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Baldurs Gate Meme Thread II: Enhanced Edition (Careful, everyone, SPOILERS!)



  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 9,287
    @sarevok57: It's a Japanese corruption of the word "wife." It means a fictional character whom the speaker considers their virtual "wife." In other words, it's their favorite female character. An Aerie fan might consider Aerie their waifu.

    I don't know of any male equivalent.

  • Cabal82Cabal82 Member Posts: 48
    This tread helped me survive way too looooong and dark winter days in the office with good laugh! Luckily I have my own room, so my laughing was not heard by my boss! Many thanks to all :smiley:

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 3,504
    Cabal82 said:


    ahahhahahhah that was beautiful

  • Abi_DalzimAbi_Dalzim Member Posts: 1,337
    Nishruu was never the right idea for CW's anyways. If you can cast that, then you can cast multiple Cloudkill and Death Fog spells, which would be more effective.

  • Cabal82Cabal82 Member Posts: 48

    Bro, you don't need to put your stuff into spoiler tags here (unless it has spoilers unrelated to the games).
    Also, please try to put all your memes into one post in the future, unless there is a noticable time gap between posts ;) You can just edit your posts by hitting that nifty gear symbol in the top right to add new stuff.

    Sorry, my fault. Thanks for the advice :)

  • Cabal82Cabal82 Member Posts: 48
    I was wondering about another drunkard - Husam the shadow thief. Why did he not show up in Athkatla
    in BG2? Perhaps he and his boys are still down there in the sewers, desperately searching for secret door, leading to Ducal palace...

    And by the way - this forum has a sense of eeeevil about it. Today, some children came to my workplace to sing some christmas carols for us office rats. Save vs meme failed - instead of hearing their songs I was hidden away, reading yet ANOTHER MEME THREAD! Alignment shift imminent!

  • GodGod Member Posts: 1,072
    O_Bruce said:

    Someone should make a mod to for that encounter. After refusal to give him money, the drunk would transform in a real lich. That would be so wonderfully mad and awesome.

    I'd probably make that a 50% chance, so as to give the chronic rerollers some fun stuff to do :smirk:

  • Cabal82Cabal82 Member Posts: 48

    It would only make sense if the lich was actually drunk. Targetting fails might be hard to implement, but ...

    .. actually, just make it a level 40 wild mage, but with random spell selection, and let it rip. You should have to do *some* work for 22000 xp.

    Yes! Drunken corn vomiting liches to EVERY IE game!

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