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Eve of War [Abandoned]

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I've lost the passion to work on this anymore. If people in the community want to rehost it, take inspiration from this, pull things from it for their own mods, change things, delete things, add things, or make it their own then go for it. Same goes with the readme.

I'll leave the link here for people who are interested in taking things from it or modding it. But if you are looking to play it its current state it is not ready for downloading.

Eve of War

This mod has changed a bit over the years. So some of the information found below is no longer relevant.

It may not be compatible with EET (at least at the moment)

For the most up to date explanation of the mod check out the GitHub readme.


- Currently contains approximately 28,000 words of new text. Including unique dialogue options based on alignment, race, stats, classes, and kits.

- Contains 17 new quests, new approaches and outcomes for existing quests, new areas, and four new joinable NPCs.

- Removes many existing main plot restrictions:

Candlekeep: On top of the usual method a player character can now also leave Candlekeep after either attacking Gorion or after turning Candlekeep hostile. Removing Gorion's instant death restriction in the process (though Tethoril retains his own).

Lion's Way: Allows a player to reject Imoen during their initial meeting after Gorion's death (she will sneak back in to Candlekeep). If you kill Imoen while in Candlekeep in the prologue she won't appear for this initial meeting. If you reject her initially you won't be able to pick her up again until chapter 6.

Cloakwood Mines: Players can now choose to take control of the mine instead of flooding it. This gives you a varying degree of income that you can pick up every three days from a store in the south-west of Baldur's Gate. Obviously taking over a mine run by slaves has its consequences.

Baldur's Gate: Removes Duke Eltan's auto-kill used on players that refuse to tell him what they know about the Iron Throne. Players who wish to can acquire the necessary book and chapter advance needed to return to Candlekeep by helping the Thieves Guild after being requested by Alatos. Regardless of who they choose to help out they can also hand over Balduran's Logbook at the doors of Candlekeep as well.

Coronation Ceremony: A player character can bring Duke Eltan's body to the ceremony, who will himself call Sarevok out on his treachery. Sarevok, sensing that he has failed, will then choose to attack. In general players who have returned Duke Eltan to the harbormaster will not be instantly killed by the grand dukes.

If Liia and Belt are killed then its not an automatic death for the player. Provided you have saved Duke Eltan.

- Incorporates information from PnP sourcebooks regarding this region of the world. Locations like Beregost, Nashkel, Gullykin, Durlag's Tower, the Firewine Ruins, and the Firewine Bridge are adjusted to reflect what books like the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, Lands of Intrigue, and Volo's Guide to the Sword Coast say about them. Existing characters are adjusted to reflect their stats and abilities as mentioned in the Heroes Lorebook.

- Incorporates unused files and dialogues from the original game.

- The mod has main components and secondary components. I've organized it however so that if you just want one component (for instance an increase in how often it snows in Nashkel) it shouldn't be a problem.

This mod largely begins once you enter Beregost. Its storyline expands over the course of chapters 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 though there will be some minor additions made in Chapters 1 and 2. More details follow

Friendly Arm Inn

- On the northern edge of the map along the road you can run into a caravan (a merchant with a dead horse and a dead woman found down the road from him). You can claim you are a bandit and then threaten to take his goods. This is taking advantage of the unused banmer.dlg file from the original game (chapter 3). If you have taken the goods then when you encounter the bandits in either Peldvale or Larswood you can use it to convince them of your worth.

- The Friendly Arm Inn's courtyard has been converted into a makeshift warcamp. Flaming Fist troops can be found training in it (chapter 5 or later).


- Adds a town watch headquarters to Beregost and labels the Travenhurst Manor as the Town Council building.

- Kelddath Ormlyr, Taerom, and a Familiar (representing Thalantyr) are now added around the table in the Town Council buildings first floor.

- Adds a watch to the streets of Beregost (this occurs starting in Chapter 3).

- Adds Modest (a drunk Blade) to the towns inns (his location will vary to a degree depending upon the time of day).

- Adds a thief named Bethi to one of the gardens in the north-west corner of Beregost. She sells you iron goods that won't break as well as some specialty items from Waterdeep.

- Acolytes of Lathander can be found in the Burning Wizard (tending to the wounds of town watch members and

- An Acolyte of Lathander is now serving the temple (instead of Kelddath).

- A head smithy is now serving the smithy (instead of Taerom)

- The Flaming Fist now have a much more visible presence in the city, alongside the town's watch (Chapter 5). This presence again increases in chapter 6. Their dialogue discusses how the situation is unfolding and it will adjust depending on the chapter.

- Local bartenders and acolytes in the temple (through acquired drinks and temple donations) comment on the fear they now have over the possibility of a war. (not yet implemented)

High Hedge

- An Aquatic Elf can now be found near a pond in the north-west corner of the map. She can be pressed about what she knows about Thalantyr (she will play a further role in this mod when I update it post-release). She is based off a mention in Volo's Guide to the Sword Coast of Thalantyr talking to someone underneath the surface of the water.

South of High Hedge

- You can find a journal on Bassilus now. You can either read the journal and travel to the Mountain of Skulls (a Cyric Stronghold in the Cloudpeaks), or you can talk to Kelddath to learn more about what he knows about Bassilus beforehand. This is part of a quest that involves wiping out any followers of Cyric in the region.

South South of High Hedge

- On higher difficulty levels Drizzt and his full group of companions (who have been largely adjusted to fit their descriptions in the Heroes Lorebook) can be found here. Remember though, if you attack one you attack them all!


- Jasha Istor will approach any party trying to enter Nashkel and demand that they pay her off (she is an Icepriest of Auril). She offers temple services and you can also donate to her (through dialogue options) in order to lower your reputation. A low reputation character can also buy specialty goods from her (including the Snow Maiden's Reaver that exclusively does cold damage that is normally found in Icewind Dale and Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition).

-The Inn in Nashkel has been renamed the Northern Light Inn. Its owner is now a mage by the name of Reis Kensiddar.

- The store in Nashkel is now named the Cloud Peak Outfitters and is run by a halfling named Salla Pitontoe.

- The probability of it snowing is increased to 50 percent. It also will start snowing now when you first arrive in town (this is due to Nashkel being 2000 feet above sea level).

- A thief will appear late at night for those looking to purchase weapons and items from the Shadow Thieves in Athkatla (chapter 3 or later). (not yet implemented)

- The town's mayor will remain in front of the temple at the conclusion of the quest regarding the Nashkel Mines (normally I believe he disappears). If talked to again he will complain about the increase in troops.

- In chapters 6 and 7 there will be additional Amnish troops stationed in the town. (not yet implemented)

Carnival and Nashkel Mines

- The probability of it snowing is increased to 50 percent (this is due to Nashkel being 2000 feet above sea level).

Archaeological Site/Brage Area

- You can cast Remove Curse on Brage. This will cause him to come to his senses. You can also now return him to the garrison instead of just taking him to the temple.


- Gullykin is now a wild magic area. This is where you can find Yeorg.

Firewine Bridge

- The Firewine Bridge is now a wild magic area.

Firewine Ruins

- The Firewine Ruins now have more magical creatures, to reflect the descriptions provided in Volo's guide. This includes, but is not necessarily exclusively limited to, lesser clay golems and other constructs. If you have a specific wardstone in your inventory you can pass by these golems without having them attack you.
The wardstone is found in the inventory of a junk dealer in Baldur's Gate

Bandit Camp

- The Chill in the camp have been updated to more accurately reflect how they are depicted in Gold and Glory. Their portion of the camp now contains a mix of goblins, hobgoblins, orcs, and ogres.

- The Black Talons now have female bandits. This makes them more consistent with how they are depicted in Gold and Glory.

- In PnP (Gold and Glory) Taugosz Khosann (the leader of the Black Talon) is described as being a level 11 fighter (he is only a level 8 fighter in Baldur's Gate) He's also supposed to have 18/94 strength as opposed to the 18/43 strength he has in BG. I've made him level 11, adjusted his saving throws, health, and Thac0 accordingly. He's also been given 2 points towards sword and shield style. I have not changed his equipment.

- As per PnP (Gold and Glory) Ardenor Crush now is wearing Gauntlets of Ogre Strength. He now has comparable Thac0 and abilities to a level 10 fighter (which is consistent with how he is described in Gold and Glory). I've updated his thac0, health and saving throws accordingly.

- Taugosz will approach the party after they enter the tent and retrieve the letters. He will inquire as to what they were doing in it.

Cloakwood Forest

- You can now cast "Remove Curse" on Centeol, which causes her to transform back into a sorceress. This presents an alternative to outright killing her.

- Characters can now choose to take control of the mine instead of flooding it. This gives you a varying degree of income that you can pick up every three days from a store in the south-west of Baldur's Gate.

- There are additional dialogue options for druid and avenger characters.

Ice Island

- The Ice Island now has remorhaz that appear instead of ankhegs.

Werewolf Island

- Karoug is now able to be hit by any magical weapon. The Cold Iron restriction is removed. He instead has 50% magic resistance like other Greater Wolfweres. Instead of doing 1d12 damage with 3 attacks per round he has two 1d6 slashing attacks and a 2d6 piercing attack. He will also randomly summon 2d6 Dire Wolves in the event that his allies are killed and now regenerates at 8hp/second. These changes are to make him more in-line with what is found in PnP (as well as the 9th level Shapechange mage spell). Non-ship wolfweres now have 10% magic resistance to keep them consistent with PnP. Daese and other wolfweres within the ship have 25%.

Baldur's Gate (the city)

- The Temple of Umberlee now allows you to purchase goods from them and receive church services (chapter 5 or later). (not yet implemented)

- A temple dedicated to Mask now exists in the thieves guild. (not yet implemented)

- The compliment of Flaming Fists in the streets is increased (chapter 6 and later). (not yet implemented)

- You can talk to "Merchants" found outside who will complain frequently of the rising levies on their goods to pay for this increase in troops, as well as the demands made on their businesses. (not yet implemented)

- 7 new marketplaces have been added to the city. Some of these sell trivial, unusable luxury items, while others sell weapons, potions, and armor (this is meant to add some more flavor to the streets) (not yet implemented)

- One (rather hardcore) optional component changes how parts of chapter 7 are handled in Baldur's Gate. You now must be smuggled across the river (using a smuggler available in the original game) in order to enter and exit the city. Prior to the ceremony your access to Baldur's Gate becomes severely limited. You won't be able to quick travel into the city and even your travel in the streets of the city will be limited. The sewers will become very necessary if you want to avoid the Fist.

- The Flaming Fist will now patrol the streets looking for you, instead of simply standing around. (not yet implemented)

- Beggars now have flies flying overtop of their heads. Extremely low reputation parties can give them a donation and (provided they acted respectfully when doing so) can get a small reputation increase.

Final Battle

- Sarevok has been updated to more accurately reflect the ability of a level 15 fighter. His equipment is now more in-line with what you might expect a level 15 fighter to have in the case of BG2EE (which I think is fair given that his father is wealthy and he is an experienced adventurer). More details on this will be released when the mod is released.

- (if you have the bandit camp component installed) Grangor will appear in the final battle if Ardenor (in the bandit camp) was killed. He is a level 14 wizard and casts spells appropriate for that level.


- Contains 12 new quests.

Some mundane ones

- You are given a series of tasks to secure cheaper tavern drinks for Beregost's town watch.

- You are given a quest to get Modest back on his feet. You must convince him to serve as a junior member of the town council or as a lieutenant in the town watch.

- There is a quest involving acquiring obtaining better armor and weapons for the towns town watch from Bethi.

- Scout out Nashkel's forces for the Flaming Fist Sergeant. (Chapter 6 or later)

And some larger ones

- You are asked to root out the cult dedicated to Cyric found in the Cloudpeak Mountains.

- Kelddath Ormlyr wants you can get the leaders of other small communities near Beregost (Gullykin, the Friendly Arm Inn and Ulgoth's Beard) to agree to take any refugees in the event of an invasion. (work in progress)

- Either kill Duke Eltan for Alatos or discover and kill any Zhentarim influence in the city (this comes to you in the form of a letter from Lord Piergeiron of Waterdeep). (Chapter 7 only) (not yet implemented)

Yeorg - an evil Dragon Disciple NPC.

Who is Yeorg
Yeorg is a level 4 Dragon Disciple. He is found in Gullykin. The reason he is there (at least the reason he initially tells you) is to search for artifacts in Durlag's Tower and the Firewine Ruins. The reported existence of a wild magic zone around Gullykin (which is actually mentioned in Volo's Guide to the Sword Coast) has only served to peak his interest in the region.

Yeorg, Dragon Disciple (level 4)
Neutral Evil

STR: 16
DEX: 9
CON: 15
INT: 15
WIS: 16
CHR: 15

Total = 86

Starting HP: 24 hp (which includes the constitution bonus)

Innate abilities:

Dragon Disciple abilities.

Biography: When asked about his past Yeorg is reluctant to delve too much into details. He mentions that he is from Caer-Dineval, an otherwise unremarkable fishing village and one of the Ten Towns. When asked about his family he seems to have little interest in furthering the discussion, though when the topic of his ability to breathe fire is brought up he does explain that it is trait that Yeorg inherited from a distant ancestor's relationship with a red dragon.

His name itself interests you and when you ask him about it he states that he is named after a warrior in his family, someone who many years prior fought amongst the frozen dales of the north.

When pressed on his reasons for travelling to Gullykin he declares that he will tolerate no further inquiries into his nature or business.

Character Conceptualization (most of what you see here probably won't get an in-game explanation for it)


Strength, Dexterity, Constitution

Yeorg is unusually physically strong and hearty for a spellcaster. However, that strength comes at the price of a lack of agility.

Intelligence and Wisdom

As for his the intelligence and wisdom I wanted to differentiate him from Baeloth and to give him stats that I felt were more representative of where the character is heading (he is above average intelligence certainly and this has allowed him to be smart enough to recognize opportunities when they come about and to work his way into them). In at least a few ways I view him as an opposite of Baeloth (whose comparison is sort of inevitable given they share the same main class). Whereas Baeloth seems more interested in creating a spectacle and with having large scale plans, and arguably shows a lack of wisdom with his endeavors, Yeorg favours slowly gaining ability through much less grandiose means. Yeorg is still interested in acquiring power but he is much more risk averse and is much more concerned with always having an escape plan or way out of an arrangement or situation.

Yeorg is also fairly familiar with the history behind the Firewine Ruins, Gullykin, and Durlag's Tower. If you are interested he may offer to share his knowledge with you, but only really if he feels like he is gaining something from doing so (which in this case is really as simple as informing you of potential dangers he has read about so that you don't get him killed).


Yeorg can be cruel if the situation calls for it, but most of the time he is more interested in keeping the money rolling in or his other plans moving forward. He has no qualms about killing, stealing, or basically doing anything to get what he wants, including killing his partners in crime if the situation calls for it. He would prefer a situation not come to that however, if only because it tends to mean that matters have become more complicated than he would prefer.

Starting Location: AR4013 (a small hut in the north-east part of Gullykin)

Reason for his presence in Gullykin

He's actually a member of the Cult of the Dragon. He has been tasked by his superiors to find an artifact that was once held by a powerful dragon in the region. He has tracked it down to somewhere around Gullykin, though he can't say he knows with absolute certainty.

As it turns out it can be found near the bottom of Durlag's Tower (in the room with the giant dragon corpse).


Level 1: Burning Hands, Identify, Shield
Level 2: Agannazar's Scorcher

Daran Highhammer (Siege of Dragonspear only)

(Note: The following are the mods stats and abilities regarding Daran. They may not correspond with his stats and abilities in-game without this mod being installed.)

Class: Fighter/Thief
Kit: Vermin Slayer
Alignment: Neutral Good

STR: 18/10
DEX: 17
CON: 14
INT: 11
WIS: 9
CHR: 11


Short Sword: **
Crossbow: **
Short Bow: *
Single Weapon Style: *

Thief Skills

His highest thieving skills will be Find Traps, Move Silently, and Hide in Shadows. He will be pretty weak in everything else.

Kit: Vermin Slayer

VERMIN SLAYER: The Vermin Slayer is a highly skilled specialist who enters the tunnel systems of monsters such as kobolds and goblins with the intention of eradicating them. Vermin Slayers are also adept at negotiating the constricted passages created by giant rats, centipedes, and other pests and vermin. They are used to fighting in confined spaces and are experts at hiding in shadows, where they wait to surprise their prey. Vermin Slayers are similar to Pest Controllers, but where a Pest Controller uses traps to catch his prey, Vermin Slayers actively hunt victims with light crossbows and other assorted weapons.


- It grants +1 Thac0 and +2 damage against a variety of pest related enemies (as well as certain types of humanoids). I won't say all of them (but it has been tailored towards what you face in SoD and BG2EE). Most of these enemies are individually fairly weak, but tend to appear in groups.
- It gives +5 to Find Traps, Hide in Shadows, and Move Silently


- 10 to Pick Pockets


- Only accessible by Daran Highhammer

Biography: When asked about his past, Daran comments that he isn't used to this kind of conversation. Most of the time his conversations involve customers who are far more concerned with his ability to stop the kobolds running around their living space from "mukin up everthin." Daran describes how he is a Vermin Slayer, a highly respected group of fighter/thieves in dwarven society that train specifically to fight creatures like goblins, kobolds, and spiders in confined spaces and passages that other dwarves would never dare fight in. As he explains it he isn't one to go "trotten about" looking for an adventure, but rather prefers to see people find him. It’s no wonder that he seems quite happy to be assisting you on your quest to defeat Caelar.

Where you find him:

You find Daran in a rather nasty situation. He's agreed to do a job but his client has been less than honest with him. The result of this is he's caught up in a situation that seriously threatens his own life, as well as threatens his ability to get paid. It also threatens the lives of those who came with him on the expedition that he is on, though at present he is less than concerned about their lives. As far as he's concerned his clients did not adequately explain the risks of this expedition and what happens to them as a result is their own fault.


He wants to make the realms a better place, but the reality is that in the circumstances you find him in he doesn't have the tools for the job, he's not really looking forward to fighting these enemies (and potentially getting killed) given how uncertain he is about getting paid for his work here, he doesn't want to unleash these enemies on the innocent, and he wants to ensure Caelar's forces don't cut off their escape. You encounter him with all these things in motion and he is just sort of reacting to something that has only recently transpired.

Storyline (BGEE)

Chapter 1

Politics, intrigue, and murder. No tale involving the Sword Coast would be complete without these three things.

Troubles are brewing along the Sword Coast. The region struggles to adapt to ongoing problems eminating from an iron mine in the Amnian town of Nashkel. Iron shipped from the mine appears to contaminate even proven iron, leading to farmers and soldiers alike reporting the metal breaking under limited strain. As if that wasn't enough, a recent rise in bandit raids along the Coast Way has only worsened matters for the region. The raids have proven to be devastating to the caravans that pass through Beregost on their way to Baldur's Gate. Concern over these raids is mounting and Kelddath Ormlyr, the leader of Beregost, has convened a meeting to decide what actions are to be taken. In the interim a town watch has been formed in the town. Led by one "Commander Darren" (a veteran of the Second Dragonspear War) this watch however has but a handful of members.

Having heard of the troubles in the region the Amnian Council of Six has ordered troops to be moved northward from Athkatla towards the town of Nashkel. While its mayor is concerned about the town's ability to handle this increase in troops the council concerns itself with far more important matters. With the nation's forces engaged against a series of ongoing rebellions along its southern borders Amn fears losing access to a vital supply of iron. Interest in the town is growing and even organizations that share little common values now seek to determine what exactly has transpired. Concerned with finding a resolution to this crisis Berrun Ghastkill has requested the aid of adventurers to help resolve the matter.

Chapter 2

The shortage of iron continues unabated - as do the caravan raids. Beregost's town watch is now actively recruiting and training men and women who have answered the town's call to arms.

Chapter 3

The Nashkel mines have been cleared, though the effects of the iron crisis are expected to continue for quite some time. Worse still, bandit raids continue to plague the region. A small band of Flaming Fist members have reached Beregost, though not enough to make any real difference. Left with no alternative the town's watch have mobilized. A small number of the watch now patrol the immediate land around Beregost and protect many of its finer establishments.

Concerns continue to mount across the region over the role of Amn and the Zhentarim on the iron crisis and bandit raids. Many claim that this is a conspiracy on the part of Amn to deny iron to Baldur's Gate - all happening under the prelude of an invasion. Word has spread of your efforts in the Nashkel mines though this has done little to quell local fears.

Where desperation and despair lurks profiteers have answered. With weapons still brittle from the iron crisis profiteers have been shipping in new weapons from far away lands - leading to an arms buildup across the region. Where once smuggling was frowned upon the thieves guild in Baldur's Gate has found new life and opportunity. Through this they have begun expanding their own influences and padded pockets where needed.

Chapter 4:

With rumours of Amnian plots swirling in Baldur's Gate tensions continue to rise towards Amn. With the situation in the Wood of Sharp Teeth resolved it would appear as though much of the banditry that plagued the region has also declined. Even still, they remain a potent force in the region. Despite any successes you have had against these bandits there remains a very real concern over if the situation has been adequately handled.

As word reaches Amn of the resolution of the problems at Nashkel's mines, and merchants to the City of Coin speak of the animosity towards Amn that is brewing, Amn's Council of Six has begun to lose confidence in the willingness of Baldur's Gate's leadership to handle address false statements towards Amn's involvement in these matters. Agents of the Shadow Thieves have been dispatched to Baldur's Gate to access the situation.

Chapter 5

Concerns continue to mount over the declining relationship between Baldur's Gate and Amn. An exact set of actions appear to be still debated amongst the Grand Dukes, though a handful have been agreed upon. Understanding the difficulty in holding back the forces of Amn Duke Eltan has ordered vulnerable areas to the south be better protected. At the great reluctance of Bentley Mirrorshade the Friendly Arm Inn's courtyard now houses a small compliment of Flaming Fist. Flaming Fist troops continue to train there and stand ready to serve should the worst transpire.

The Friendly Inn is not alone in this treatment however, as in Beregost fears of a conflict have only served to escalate the situation there. Under Eltan's orders the Flaming Fist now have a more visible presence in the town (alongside the town's watch). The situation has proven to be a boon to local taverns, though local businesses comment on the fear they now have over the possibility of conflict between the two powers.

Chapter 6 (only accessible if you travel to back to Baldur's Gate before entering Candlekeep):

In Baldur's Gate the Grand Dukes themselves have been preparing for the possibility of open conflict. The compliment of Flaming Fists in the streets has been increased in recent days. Merchants complain frequently of the rising levies on their goods to pay for this increase, as well as the demands made on their businesses, while citizens clear themselves from the streets.

Concern over any conflict has also caused concern within Beregost. While its taverns and inns are booming Kelddath Ormlyr remains concerned about the situation. While Baldur's Gate has its high walls Beregost is small and undefended. Troops stationed here will likely fall back to the Friendly Arm Inn if necessary, which itself has too little room to house the needs of the people of Beregost. Kelddath has sought reassurance from other communities in the region to grant assistance to his citizens in the event of an attack, with little success thus far.

Chapter 7

The region stands at the edge of a knife, with even the smallest actors having an influence on events to come. As you have continued on your quest what has become clear is that merely killing Sarevok may not stop the carnage that he sought - even if he is exposed. Despite all that you have done to stop his plans many in the city still fear Amn as being behind everything. How else could the Iron Throne - an organization present in the city for scantly 3 years - have the resources to infiltrate it's competitors, fund bandit raids, and assassinate grand dukes?

It is in this chapter you will make decisions that may prove to have a profound impact on this region of Faerun. The decision you make here will have an impact if you install the Siege of Dragonspear components for this mod

Storyline (Siege of Dragonspear)

Chapter 7

You step out into the sun and view the City of Baldur's Gate. Had you chosen a path to war in Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition you will have found that there appears to be more than just refugees arriving from the north. In traveling to the eastern part of the city you can't help but notice the number of refugees pouring in from the south. Beregost it seems did not last long against the forces of Amn.

Chapter 9

As you finally rid Bridgefort of its last crusaders you notice a rather tawdry looking man standing about asking around for help. As it turns out he is a man from Serpent's Cowl, a nearby village that has recently been assaulted by a prolonged blast of cold weather.

Will be released after the release of Siege of Dragonspear

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    Hmmnn, *interest peaked* @Elminister‌
    So this is the lost duel of two nations with looming clouds of pungent fear, an underlying mastermind puppeteering political individuals, a wicked and veiled visage of a sinister ambition of spite and bloodshed, the a-skewed path of a torn, battered and redemonished Bhaalspawn, the din, confusion and roar of terror from thousands of worried faces, the blurred crossroads of a cold war of pupped nations, and the rise of a demi-god in-between a thunder of steel, an explosion of spells; all threatened to be washed away into a hot raging sea of blood?
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    This looks great, I'll definitely keep an eye of a progress. Giving Halbazzer Drin Meteor spell based on lore from Volo's Guide to Sword Coast nailed it:) I love such little touches.

    Anyway I may throw a couple of ideas somwhere along the lines, like from where the bunch of Cyric worshippers that corrupted Bassilus may come.
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    Definitely something to keep an eye on!

    (Edit: nevermind; found what I was looking for. ;p)
  • CahirCahir Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 2,819
    What I had in mind is that Cyric worshippers have a base of operations in the Cloud Peaks. I believe it's called Mountain of Skulls. But I need to check details in sourcebooks. IIRC Lands of Intrigue contain a lore about it, but I'll look onto it when I put my hands on my book.
  • CahirCahir Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 2,819
    Ok, got my hands on the book, so here's a bit of info about this sect of Cyricists.

    Mountain of Skulls is a hidden temple to Cyric located in the Cloud Peaks, 10 miles east of the pair of steep crags called the Fangs. Originally temple was consecrated to Bane, but fell into Cyricists hands during Banedeath in 1362 DR. The name of the temple is very accurate, because it's literal mountain of skulls, set as an idol to worship and a warning not to cross the church. There is a power struggle between the temple and a cult of the Twin Towers of Eternal Eclipse in Small Teeth mountains. Both temples are plotting against each other fiercely and that is my main idea of how one could incorporate Bassilus into the whole plot.

    * Bassilus could be a pawn of Mountain of Skull leader Tynnos Argrim, who planned to convert him to Cyric's fate and plant him as a spy to Twin Towers of Eternal Eclipse. But his plans gone awry because of Bassilus madness as a result of Cyric's own insanity.

    There could be several outcome of this plot depending of the the choice made by player:
    - simply killing Bassilus as in vanilla game
    - killing Bassilus, but gaining bits of information about a sect that converted him to Cyric's fate in the process, which will be enough to track down their hideout in Cloud Peaks.
    - talking sense to Bassilus and convince him that he he's been manipulated by followers of an evil god. After receiving detailed information about the sect he could be persuaded to help getting revenge on people responsible for his madness.
    - helping Bassilus to overcome his madness and embrace teachings of Cyric which will help him to continue his secret mission in Twin Tower of Eternal Eclipse. This branch of plot could be continued in BG2EE and could lead party to second temple to Cyric.
  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,313
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    Yea its a minor quest. I'm not planning for it to have more than one outcome (doing this can get very complicated). But I will look into incorporating some of the lore details you've pointed out.
  • CahirCahir Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 2,819
    Yeah, I got a bit carried away:) Just imagined whole plot and fought it could be fun.

    I thought also it could be interesting to put some tidbits of lore about two ogre mages Sythillis and Cyrvisnea who set up so called "Sythillisian Empire" thatt wreaked havok in Amn two years after the events of BG1. Since Sythillis and his wife planned invasion for 14 years, gathering troops and gaining allies the whole time, party could come across their underlings somewhere in Cloud Peaks (BG1) or in Small Teeth (BG2).

    Not thinking about a larger plot (well, I'm thinking, all right :wink: ), but if you could squeeze some lore about that two, it could be splendid.

    Sorry for throwing random ideas, but I do like concept of this mod VERY much.
  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,313
    Nah keep throwing out random ideas if they come to you. The cyric info for instance was not something I would have even thought to look up.
  • CahirCahir Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 2,819
    elminster said:

    (Chapter 7)


    - This would be the quest involving either destroying the influence the Zhentarim might have in the city, attack the Flaming Fists and killing Duke Eltan, etc (the four quest outcomes are outlined in the initial post).

    Do you plan to change stats of Eltan to be more on par with his PnP version? IIRC he's a 20th level fighter with a lot of powerful magic items.
  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,313
    Yea he is just going to be in bed. Easy kill. Just working off the existing story.
  • CahirCahir Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 2,819
    Heh, that's a shame, he's got a cute little sentient sword (forgot its name), but I suspect for such an easy kill, there should not be easy reward. Still, it would be great opportunity for a second talking weapon in BG saga :smile:
  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,313
    edited March 2015
    The idea for his death is that whether or not he remains alive (at the end of the game) serves as a important aspect of how well Amn trusts Baldur's Gate. With many of the Grand Dukes dead and reports of Zhent influence Amn would see cause for a war. Especially given that Baldur's Gate is basically just a city state. Having the head of the Grand Dukes alive would give the city more credibility in Amn's eyes.

    So basically whether or not he is equipped properly from a PnP standpoint isn't as important.
  • DemonicDemonic Member Posts: 75
    edited March 2015
    @elminster That really looks good :) If you want I am willing to help you with storylines, quest ideas etc. I am by no means modder as I know nothing about programing at all (in fact, my best achievement so far is creating a set of custom portraits xD ), but I am decent writer and long time PnP gamemaster. And since I am currently aiming at improwing my english story writing it would be awsome if I could combine it with working on your mod :)
  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,313
    edited March 2015
    I appreciate the offer and your enthusiasm but I'm more comfortable working by myself on the mods writing.
  • DemonicDemonic Member Posts: 75
    That's fine, it was just an offer :) To be honest I understand that pretty well, when I was working on a few WoW servers, I always hated the fact you couldn't do it all on your own... I hate relying on other people.

    Just let me know if you ever change your opinion :)
  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,313
    Update: I've updated the listing found above. Anything with a check mark next to it is completed, so that should give an idea of how far along the mod is.
  • DarkersunDarkersun Member Posts: 398
    Nice progress. This mod would add a lot of immersion to the game. Can't wait to see it in action :)
  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,313
    Just put the final touches on the quest to get the militia cheaper drinks. That one took forever to program in too! :)
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