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  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,152

    Confession: Out of all the Five, I like Balthazar the most.

    Compared with the others, he is by far the best.
    @Cuv is another Baltazhar supporter.

    Confession: I am unable to type/write 45% of the names of the saga (despite of playing, playing and playing more), included Balthazar's and others.

  • EmpyrialEmpyrial Member Posts: 107

    Confession: When I first played ToB, I didn't think Melissan was the main villain, at least until talking to Balthazar, and the Solar near the end of the game.

    Me too for this. I sorta just turned my brain off and let things unfold when I played the first time because I was engrossed in learned how to use all these high level spells and abilities.

  • SjerrieSjerrie Member Posts: 1,181
    @CrevsDaak you can actually be struck by lightning when outdoors??

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,287
    edited April 2014
    MacHurto said:

    Confession: i have never been struck by lightning. Does that happen often? I guess it doesnt as a cleric of talos

    It happens a lot more in EE than in the original game.
    Tip: go fight Drizzt with stormy weather, quaff a potion of absorption, and the odds are he'll fall to the lightning... :D

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  • AvengingExileAvengingExile Member Posts: 33

    Confession: Since reading some of the Legend of Drizzt books, whenever I see Jarlaxle, I'm sad that Jarlaxle has a generic drow male avatar.

    Agreed here. I loved the early Drizzt books. I was disappointed that in one game (I think BG2) they had Drizzt's skin color wrong. Side confession: I haven't played through BG2 Enhanced because I'm still waiting for the Kivan mod to be uploaded, so I haven't seen if they fixed Drizzt.

  • AnduinAnduin Member Posts: 5,745
    @meagloth said:

    Confession: I actually think arie is cute *shame*

    Confession: I've never played a shorty. Or a human. I'm a sucker for elves.

    If I was the Priest taking your confession... I would have left you to be eaten by a Pit-Fiend and taken to hell...

    Anymore Gnome haters out there?

    Fess up! So I can channel my hate...

  • SjerrieSjerrie Member Posts: 1,181
    edited April 2014
    @Anduin not me, I love gnomes! Though Jan *can* get tiresome... I do have another gnome Charname planned. Then again I have a lot of Charnames planned...

    Confession: I have played every race (including tiefling) except half-orc or a full elf.

    Confession: I have played every class except monk, although never a pure class that could also be dual'd or multi'd.

  • SjerrieSjerrie Member Posts: 1,181
    jackjack said:

    Confession: I want to play a Dwarven Transmuter of some sort.

    What's stopping you? :)

  • SjerrieSjerrie Member Posts: 1,181
    LOL, I meant after your current playthrough.

  • NecomancerNecomancer Member Posts: 622
    @Sapphirelce101 If it helps that last one is a common problem when designing characters. Roleplaying with other people helped me alot and eventually allowed me to branch out into characters near nothing like me. As for the fear of getting a character right, yeah, I can relate to that as well. Regardless try sharing the character and having him/her interact with other people. It will humanize them and make you realize what does and doesn't work. Most important things to remember. Let your character be capable of failing and remember, editors and friends capable of giving genuine criticism are handy to have around.

  • jackjackjackjack Member Posts: 3,251
    Sjerrie said:

    LOL, I meant after your current playthrough.

    This being, of course, exactly what I tell myself.

  • SjerrieSjerrie Member Posts: 1,181
    Confession: I have so many Charnames thought out that I still want to play, It's hard to make a choice between them.

  • AnduinAnduin Member Posts: 5,745
    @Sjerrie said:

    @Anduin not me, I love gnomes

    What's your thoughts on mummies....

    *Yes... A perfect replacement to my last apprentices... He will do nicely...

  • FlashburnFlashburn Member Posts: 1,812

    Confession: I love the Coran mod, and I mentally thank @kulyok‌ everyday for making it.

    Confession: @SapphireIce101 is one of my bros now.

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