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[MOD] [BETA] Monastic Orders of Faerun



  • AquadrizztAquadrizzt Member Posts: 982
    @Eltharion1979 , that's because the new Monk class is completely recoded as Thief kits. I don't automate conversion of Monk kits added by other mods because it would require individual handling of every kit. I'll see if I can add compatibility to the Shadow Magic monk.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 11,035
    Multiclass monks? Interesting. I haven't played a monk since pre-EE. With the monk class change to a thief base, is it compatible with Might and Guile?

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  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 11,035
    Rogue classes ARE the best classes. Everyone wants to be included ;)

    [Deleted User]
  • AquadrizztAquadrizzt Member Posts: 982
    @ThacoBell , actually, Rogues are the best base class for modding non-casters at this point, because there is nothing a Fighter can do that a Rogue cannot do while also having full access to Thief skills. This makes them more flexible and thus you can do a lot more with their design than Fighters.

    ThacoBell[Deleted User]
  • Eltharion1979Eltharion1979 Member Posts: 79
    Hello Aquadrizzt, I add the mod, everything running great, but some Monk kits are missing, I dont have the option for Old Order for example. I have Long Death, Shining Hand and Broken One only, from the new kits.I download the 0.42 version of the mod.

  • PantalionPantalion Member Posts: 2,137
    Shining Hand "change defensive style" has the wrong description.

    Dualling a Shining Hand to Mage resulted in:
    THAC0 reverting to standard Mage/Thief progression on the dual being restored.
    Current Fighting Style effects remaining in place throughout the dual, though unable to change them (so Flurry of Blows / Still Mind applied to the Mage throughout).

    [Deleted User]
  • Eltharion1979Eltharion1979 Member Posts: 79
    Hello, I got some issues, I create a Long Death Monk, first my walking speed is like all other classes, not faster, I dont get kicking animation and last one, when I hit I dont kill the target, but turn it unconscious...
    Any help please?

    Thank you in advance.

  • RiamaijinRiamaijin Member Posts: 4
    Magevro said:

    Well I'm not sure if its the same thing, but I made it so all slots were filled with the fist through keeper, but to no avail. I thought about the removable item thing as well, that I might fix it if I could pick it up and place it. Would implementing the toggleable monk fist as in MnG work here?

    Honestly though, if I could use quarterstaffs I'd probably be satisfied. I always liked staff monks anyway :)

    EDIT: Ok, so I don't have much knowledge in this area, but I edited the qdmfist.itm in DLTCEP. Changed its properties from HandtoHand to Quarterstaff, and made it moveable. Now it works, shows the correct damage in the character sheet, and appears on the hotbar.

    Great call Magevro, I did the same and it worked. I know it's jarring to be able to remove one's own fist, but it's a workable solution for now at least.

  • Eltharion1979Eltharion1979 Member Posts: 79
    Hello @Aquadrizzt I have some issues with this mod. I had to uninstall the game (BG2 EE) and reinstall it again. But this time the mod doesnt run well, I have this problems with my monk. No monk animations, no kicks, no monk speed walking, my punches just turn unconscious my targets, I cant kill them. Any ideas? What may cause this problems? Maybe other mods? Thank you in advance, sorry for the trouble, take care. The mod is great btw.

  • BlackTalonsBlackTalons Member Posts: 12
    I have tryed all versions since 0.4 on a clean BGIIEE install and can confirm what others have been saying. Some defensive and ofensive combat styles seem to not be working correctly, like lightning reflexes and purifying strike.

    On the other hand, I was wondering If I could try and get Monsatic Orders and Tome and Blood included in the Big World Setup mod list. Since the mod needs to be installed after item mods (Like Rogue Rebalance and IR), but before tactics mods (like SCS and ascension), its no the same to install it after the BWS process. Once the current issues get ironed out, I could send them the templates myself so it can be integrated.

  • southfla79southfla79 Member Posts: 199
    You could pause the BWS install at whatever point (right click and select the pause option) then install it at the appropriate slot then resume the install.

    I do that with SCS otherwise it runs out of memory :\

  • TemarielTemariel Member Posts: 37
    edited April 2018
    @southfla79 I'm also interesting in trying out this mod. I'm running a heavily modded EET game with SCS and Might and Guile. Do you know where exactly I would need to pause the BWS install to manually install it?

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  • TemarielTemariel Member Posts: 37
    edited April 2018
    @subtledoctor thanks once again. Do you know if it will retain the toggleable monk fists feature you added in Might and Guile? Really like that one.

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  • TemarielTemariel Member Posts: 37
    @Aquadrizzt your mod is currently installing as part of my next EET game. I do have a quick question though. Unless I am mistaken, in your readme I cannot find any description of monk magic resistance progression. Am I right in thinking you have removed the MR from the monk class? If this is the case, is there a way for me to conveniently edit it back in post-install?

  • AquadrizztAquadrizzt Member Posts: 982
    @Temariel, Monks don't get innate MR with my mod anymore (due to my current philosophy that MR is kind of a bad mechanic that gets OP wayyyyyyy too fast for my design sensibilities). You could probably add it back in via EEkeeper, although the exact method is beyond my knowledge.

    Also consider trying out the Shining Hand monk, which has the option to give themselves passive spell deflection, in addition to the stance that gives all monks a significant bonus to saves vs. spells, and immunity to charm and fear.

  • StefanOStefanO Member Posts: 340
    edited April 2018
    There is a possible installation conflict with the cdtweaks v4.3 component "remove experience cap":

    ERROR: Cannot find 6 rows with at least 42 columns.ERROR: [backstab.2da] -> [override] Patching Failed (COPY) (Failure("Cannot Set 2DA Entry")) Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. ERROR Installing [Change Experience Point Cap -> Remove Experience Cap], rolling back to previous state Will uninstall 33 files for [cdtweaks/setup-cdtweaks.tp2] component 2090. Uninstalled 33 files for [cdtweaks/setup-cdtweaks.tp2] component 2090. ERROR: Failure("Cannot Set 2DA Entry")

    Since this error was introduced with Monastics Orders installed I post it here.

  • TemarielTemariel Member Posts: 37
    @Aquadrizzt @subtledoctor ok so got some pretty weird stuff going on. I paused BWS install before Might and Guile and installed this mod. Nothing wrong with char creation. All of that goes smoothly, but the results are nevertheless quite broken (for my game at least - lots of mods). Firstly, weapon specialisation choice on monk thac0 appears to be on thief progression table (screenshot attached). Secondly, my monk hits (if it can even connect) for non-lethal damage. No way to toggle lethal. Lastly, Might & Guile weapon specialisation choices for a bard resulted in some hilarity (see second screenshot).

    No biggie. I will try a different install. But just thought I'd let you know. Do either of you want the save files? WeiDU log? Just ask and ill post.

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  • ZeerustZeerust Member Posts: 1
    edited April 2018
    I’m pretty delighted that I’ve stumbled on this mod just as I was bemoaning the lot of Monks in BG! I just had a couple of questions for clarification, though: does the Monk fist still upgrade in damage with levels? And what exactly is the scale of AC improvement from Wisdom? I’m guessing that the Monk APR doesn’t increase anymore given the existence of Flurry of Blows.

    Also, do Monks get the same HLA tables as before, or do they get Thief HLAs?

    I’m thrilled that you’ve built a niche for the Monk as a modal fighter and apparently smoothed some of the rougher progression edges, I’m interested to see where it goes :smile:

    EDIT: What would the reason be for the mod to give junk text for the descriptions of the classes and abilities on an otherwise unmodified version of BG:EE? Stuff like the description of the Dark Moon Monk being the item description for some arrows.

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  • beamerdeemerbeamerdeemer Member Posts: 1
    Hey I know this is an old thread but I'm trying to get these monk skills. I've run the install and it finished successfully in my game dir ( purchased BGII Enhanced from Steam ) but starting a new character I don't see any of the new monk skills or races available. Do you need some other pre requisite to run mods? Is there a command line option needed on the steam site ? or something else ? Same thing seems to happen if I try installing via BigWorldSetup...

    ... Please help ?

  • Drow_ArrowDrow_Arrow Member Posts: 73
    edited May 2018
    @beamerdeemer so i've installed the mod on my clean BG II installation so it's the only mod on there and it's working fine i can see the new monk classes no problem... also to clarify it doesnt ADD new races it just makes the monk class more accessible by allowing races other than human to be monks

    Also it shouldn't matter if you got the game through Steam or Beamdog. just for clarity though I got mine from beamdog, game version: V2.3.67.3 (you can see it on the main menu of the game) and no there is no need for any kind of special command line to run mods they just need to be installed correctly =)

    @Zeerust i imagine it just didn't install correctly? could try again (preferably with a clean install)

  • PlainsrunnerPlainsrunner Member Posts: 13
    [quote]- May add their Wisdom modifier to their Armor Class.[/quote]
    Any details on what that looks like? Running modifier like 3.5 where every 2 points gets you a bump?

  • AquadrizztAquadrizzt Member Posts: 982
    @Plainsrunner , yep, it's a bonus of (wis-10)/2.

  • PlainsrunnerPlainsrunner Member Posts: 13
    Cool. And are there any plans to provide the option to use the more default style monk of previous versions in place of the new fighting styles version? Or do you have an older version of the mod I could try? I like the Shining Hand monk, but kinda wanted a slightly more default monk experience.

  • lightbringer32lightbringer32 Member Posts: 19
    Loving this mod so far. I'm working on fitting it into a heavily modded EET setup. Getting to play a multiclassed elven monk is a dream come true.

    What I'd like to figure out how to do is to restore the basic monk unarmed strike functionality -- particularly damage and APR, but especially damage.

    I understand that you had to create an item (QDFIST) that the new class can use, since it's now a thief kit. I take it that MONKFIST is tied in to the Monk class and isn't accessible. I see that in QDMONK.2da you have it set up to AP_QDFIST1 at level 1, and nothing for further levels. I take it that's a spell that creates the QDFIST item at first level.

    Is there something I can do in Near Infinity to recreate the old progression in terms of damage die, enchantment, etc? I'm used to editing the MONKFIST.2da progression and the MFIST1.itm-MFIST8.itm items. Can I peg the QDMONK.2da progression to the MONKFIST items somehow? Or do I need to recreate your QDFIST1 spells and use them to "create" new and improved QDFIST items at higher levels? If it's the latter, I'm not sure what to do as I can't tell what that spell does in Near Infinity.

    Thanks for any guidance!

  • lightbringer32lightbringer32 Member Posts: 19
    So, I think I'm going to just edit the QDFIST item in NI to increase the damage when I think it should increase a die type. Inelegant, but effective enough.

    I'm seeing another problem. I have another mod that adds a lot of cool Monk equipment in BG1 -- Twas a Slow Boat from Kara Tur. I've played with this mod before and ran into no issues with the quests or items -- on a vanilla Monk.

    As a test, I imported one of the new items and found that my MOoF Fighter/SunSoul could not use it. "Unable to use item". I've gone into NI and deselected ALL of the "Unusable by" entries. My character still cannot equip the item. It does not show red in the inventory.

    Of additional note, when I go into NI and select Unusable by Fighter/Thief, and leave it usable by Monk, I cannot use it. If I make it Usable by a Fighter/Thief but unusable by Monk, I can use it. By use, I mean equip.

    I wonder if something occurred during the Component 4 -- Apply Item Restrictions process to cause all of this?

    This leads me to believe the game engine considers me to be a Fighter/Thief and not a Monk. I am curious as to what the game consequences of this will be. I think if I were a single class Sun Soul, I would be offered the Thief Guildhouse instead of the D'Arnise Keep as a stronghold in SoA. It also implies that I will miss out on the nifty Monk HLAs in Refinements. Can anyone else confirm or refute any of this?

  • lightbringer32lightbringer32 Member Posts: 19
    Interesting note regarding the item issue.

    My party Fighter/Thief could equip the item that my MOoF monk could not. That eliminates the item mod as the issue. Something anomalous is occurring with MOoF. I created a single classed MOoF Monk as a test and was unable to equip the item there too.

    I'd love to know what is causing this, as there will likely by other items that this happens with :/

    Everything else about MOoF is really neat, though. Great work!

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