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All you wanted to know about Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear ("Adventure Y" previously)

JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,700
Now with BG2:EE released and we all know about Hexxat at last it’s time to anticipate something new.

So I think the discussion about the “Adventure Y” is going to be the next hit.

There’ve been several threads on this forum about this topic but I will try to gather EVERY piece of information and update it when something new is known. I hope @TvrtkoSvrdlar and others who started topics about the Adventure Y in the past excuse me ;)

A little bit of history first.

Tweets by Trent Oster, 12 May 2012

Adventure X is going to be standalone. Keep your ears peeled for Adventure Y, which is intimately linked to the Bhallspawn storyline

Adventure X is a side adventure, while Adventure Y is an optional storyline piece in the Bhallspawn series

Tweets by Sam Hulick and Trent Oster, 23 May 2012

SH: Listening to the #BGEE Adventure Y main theme on repeat while doing paperwork. Never has something so mundane felt so heroic & adventurous.

TO: I do the same. It can become a liability when the #bgee Adventure Y theme is going hard and you are trying to do contracts.

Later PhillipDaigle tweeted that the Adventure Y can be set at or near Boareskyr Bridge, accidentally the place where Cyric killed Bhaal.

Dee in November 2012 said ( the "Adventure Y" hasn't been finished yet, and will likely be released post-ship.

Here ( is said the Adventure Y has been confirmed for after BGE2:EE (release). This post (9 October 2013) is promoted by LiamEsler.

Basically there were no news at all after that.

All of a sudden PhillipDaigle here on the 30th of November 2013( said something that can be interpreted as:

1) it’s wrong to think that the Adventure Y is planned for after BG2:EE, or
2) it’s wrong to think that the Adventure Y in not going to be released in the next patch, or
3) it’s wrong to think that the Adventure Y is set after BG2:EE.

We know elminster (a Beta Tester) ( said the Adventure Y will cost money although in the past Tanthalas (also a Beta Tester, Private Beta Moderator) ( had thought about the Adventure Y as a part of the new content for EE and not a DLC.

So, we know the Adventure Y is tied with the Bhaalspawn plot and has its own theme.

Taking into account those words about money and realizing the Adventure Y has not been definitely released before BG2:EE it seems reasonable to agree with the 3rd variant and say the Adventure Y is set somewhere before the story of the Bhaalspawn ends.

Moreover, I think it’s safe to conclude from PhillipDaigle’s post the Adventure Y is meant to be content for BG:EE, not BG2:EE.

There’s an idea that the Adventure Y takes place after Sarevok's defeat and shreds some light on those “circumstances much darker than anyone would have thought” under which the Bhaalspawn left for Amn. So this adventure would probably take place between the two games and end with the Bhaalspawn getting captured by Irenicus.

It’s interesting to take into account that TrentOster - after looking (6 September 2013) at a feature request of an interlude chapter that narrates the happenings between Sarevok's ending and the capture of the Bhaalspawn by Irenicus - said “Sounds kind of adventurey. Could be a fun concept.” (

One can interpret “adventurey” as “adventure y”.

So, right now it's everything from what has been confirmed.

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