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The most ridiculous stats you have rolled for a Baldur's Gate character?



  • ShYarivShYariv Member Posts: 119
    edited July 2013
    SionIV said:

    Cleric / rangers got the best rolls.


    Bard : (Min 49)

    STR : 3
    DEX : 12
    CON : 3
    INT : 13
    WIS : 3
    CHA : 15

    Paladin : (Min 57)

    STR : 12
    DEX : 3
    CON : 9
    INT : 3
    WIS: 13
    CHA : 17

    C/R : (Min 61)

    STR : 13
    DEX : 13
    CON : 14
    INT : 4
    WIS : 14
    CHA : 3

    So you'll have the best chanse with a C/R and i have rolled 99 with a Half-elf C/R.

    Actually, half-elven rangers and cleric/rangers have the same minimums (61), with only a very tiny advantage over human rangers (60, because they can have 3 INT). They all have about a 2.3% chance to roll 90 or more. Elven rangers, on the other hand, have higher minimums (13,13,14,8,14,8 - 70 total, I think it's the highest in the game), and with their racial modifiers they get more than a 3% chance to roll 90 or more.

    Several weeks ago I made a little tool (an Excel file, really) that lets you calculate the chance to get every possible roll with every possible class-race combination. You just enter the appropriate minimums and racial bonuses and penalties, and it gives you the probability distribution. You can find it in this thread if you're interested.

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  • LateralusLateralus Member Posts: 903
    TJ_Hooker said:

    I think the best roll I've ever had is a Paladin in IWD with:
    STR: 18/92
    DEX: 18
    CON: 18
    INT: 10
    WIS: 16
    CHA: 18

    I think I may have rolled a higher total a few times, but that exceptional strength is what really makes this an exceptional roll. The funny thing is I doubt I'll ever even get much use out of that character (I rolled up a party, including that guy, played for an hour, and then quit. That was months ago.).

    Lateralus said:

    OP, I don't believe for a second that you rolled 99 total points. Sorry, but I am calling you a liar. :)

    I really don't see what's so unbelievable about it. Sure, that roll may be exceptionally unlikely, but it's like the lottery: while any single person's chances are astronomical, at least one person usually wins. Really, the fact that he rolled 99 isn't even the truly impressive part (not that that isn't an amazing roll in itself), it's the fact that he got /00 strength to boot.
    Please accept my appology, I appologise. Seeing is believing. I recently rolled a 98 point inquisitor. Until then, I never thought it possible. Even rarer than that, I rolled a chaotic good human beserker with 95 stat points and a 18-95 strength. Crazy.

  • ElectricMonkElectricMonk Member Posts: 599
    edited September 2013
    hmmm, file upload issue, disregard this comment.

  • ElectricMonkElectricMonk Member Posts: 599
    edited September 2013
    The most ridiculous stats I've rolled for a BG character:

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  • DMKDMK Member Posts: 14
    edited September 2013
  • Edwin_OdesseironEdwin_Odesseiron Member Posts: 226
    Strength: 18/99
    Dexterity: 18
    Constitution: 18
    Intelligence: 18
    Charisma: 15

    Total: 97. Human Fighter. Never rolled better than that in all my years. I think I got 94 one other time, and perhaps 90-92 a few other times.

  • JLeeJLee Member Posts: 648
    That is quite ridiculous!!

    I was rolling a Stalker to take through BG2EE and got a 100. Never thought I'd see that.

  • FrondFrond Member Posts: 121
    For my elf ranger/cleric I rolled
    Took awhile but once I'm finished my EE playthough I'll have
    So I was pretty happy. Just have to use Ajantis as my leader. Getting sick of "Helm..." "Yeah" tho

  • fighter_mage_thieffighter_mage_thief Member Posts: 262
    The most ridiculous stats I ever rolled were those of a tasloi!

  • SedSed Member Posts: 790
    I got a roll of 97 on my pally that I just started ^^

  • XanarXanar Member Posts: 96
    edited October 2013
    My first triple-digit roll in BGEE and almost skipped over it :D Overkill roll for a cavalier, but not likely I'll see one like this for my cleric/mage

  • XerxesVXerxesV Member Posts: 187
    Yesterday, for a blackguard, I rolled a 94 for the first time. Not as fancy as some of these others, but I also rolled a 18/00 for the first time! That's a great roll in my opinion. Maybe too powerful to be honest.

  • jackjackjackjack Member Posts: 3,251
    I rolled a 96 for my new Blade yesterday, then very nearly skipped over it.

  • dementeddemented Member Posts: 388
    Don't speak to me of rerolls. I spent the last god damn hour trying to get the perfect roll for my bard. Over and over again. I didn't even get to play the game as my computer crashed before I saved.

  • thespacethespace Member Posts: 1,039
    I rolled a 100 point stalker, which I don't even play b/c it's a female and I want my stalker to be able to romance Aerie or Jaheira in BG2 ;) It's clear to me that rangers will have the highest stats on average, followed close behind by paladins, likely, as far as I can tell.

  • the_spyderthe_spyder Member Posts: 5,018
    Normally I don't care what my stat total is so long as I can have an 18 INT and at minimum a 16 DEX (I normally play a generic human wizard). However, my most current play through, I am playing a Half Orc Fighter/Thief with a 94 base stat points. It was like my third roll, so I just kept it. That was just impossible to give up. I figure that with 8 tomes in the game and the stat bonuses you can get in BG2, he will definitely be a worthy successor to Bhaal. 23 STR, 20 CON and 19 DEX? Thank you very much.

  • ElendarElendar Member Posts: 831
    I somehow got:

    Strength: 25
    Dexterity: 25
    Constitution: 25
    Intelligence: 25
    Wisdom: 25
    Charisma: 25


  • karnor00karnor00 Member Posts: 680
    I've been using the autoroller for fun to see how good it can manage. Best I've seen so far is 103 total with 85 exceptional strength. Was on a cleric/ranger.

  • RangerRanger Member Posts: 10
    For my current Cleric/Ranger I rolled a 100.

    16 (Now 17)

    Gave him the charisma book found in the Xvart caves. I figure since he's Bhaalspawn he's gotta be all Gatsby.

  • CandleBesideCandleBeside Member Posts: 38
    edited November 2013
    Starting my neutral/evil playthrough with NPCs I never played with before right now, and rolled a 92 ( still took me 2 hours ) for my Half-Orc Berserker who will dual class at level 9 and become some fanatic cleric.

    STR: 19
    DEX: 18
    CON: 19
    INT: 9
    WIS: 18
    CHA: 9


    edit: just realized, that my Half-Orc will stay a pure Berserker, cause he doesn't like this magic stuff ( only humans can dual-class, face palm )

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  • MungriMungri Member Posts: 1,645
    I had a 93 point roll with 18/99 strength today. But then when I tried to screenshot it, it buggered my game (keep forgetting MSI afterburner doesn't work with this game and I need to use fraps instead).

  • Silverspirit2001Silverspirit2001 Member Posts: 14
    For the statisticians - 2/3 rolls are under 75, (if) the minimum roll - which means you are rolling for only the top 1/3rd of stats (not including exceptional str). Minimum ability requirements do skew the rolls -downward if assigned a stat, upwards if rerolled to gain a minimum stat - which seems to be the case).

    In that scenario - with one class minimum of 9, the average role would be just above 78. for every min above 9, a stat point gives .38 to the roll.

    Mind you, with my blackguard in bgee, the 94 roll was a nice surprise - on the 4th role. Shame his str was only 18/77....

    Had a long self debate on 4 wisdom and 18 intelligence (18 charisma was a must) - settled on 7/15 and adding the tomb stats to bg2ee characters I use, who I gave the tombs too.

    PS, with the stat penalties, their is a wrap around for Avengers. A very small one.

  • ArdulArdul Member Posts: 211
    I once got my father to make a char in the original BG. After rolling three times on a paladin, he comes up with this roll:


    I was flabbergasted to say the least :p

  • Xei_Win_TohXei_Win_Toh Member Posts: 43
    So many 100 rolls!
    My best in the EE era is a 95 Human Berserker, to be dualled to Druid. (I consider the 95 Berserker more exceptional than my 95 Cavalier due to minimums, despite the Cavalier having higher exceptional strength)

  • marcerormarceror Member Posts: 577
    I rolled a 99 once... and just about committed seppuku when my finger proceeded to reroll faster than my brain could tell it to stop. Follow up roll was like a 79, or something around there. I was so incredibly bummed!

  • marcerormarceror Member Posts: 577
    By the way, one trick I learned after that experience is that if you accidentally press the reroll button, if you keep it held down and slide your cursor off of it, and THEN release the mouse button... the reroll won't take!

  • EudaemoniumEudaemonium Member Posts: 3,199
    I swear I've tried that multiple times and it never worked.

    Often if I click past a high roll I'll just say 'screw it', start the game and then Keeper in the stat difference. I got that 94 legitimately, after all.

  • EightgallonEightgallon Member Posts: 10
    I got a 96 total with an 18/00 str on my Dwarven defender.

    then i found EEkeeper and realized I wasted 2 hours rolling.

  • marcerormarceror Member Posts: 577
    edited December 2013

    I swear I've tried that multiple times and it never worked.

    Often if I click past a high roll I'll just say 'screw it', start the game and then Keeper in the stat difference. I got that 94 legitimately, after all.

    @Eudaenomium It works, I've been starting to create a party for Black Pits, and it's helped me several times today, in fact. ;)

    @Eightgallon - I don't know, there's something more rewarding to me about getting those stats in the game legitimately. It's just way more rewarding to get that 90+ roll. I could always go into EEKeeper and create whatever I want, but it just doesn't feel the same to me.

  • egonegon Member Posts: 88
    I just rolled a 91 for my human swashbuckler (to be dual classed into mage in BG2). Rolled a 92 for a Cavalier as well. It almost seems over-powered considering all the bonuses you can get. +1 for everything except Wisdom which you can get +3.
    I'm planning on removing the XP cap just for fun and see what kind of monster I can get to import into BG2. :D

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