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Game Update 1.0.2014

CameronToferCameronTofer Administrator, Developer Posts: 253
edited February 2013 in Archived News

Crash Fixes

- Fixed crash when entering NW Baldur's Gate
- Force recruiting certain creatures no longer causes crash
- Fixed crashes related to improper animations

- Five new class kits: Dwarven Defender, Shadowdancer, Dragon Disciple, Dark Moon Monk and Sun Soul Monk
- Item charges now displayed inside the inventory
- Auto-pause enabled on map screen
- Items appear over character portraits when used
- Store items which the player can't afford are greyed out
- Players able to raise each other at temples (Multiplayer)
- Journal entries may now be edited
- Notes may now be copied to the journal
- Various minor UI fixes

Bug Fixes
- Attacks per round fixed
- Zoom no longer resets to default when transitioning areas
- Instant move command after character selection functions properly
- Item cost not appearing for certain system locales has been resolved
- Issue with older Journal entries has been fixed
- Defensive spin now functions properly
- Initiating dialogue no longer forces player to leave store menu (Multiplayer)
- Fixed issue with secret NPC not spawning
- Secret NPC now changes party's reputation
- Negative hit-points after familiar death bug fixed
- Positional audio functioning properly
- Custom soundsets fixed
- Multi-Class Thief abilities always available
- Druid shape-shifting AC exploit no longer possible
- Recharging items inside of bag exploit removed
- Changed merchant interactions in The Black Pits
- Unidentified items no longer have visual artifacts
- Multiplayer Black Pits save to the correct location
- Amnish Soldiers no longer murder each other
- Better scroll wheel functionality
- Neera's portrait issue fixed
- Number of stacked items will no longer disappear when moved
- Dwarf minimum dexterity and charisma changed
- Off-hand weapon now properly displayed
- Halberd damage type changed to Piercing or Slashing
- Potion of Mind Focusing now shows the proper effects
- Coran will no longer leave the party when his quest has been completed
- Various improvments to Gullykin
- All protection scrolls require an identify
- Now able to enter Nashkel Mines if guards are murdered
- Improved Mage and Cleric AI scripts
- Certain spells no longer expire after saving/loading
- Enter on the number pad advances dialogue
- Najim no longer able to turn hostile (Black Pits)
- Fixed Yeslick joining/leaving issues
- Shop of Silence now accepts certain fenced goods
- Nobles in Winthrop's tavern may now be robbed
- The Stupefier +1 properly stuns opponent and has new animation
- Wild surge no longer possible on expiring polymorph
- Certain wild surge properly destroys gold on enemy
- Davaeorn's voiced lines added
- Chaotic Commands and Champions Strength require an intelligence of 9 or greater
- Fixed Friendly Arm door graphic
- No more wands with 0 charges
- No longer able to add notes to Quick Items slot
- Garrick may now be properly charmed
- May now purchase drinks from Ulgoth's Beard Inn
- Ranger kits begin with the correct stealth points
- Familiar's attack icons added
- Casting speed for Death Ward, Earthquake and Wraithform have been changed
- Wiven encounter can no longer be missed
- Ciril's overhead text more visible (Black Pits)
- Character Generator biography bug has been fixed
- Trap in Ice Cave now functions properly
- Grease no longer turns summons hostile
- Skie is now treated properly in her residence
- Firebead's Beregost quest has been touched up
- Various interactions with charmed characters improved
- Interaction with Mulahey has been improved
- Interaction with Narlen has been improved
- Interaction with Mr.Colquetle has been improved
- Interaction with Tranzig has been improved
- Interaction with Louise and Laerta have been improved
- Interaction with Be'land has been improved
- Interaction with Jorin has been improved
- Interaction with Kelddath has been improved
- Interaction with Resar has been improved
- Interaction with Silence has been improved
- Interaction with Perdue has been improved
- Interaction with Might Kahrk has been improved
- Interaction with Raiken has been improved
- Interaction with Farmer Brun has been improved
- Interaction with Brevlik has been improved
- Interaction with Jamie and Samantha has been improved
- Interaction with Felonius Gist has been improved
- Interaction with Ignot has been improved
- Neera's romance will always be completable
- Dorn and Neera's encounter always accessable
- Poison no longer removes a mirror image but does damage
- The Iron Thorn no longer usable by Wizard Slayers
- Rasaad will defend Nashkel from enemies
- Deafness removed after each round (Black Pits)
- Night Club +1 correctly changes THAC0 at night
- No longer able to freely loot SW Baldur's Gate General Store
- Some armour no longer equipable in player's off-hand
- Chesley Crusher now limits character's ApR
- Bardolan will no longer attack Rasaad during a ruskus
- Fixed ambient sounds in Beregost
- Bolt of Lightning sound effect added
- Adjusted the Thief 4 script
- Gender now properly identified during character creation
- E Baldur's Gate music has been corrected
- Audio levels adjusted for coronation scene
- Male5 audio levels have been adjusted
- Edwin's voiced warning has been touched up
- Jasper/Bassano voice set issues fixed
- Tranzig's voiced lines have been readjusted
- Correct music played in Sunin's residence
- Remove Paralysis icon has been corrected
- Fixed inaccessible containers in Durlag's Tower
- Laurel will help fight the gibberling horde
- Knott will no longer leave his tent
- Flind and Gnolls will react to looting
- Certain bodies will not dissappear
- Ring of Fire control now functions properly
- The Ossifier's colour has been fixed
- Fixed bug with Sorrem not allowing Rasaad's quest to be completed
- Error in Rasaad's dialogue has been corrected
- Guards in Candlekeep may always be bribed
- Magic resistance icons added to proper characters
- Sparring Dummies are not longer hostile
- Certain magical items need to be identified
- Bats now take up less space
- Wild surge gender swap improved
- Yago will no longer leave his room
- Wand of cloudkill no longer bypasses magical resistance
- Wild Mage gender swap functions properly
- Incorrect proficiencies in tutorial have been fixed
- Reputation requirement lowered for interaction with Bellamy
- Race changed for certain NPCs
- Fixed issue with Dorn's dialogue
- Hide Armor and Elven Chain Mail now have HiS penalty
- All of Bassilus's allies will perish
- Most Ogre Magi now wield katanas
- Fixed issue with Cleric/Thief Multi-Class
- Proper weapon break sound effect added
- Kossled removed after player reaches Friendly Arm Inn
- Lore and price added to Ossifier and Gold Digger
- Thieves' Guild will only ask for the password once
- Black Liily's attack script added
- Hobgoblin in Fisherman's Lake now initiates dialogue and may give XP
- Added run scripts to some innocents around Baldur's Gate
- New icons for Mysterious Liquid and Marek's Potion
- Dialogue bar no longer resets size after reformation of party
- Tweaks to spell animations
- Added page number to Help screen
- Fixed icon for North-east Baldur's Gate
- Added missing fish animations
- Quest/Journal log fixes
- Various usability modifications
- Various item descriptions/images have been fixed

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