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What kind of familiar would *you* become?

KamigoroshiKamigoroshi Member Posts: 5,870
By a strange twist of fate you are forcefully teleported into the mids of the Baldur's Gate Trilogy. Stranger still is that you're not even a person anymore... but an familiar; summoned by some greenhorn spellcaster you never met or heard of before. Life sucks!

The rules are simple: choose the familiar which would most likely represent your personality, habits, or any other connection you may feel between yourself and your soon-to-be alter ego and vote for it. That's all!
Please note that the choices presented within this poll are not meant to be influenced by whether special abilities they have at their disposal in the games. So don't let them hinder your choice. ;)

To the Roleplayers amonst us: Feel free to slip even deeper into the role of those buggers by conjuring a little side story to share with others. Or drop a line as to why you did vote for whatever creature you made if you feel like it. The choice is yours!

In my case, I'd probably become a Dust Mephit... summoned up by some good-for-nothing Transmuter in the middle of nowhere. Not because I smoke, mind you (I don't... at least not anymore). But more like due to their grim and yet humorous outlook on life. There would be so many opportunities to display my sarcastic, black humour in such an situation.
And from the looks of it they seem to appreciate coffee and black tea. So there's that too!

What kind of familiar would *you* become? 55 votes

Pseudo Dragon
FeytorDarkersunGoturalJohnSmith921030booinyoureyesEmpyrialNiuenso 7 votes
Fairy Dragon
KhyronelminsterAlexisisinneedkaguanaRavenslight 5 votes
Flashburn 1 vote
lunarChnapymungomunkMeanbunny 4 votes
willum69deltagoCoM_SolaufeinMusaabartificial_sunlightJalilyXavster_Songsteeldstoltzfussmady3SeveDrownedvirusmeaglothjackjackArdulDungeonnoobDivineEternal1Demonoid_LimewireMush_Mush 18 votes
SethDaviselementAnduinFinneousPJabacus 5 votes
Dust Mephit
KamigoroshiKarashi 2 votes
Fredjothe_spyderCrevsDaak 3 votes
HerrderGezeitenLeonOneAngryMushroomJuliusBorisovButtercheeseKidCarnivallolienElrandir 8 votes
Just let me see the results already!
NoonKneller 2 votes


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