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Patch status



  • AdventSignAdventSign Member Posts: 96
    I'm more interested to see how save files would work if it is such a large patch. Should we make back up saves for it? Will it be compatible? Any sorts of issues people should know of before we install it? After is a beta patch.

    Many of you are being awfully hard on Overhaul's employees. I am quite aware of the compatibility issues of computers.....I expect the beta to be somewhat buggy if it is a large patch and that is ok with me. Yeah I paid $20 for the game but for me it is playable...Skyrim is far worse off when it comes to bugs that can screw up your saves or quests. At least there are little fixes that are being made so that I can finish certain quests. Overall I am happy I bought the game despite having the original already and I am very happy that the employees on the forums are pretty happy with working on the game as well (I am assuming they are employees).

    Keep it up guys. Try not to burn yourselves out and become demotivated and just stop supporting the game altogether. :(

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    Your existing saved games should work with the beta, although we'll recommend backing up your saves before using them in the beta, as the patch may change some things that will make them stop working in the current live version.

  • AutequiAutequi Member Posts: 403
    edited August 2013
    Some of the comments are... surreal? Reverse deja-vu? Because when the game was released people were complaining that Beamdog *didn't* offer an open beta.

    After finishing BGEE with my Undead Hunter, I wasn't planning on ever playing it again (not that it's a bad game, but my love lies with BG2). I must say talk of the new patch has sucked me right back in, though. I'll be participating in the beta for sure. Just have to figure out what character to roll!

  • AendaeronBluescaleAendaeronBluescale Member Posts: 335
    edited August 2013
    Suggestion to even let non-Beamdoggers into the Beta: Give them a Beamdog account with a BGEE license upon proof of payment if they purchased BG:EE through Steam or any other alternative distribution method.

    Shouldn't hurt you and even should be easy to facilitate because you (OHG and BD) are the same guys.

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  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    It's a little more complicated; any copy distributed through our own channels requires us to pay our publishing partners; so giving out "free copies" ends up costing us quite a bit of money.

  • AendaeronBluescaleAendaeronBluescale Member Posts: 335
    edited August 2013
    Dee said:

    It's a little more complicated; any copy distributed through our own channels requires us to pay our publishing partners; so giving out "free copies" ends up costing us quite a bit of money.

    Steam however supports beta channels. Perhaps you could at least do something there? I bought the game directly from Beamdog, so it doesn't affect me, but surely would affect others.

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    Again, updates to Steam take weeks instead of hours because they have to go through Atari first. It simply isn't feasible.

  • RahlikRahlik Member Posts: 86
    Dee said:

    Again, updates to Steam take weeks instead of hours because they have to go through Atari first. It simply isn't feasible.

    So why not give Atari the open Beta version and the option to get the work done to release it on steam any way? Or is the Open Beta scheduled to only last a week or two thus making the steam release of a beta useless to you guys?

  • AeschylusAeschylus Member Posts: 57
    or you can just use the beamdog client...

  • ilhdrilhdr Member Posts: 33
    The concept of a beta is that it's not ready yet. There's no sense in release it like a final version unless you wanna create still more shitstorm for any bug it contains.

  • VortakaVortaka Member Posts: 173
    Thanks @Dee for the step by step version I didn't want to write... (Yeah, I'm lazy like that sometimes).

  • DeefjeDeefje Member Posts: 110
    Makes perfect sense... except day 8..... you take days off?! Preposterous! How can you do that to your poor, waiting community! Who do I have to talk to so you get proper 84 hour workweeks?

    In all seriousness, I would love some kind of extensive list to show what you're working on. Perhaps a bug tracker. But as you already mentioned before about devblogs, that would take a lot of time.

  • LiamEslerLiamEsler Member Posts: 1,859
    @Deefje The problem with that kind of transparency is there's a lot going on that we legally can't talk about yet, work on features that we aren't sure will go into the final product, discussions about various future additions we can't talk about -- plus, a lot of it is pretty boring anyway. The only way it'd work is to create separate trackers, one public and one private--and I don't even want to think about the problems that'd cause. It's often hard enough to keep track of bugs in one system, let alone two.

    I do believe there'll be a changelog coming in the next few weeks, though, so keep your eyes peeled. :)

    Also -- who needs sleep, amirite?!

  • AodenAoden Member Posts: 65
    Excuse me, but when will open-beta started?

  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    Sometime in early-mid September. When we have a solid date we'll make a more official announcement with all the details.

  • ermoermo Member Posts: 81
    edited August 2013

    I tried to make a similar comment a while back, but I guess I worded it poorly. So here goes again:

    From my perspective, it always seemed strange that the game was released to the public in late October November '12 as a 'Release', when it was clear (to me at least), that it was much closer to being a Beta (feature complete, but with a high probability of issues).

    My question is this: Do you know why was BG:EE branded a 'Release' instead of a 'Paid Open Beta' in late October November of '12? Was this a contractual requirement?

    I can't help but think that the 'Paid Open Beta' tag would have helped people better understand what to expect from the game, especially given that it didn't work on certain Intel chipsets.

    I personally tried to help the best I could by doing some research, helping out users and trying to triage which chipsets were likely to work with a driver upgrade and which were never going to work well enough on the renderer used back then. The result of that research was edited into the OP in the intel IGP thread.

    And can I just say that I'm very much looking forward to trying out the new renderer in the Open Beta on my old crappy intel chipset laptop? =)

    EDIT: Ooops, November, not October...

    Post edited by ermo on
  • DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
    Partly it was because we were contractually required to release the game at some point, and I'm sure part of it was also because we had already announced the November (not October) release date, and scaling that back again would have caused more of a stir. I couldn't comment definitively, though, because I wasn't brought on (the game's manuals notwithstanding) until January.

  • StreamhopperStreamhopper Member Posts: 19
    edited August 2013
    Dee said:

    Sometime in early-mid September. When we have a solid date we'll make a more official announcement with all the details.

    You're falling back in old habits.

    Just share your deadline and do it. It will motivate yourself to hit the date spot on. Now you run the risk again of overpromising and underachieving

    The increase of communication is already a nice improvement, but again, to people who work in a competitive environment, you sure come over as slackers. This is not ment as an isult, but my boss would have kicked my ass if I worked this way.

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  • kamuizinkamuizin Member Posts: 3,683
    By the way, after the patch, can't the devs, that are also modders (some of them i think) give a hand on the community mods? A bit of attention from people with the source code to the journal issue would be a huge help, as we have some important mods stuck atm in reason of journal incompatibility, as BG1 NPC, Dark Side of the Sword Coas (i think) among others.

  • StreamhopperStreamhopper Member Posts: 19
    Dee said:

    I'm sorry this information isn't satisfactory to you, but we do have other parties involved that have to approve everything before we announce it.

    You're certainly welcome to your opinions, but it's hard to believe you when you say that "slacker" isn't meant to be an insult.

    I can imagine it sounded harsh. But understand that although you work hard, there are many ppl here where 10 or 12 hour days are also not uncommon. I just want to make sure you understand that you just shoot yourself in the foot when you give vague dates.

    Everyday of september there will be people here checking if it's there yet. Because early or mid, can be just anything. And I dont have to tell you what they will think when it's not there on 8 or 11 september (just to give a random date here)

    My biggest critic is not on what you do as work, but how the project is managed.

    Last I want to point out that I know there's a risk setting a clear date. i took a holiday based on the first release date... not the two weeks I imagned them to be. Yet I'm here trying to get through that you should avoid at all times to leave room for assumptions.

  • Morte50Morte50 Member Posts: 161
    I'd say your biggest critic (sic) is the PR. You have no idea how the project is managed, since clearly you have no inside knowledge of it. Which makes it all the more idiotic (no insult intended) for you to call them slackers, or for that matter to assume that you know best how they should handle the release. Between the Scylla and Charibdis of setting a date that might not be met and leaving the players with (some) uncertainty, there is usually a little more at play than 'not leaving room for assumptions'.

  • StreamhopperStreamhopper Member Posts: 19
    edited August 2013
    Yet the results of their current method is not up to discussion as you can see in this exact forum... lots of dissapointed people

    Without having to know how they work exactly, I just see dates go further and further, with only the promise for more results, but since even before the legal issues, no results yet.

    You can be a baker or a developer or an undertaker, a certain general work ethic and method still applies


    Wisdom implies knowledge generated from previous experience applied to new situations. That experience will almost always vary from the previous or future one. Your statement is void as it would imply wisdom can not be applied more then once.

    And from experience, not as a developer, but managing them, I've become immune for "if you wait just a while longer we can also do this and this" and in their enthousiasm they dont realise they are already long overdue

  • NecdilzorNecdilzor Member Posts: 278
    That's right! So when we hear the date we're going to explode of joy!

  • PaulgPaulg Member Posts: 115
    hey beamdog, dont let all these nay-sayers and negative people get you down, you obviously fighting to give us a game we love and are even working to make it better, and then going beyond even that. i think your the best people in the world, and i would hug every one of you if i could (no homo- for the guys) and if i could do anything more to help i would. please keep up the awesome work and devotion you obviously have for this game.

  • SidemiSidemi Member Posts: 70
    That patch... I really want it.
    It would be sad if something happened to Boo, wouldn't it? You've got 5 days, Beamdog. So does Boo.

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