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So.. do any of you guys like to drink beer when you play baldur's gate?

11302101130210 Member Posts: 349
Because I do!
Wow, one of the funnest things ever is to pick up some delicious beer and play Baldur's Gate II. Personally, I like to pick up ales and go around fighting beholders and stuff.

Right now I'm drink 312 Urban Wheat Pale Ale.. lol don't laugh! Because I just turned 21. I'm a lightweight I know... So, if anyone is interested, please, tell me what YOU like to drink, and if you like to drink, do you play baldur's gate? AND if so, what do you like to do in Baldur's Gate?

*WHEW* That was a mouthful. Well, back to slicing up beholders in the underdark.



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