 1-9th, can use all fighter gear except for plate mail (basically means you spend 50% of the game 1-4 AC worse than a fighter, until White/shadow Dragon scales can be crafted then you're mostly on par. I also love that there's no winded debuff after raging plus it buffs your Str and Con, so in a pinch you can force some doors/chests or get some additional regen for a few rounds, even if not in combat. Being limited to specialization only is somewhat annoying, but encounters with backstabbing thieves are sooooo much easier.

    I usually pick elf because they get a natural chance to detect secret doors that is way, way higher than the other races, something which can be annoying as a solo non-thief.

  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 2,973
    Fighter / Mage multi
    The good and old Bladesinger.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 6,247
    Fighter / Mage / Thief multi
    I've EEkeepered a Kensai/Mage multiclass once. That was ridiculous.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 3,583
    Kensai > Mage dual
    hit level 9 with kensai dual over to mage, stay at level 5 until it hits the 250 000 XP mark, so then i don't have to waste the level 6 proficiency point, and at 500 000 XP i have a wizerd with 5 proficiency points in dagger ready to do some serious damage with boomerang/firetooth after annihilating enemies with spells

    good times

  • hoi_Grhoi_Gr Member Posts: 9
    Fighter / Mage multi
    It is pretty conclusive that Berserker > Mage is the best dual in the game. The full immunity of Enrage just trumps any bonuses the Kensai has to offer. Dualing at 9 or 13 is based on preference and your acceptance of downtime but won't have any major impact in the end game statistics. If you are playing with 1-3 companions lvl 13 is preferable.

    However the best CLASS in the whole game has to be Gnome Fighter/Illusionist. Sure you lvl up a bit slower and lose the masteries but +1 spell/lvl and fighter HLAS are just too good.

    F/M/T is insane but you have to be playing solo or with 1 companion to actually make sense. The thief HLAs are OP.

  • ArchGhostArchGhost Member Posts: 18
    edited August 3
    something else
    Fighter/Illusionist. I prefer all multi-class mages to be Gnome Illusionists for the extra slot per level and the better saves.

    That said Berserker/Mage is definitely the way to go if you want a dual, and the only bad point it has is its THAC0 stops at 7 base when you dual it at 13. it craps all over K/M because people seem to forget B/Ms can still wear gear the Kensai can't that makes them exceed both the AC and Hit/Dmg boni when under Berserk. Berserk is overall more useful than Kai when you don't have HLAs anyway.

  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 230
    edited August 3
    Fighter / Mage / Thief multi
    All of the fighter/mage combinations in the poll are super-strong and you won't go wrong with any of them. That said, I think the multiclass options are somewhat better than the rest because they can access fighter HLAs which provide some of the best offensive and defensive boosts in the game. The unparalleled versatility of FMT gives him a slight edge in my view, especially at high levels when he can access thief HLAs, though gnome fighter/illusionists have more spell slots a well as at least a slim chance to receive 9th level spells before the game is over.

    The main benefit to dual-classing is that you actually receive 9th level spells early enough to use them for a significant chunk of the game. However, I'm not sure the choice of berserker or kensai is necessarily all that clear-cut for those who want to go this route. While it's true that kensai/mages suffer more than you might expect from the kensai item restrictions, the ability to cast spell immunity makes the berserker's rage ability less useful than it would be for, say, a kensai/thief.

    Post edited by jsaving on
  • borntodieborntodie Member Posts: 51
    edited August 3
    Berserker > Mage dual
    ArchGhost said:

    That said Berserker/Mage is definitely the way to go if you want a dual, and the only bad point it has is its THAC0 stops at 7 base when you dual it at 13.

    I played a solo berserker/mage and dualled at 9. He smashed the game overwhelmingly and Thac0 was not an issue. For the few fights where I wanted more Thac0, Tenser's Transformation sets it as high as a pure fighter.

    Dualling at 13 is suboptimal in my opinion, you are severely handicapping yourself for a significant part of the game in order to gain a minor bonus for the rest of the game that will not make any real difference.

    What really makes a difference for any f/m combo is how early you get your high level spells, because that is what makes you invincibly strong. A level 9 dual gets them almost as early as a pure mage, while gaining full fighter HP and plenty of pips, apr and Thac0.

    In short, I feel that many people only look at the power that a class gains in the final 10% of the game, when any character becomes OP because of HLA's, so it is the part of the game where you are in the least need of additional power.

    I mean, once you are in ToB you can clone yourself, summon a planetar, have your clone summon another planetar, cast black blade of disaster, cast time stop, trigger your chain contingency and obliterate god himself. At that point things like 1/2 apr or a fighter HLA are utterly irrelevant.

    So I much prefer a character that is strong from start to finish.

    Post edited by borntodie on
  • Yulaw9460Yulaw9460 Member Posts: 564
    Fighter / Mage multi
    The fire unleashed by the Second Coming of Fëanor is too good to miss out on.

  • FylFyl Member Posts: 62
    edited August 4
    Berserker > Mage dual
    An FMT in SOA isnt a mage and kinda disappoints as a mage... but is a nice utility character. And all that changes in TOB.

    But then the only two options for a real mage in SOA are Edwin or a Sorcerer

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