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What is your favourite body part?

lolienlolien Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,083
edited October 2014 in Off-Topic
For those, who felt, that off-topic polls goes too off-topic, here comes a new theme to discuss, now, with some BG hints!

Here i list the options too, because pictures didn't show up in the poll options:
image1. Amuana's Bones
image2. Blood of Quallo's Friend
image3. Bodhi's Black Heart
image4. Eyestalk of an Elder Orb
image5. The Hand of Dace
image6. Lock of Jaheira's Hair
image7. Neb's Head
image8. Qilue's Brain
image9. Sekolah's Tooth

Now, that you saw this pretty collection, answere me please:

What is your favourite body part? 63 votes

Bones: I'm not fat, i'm just big boned!
smeagolheartDJKajuruNonnahswriter 3 votes
Blood: That's, what make me divine!
ShadowHunterDreadKhanVallmyr 3 votes
Heart: Without heart, you are just a thinking golem.
SethDavisFlashburnFredjoBlackravenCoryNewbthespacelolienRavenslightDaunt 9 votes
Eye: Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
elminsterAnduinrufus_hobartIntoTheDarknessSouthpawlaptopman666booinyoureyesmeaglothSoren_The_Wild 9 votes
Hand: Because your fists are always at hand.
QuartzOneAngryMushroomFinneousPJNimran 4 votes
Hair: I'm hairy high and low, don't ask me why, don't know.
AedanThe_New_Romancebadbromancejackjackdustbubsykiwidoc 6 votes
Head: A compact choice.
PibaroPekingduckmanTheGraveDiggerSmilingSword 4 votes
Brain: Nothing is impossible for the power of the mind!
lansounetmlneveseEdvinLadyRhianJalilyLordRumfishGoturalDeltharisJitterBugnthjas 10 votes
Tooth: With a toothful smile everything is easier. Almost.
Tresset 1 vote
Other: You like your (or maybe someone elses?) belly, or something else? Please share with us!
MERLANCEelementKamigoroshikcwiseSilverstarJuliusBorisovButtercheeseKidCarnivalCrevsDaakGodkaguanaMusignywubbleGreenWyvern 14 votes
JuliusBorisovSionIVRavenslightBlackravenPibarorufus_hobartAnduinbooinyoureyeskcwisedustbubsy[Deleted User]FredjoSmilingSwordMoradin


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