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Translations are under way !

CameronToferCameronTofer Administrator, Developer Posts: 279
edited November 2012 in Archive (Volunteering)
We are ready for volunteers to help translate Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.

Here is today's status:

Language Completion Status
Chinese Simplified 75%
Chinese Traditional 75%
Czech 75%
Polish 99,9%
Korean 1%
Norwegian 0.88%
Japanese 0%
Italian 75%
French 75%
Spanish delayed
German 99.9%
Ukrainian being worked on by PlayUA
Russian being worked on by PlayUA
Brazilian Portuguese 75%
Turkish 29%
Danish 1%

If you're interested in helping out let me know. If you want your language added let me know that too.
* Polish volunteers please report to @powerfulally .

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