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Max Total Roll ?????



  • KvotheRM8KvotheRM8 Member Posts: 54
    My best rolls of all time:

    Blade 99, not the most difficult to get but the highest I've ever seen.

    98 Cavalier, 18/93 str. Pretty smart Pally at 13 starting int.

    98 elf fighter/mage/their. All 18z and 19 dex 17 con and 9 wis. At finish all 19z, 20 dex, 18 con, and 12 wis.

    Berserker 95 with a 18/95 str. A pure human fighter, its incredibly rare to get anything over 92 and so this is my favorite roll of all time, rage mage with max int and a good charisma too!

  • speancerspeancer Member Posts: 8
    I'm fairly new to the game, but I managed some decent rolls I guess, as I was playing around with different character builds for a bit before I started my actual playthrough. The highest roll I ever had was for an archer character with a total score of 96, it seems very easy to hit 90+ rolls for Rangers, as they have high minimal ability figures. I also rolled a juicy 93 twice for a berserker.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 11,712
    ThacoBell wrote: »
    @hellwalker31 If you reduce a stat and keep one point unspent, hitting CTRL-8 will reset the stats to all 18's and you will still have the unspent point.

    Oh, and I meant the one point as an example. You can stock however many points you want this way.

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