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The Nightmare Mode (Legacy of Bhaal) Thread



  • MyragMyrag Member Posts: 276
    One thing I wish I had for LOB playthrough with so many mages is auto-pause on 'ready to cast' or basically static pause after 6 seconds from casting a spell. So that I can always fit 3 spells between PFMW without losing APR. Unfortunately auto-pause on end of round doesn't work this way especially for FM types.

    Do you @semiticgod know by any chance if its even technically possible to do this in IE engine? If so I could probably dig around I make my own script or something.

  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 12,721
    @Myrag: Nope. Auto-pause stuff is hard-coded.

    For a fighter/mage, you can count attack rolls and use them to time your spells. A fighter/mage with 4 APR casting a spell with a casting time of 5, for example, would cast the spell, make two attacks, and then be ready to cast the next spell. A single-classed mage could count a single attack roll from a sling or something, but since the sling would have little impact, you could always just order the mage to cast their next spell right after they finish the previous one, and let them begin casting whenever it is that their aura is clear.

    Or you can download the Jimfix mod, which gives notifications in the dialogue box for when spells are about to expire. That wouldn't give you the exact same thing as an "aura clear" auto-pause, but it does help you optimize lots of other things. For instance, a PFMW would say "Protection from Magical Weapons expires in 12 seconds" after 2 rounds have passed, then "Protection from Magical Weapons expires in 6 seconds" after 3 rounds have passed, and when it finally wore off, it would say "Protection from Magical Weapons has expired."

    The spell notifications stack, so if you cast two PFMW spells one after another (say, to make sure you had a clear aura 4 rounds into the future), you would get notifications for both PFMW durations, including a message saying it expired when the first PFMW wore off, even if the second PFMW is still active.

    The notifications appear when the remaining duration is 120, 60, 30, 12, and 6 seconds, as well as a final notification when the spell expires. Potion buffs and innate spells don't get notifications.

    The mod also adds notifications when somebody begins casting a spell, so you'll know if an enemy spellcaster is casting an abjuration spell even if you don't hear the incantation and the visual effect of the spellcasting is hidden behind other stuff on the screen.

  • MyragMyrag Member Posts: 276
    Thanks @semiticgod, this matches what I assumed.

    I do use jimfix and I'm very happy with it just was thinking in 6 man environment which I always play near end of the game there are just sooo many things to track it's just plain tedious. Especially when fighting big 5 in ascension so much happens that I get zyllion of lines per second in log.

    Well I guess I will just stick to my current setup then. Thanks again.

    I was able to move through Ameyssan fight it seems I got stuck because I've killed Imoen. Didn't know you can't or it will break encounter and the beam bridges never spawn.

    I currently honestly feel this encounter would be easier with some melee 100% DR bruiser. DD protagonist with 25% DR from pocket plane, 20% innate, 50% defensive stance and 3% helmet would reach nice 98% DR for pretty much duration of the encounter without using DoE, maybe I should give it a go.

  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,087
    edited February 2018
    Myrag said:

    DD protagonist with 25% DR from pocket plane, 20% innate, 50% defensive stance and 3% helmet would reach nice 98% DR for pretty much duration of the encounter without using DoE, maybe I should give it a go.

    As I've found out during my DD testing (see a few pages back), it appears that a lot of SCS enemies are scripted to break off attacks as soon as a target reaches 75% physical resistance, meaning most monsters will simply beeline it for other party members and ignore your DD. There appear to be some exceptions, though, including big bosses - I have no trouble maintaining aggro on dragons or golems, for example, at any resistance value, even though any random troll will almost instantly break off. This can be solved by positioning in some instances, i.e. boxing in the enemy so they can't actually reach anyone else (doorways or other choke points help tremendously).

    I haven't really gotten to testing the DD setup extensively on Ascension so I don't know how the bosses there behave, and how tankable they are. It's on my list.

    Speaking of testing, I've gotten some work done but it's not been anything mindblowing or unexpected, for the most part. As I mentioned, I was trying out a very defensive/controlling setup:


    I went back to the WS9->Druid as a dedicated mage-killer, using not only the WS failure but insects etc. to make sure nothing gets cast. Clerics, of course, remain a major nuisance as their spells aren't affected by WS failure and they appear to have ludicrous interrupt resistances. I've had a cleric be knocked back by my Pandemonium Harp plus have 2 people landing hits on it constantly, and they still got off a 5+ cast time spell no problem. No idea if that's just hard-cast scripting or the interrupt resistance but it sure gets annoying at times...

    Weapon selection I kept mostly on ranged damage, to facilitate ultra-safe tanking. Throwing spears seems quite viable under IR/SR as they benefit from STR and have decent damage - Impaler especially will wreck most enemies without piercing resistance quite effectively (13 average damage, making it on par with an admittedly nerfed FoA+5 and only 1 point behind Carsomyr+4). Crom Faeyr is a throwing weapon in IR as well, of course, meaning enough great endgame choices for that setup (Dwarven Thrower for early game). Of course, they can switch to melee as needed if I feel it's safe enough.

    I feel I got the tanking part down by now. Some regeneration spells and the invaluable Vampire's Revenge mean I can stand in a doorway all day long and hold it against a horde of 20 trolls without breaking a sweat as the team pelts it from afar. Works equally well against big enemies that you can tank (dragons, golems, see above) but gets iffy once the terrain is not conducive to blocking, or there's enemies you can't effectively control, like vampires. Speaking of which, those SCS vampires are getting on my nerves something fierce in LoB, with their 20 LoB-HP rats and their wild teleporting all over the place. Second only to trolls not falling down when they should in levels of annoyance.

    Luckily this party is fairly resilient outside of tanking as well, as everyone but the Archer have access to Stone Skin (and other defensive spells, of course). It's amazing how long a puny Sorcerer can tank if they have to.

    The damage output is a bit on the low side (since I'm not abusing things like 100x ADHW triggers and such) which gets annoying in scenarios where you just want to very quickly mow down things - Mind Flayers and Beholders are good examples of that, as the fights get a lot more annoying the longer they go on. Archer can still be trusted with that, of course, and is as great as ever at just delivering death any which way you like. I do miss having a second one around, though.

    I've only gotten to Suldanessalar with this party so far, as I'm simply running out of time (no WK either). It seemed alright, but I'm still debating a few things.

    The WS9->Druid was better than expected, maybe just being an insect bot and little else is the way to go. It doesn't work too well against some mages (elemental shield contingencies abound) but it was alright. Certainly better than most of my other druid experiments. I toyed around a bit with the Greater Earth Elemental shapeshift, but of course I'm not using the version where you can hand over the shapeshift tokens to other people and it wasn't all that amazing on just the druid. Maybe I'm missing something?

    F/M/C is the big question mark, really. I love having all the buff spells. More mage spells, more cleric spells, all buffs all day long. Thought about just F/C, but not having dispel protection is a little annoying, plus more spell removals. No level 9 spells sucks, I guess, but I do have the Sorcerer for that, and having lvl 8 spells on top of Cleric spells seems better than lvl 9 and no Cleric spells. Still, it's possible I might just want to go back to Inquisitor here - losing buffs and Stone Skin sucks to be sure, but the deeper into the game it goes the more effective Inquisitor dispel becomes and it sure solves a LOT of problems. True Sight spam helps, too. Also, not using Carsomyr just seems like a mistake, doesn't it?

    Sorcerer was about what I expected it to be. Sitting around casting debuff after debuff most of the time, stacking whatever stat malady it can come up with. Some CC thrown in for the mix, of course, though even after debuffs enemy saving throws just seem out of this world. Maybe it's time to dig out that mod component that adds ST penalties based on caster level? But that just seems super cheesy, idk. I feel like a lot of pure-caster power comes from things I'm simply reluctant to use, like Wish resting, extensive use of triggers/contingencies, Project Image nonsense, and of course summons in general. That's just me being me, of course, objectively I fully understand why those are bonkers. And I suppose there is something to be said about mundane strategies like chain-casting ADHWs on a pack of enemies bottled in by the tank. That's quite adequate damage output.

    I'll take it to ToB next weekend and see how it goes, maybe throw some random tests in here and there. Still thinking about how on earth to fit a Monk into everything. Their fist damage is crazy; with the damage gauntlets they beat even the highest damage weapon, Carsomyr+5, in average per-hit damage (18.5 vs. 18). But they are just SO fragile and fall over as soon as you but look at them. Bleh. Any good suggestions?

  • LanoisuledexLanoisuledex Member Posts: 2
    So Im toward the end of TOB on LOB difficulty using in game characters my protagonist is a F/M. Most of my peeps are maxed out or close to max and ive got most of if not all the good loot. I play on an IPad so I cant load mods. I cant seem to solve the Ravager, any advice?

  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 12,721
    @Lanoisuledex: What kind of gear are you working with? The Ravager requires +4 weapons to hit and has spectacular regeneration, so I'm guessing you're having trouble overcoming its sheer resistance to melee weapons.

    The Ravager has 90% magic resistance and immunity to almost all disablers, but Pierce Shield and Pierce Magic, if not Lower Resistance, can decrease its MR and render it vulnerable to spells. Damage spells won't do much due to its resistances, but last I checked, the Ravager was actually vulnerable to Hold Monster, if not any other disablers. If you can manage to land that spell, which might require reloads, that would make things a little easier.

    Who are your other party members? A fighter/mage protagonist makes a great tank thanks to Protection from Magical Weapons (very important, because the Ravager inflicts stun and dispel magic on hit, I think), but you might need a lot of help from the rest of the party to actually deal the damage needed to kill the Ravager.

    If you have a v2.5 install, the most recent update, I think LoB also grants -10 AC to enemies, which will make them far harder to hit. If you can't land hits reliably (in the Options menu, you can enable attack rolls so you can see how high you need to roll to land a hit), then you might have to use the Answerer to lower the Ravager's AC to increase your accuracy. As for actually landing those hits with the Answerer, the Critical Strike and Smite HLAs can grant automatic hits.

  • MyragMyrag Member Posts: 276
    edited January 22
    @Lanoisuledex there isn't much to be said other than what already @semiticgod said. This fight is just a gear check before final fight. Considering you got here then you should be able to get past this monster of a demon.

    If you have a v2.5 install, the most recent update, I think LoB also grants -10 AC to enemies

    It's -11AC I think. But tomato, potato.

    If you post your part members we might try to figure out a tactic that will ease things up.

    You can also try this tactic.

    Use one character to kite all spawned swords away (can use planetar since its very strong defensive wise and it can't hit ravager anyway). Don't kill them since they will keep respawning. Reason you kite them away is so that your summons don't get distracted and attack them.
    Then use any of your mages to cast 5x Morde swords. They do decent work, not only they hit for 5d4 damage but also have 2 APR base on LOB. Cast improved haste on all of them to get 4APR each. This would net you 20 attacks per round with 5d4 attack each. Further combine this with Answerer on F/M will make sure all morde swords hit constantly. If you got cleric make sure to cast chant since +1 luck works wonders on 5d4 roll. Bringing it up from 12.5 average damage to 16.25! Bless grants +1 damage rolls which is also very good.

    In case casting 5 morde is an issue then vecna + alacrity helps or just use chain contigency.

    Also if you got Aerie. She is C/M which means she can use minor sequencer to cast Bless/Chant instantly which is one of the best uses for minor sequencer in the game.

  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 12,721
    The Harm spell can win the fight as well if you can get past the Ravager's AC and magic resistance. If you happen to have a fighter/cleric or fighter/mage/cleric, you could just use Critical Strike to land it instantly, but otherwise you'd need to lower its AC via the Answerer or pin it using Hold Monster (assuming Hold Monster does in fact work; my experience with that spell might be outdated by now).

  • LanoisuledexLanoisuledex Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the comments. Ill try some of these tactics. I wore him down to bad injured before he started wiping folks out. To answer a question from above I have, Keldorn, Minsc, Jaheira, Anomen,and Imoen in my party.

  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 12,721
    Let us know how things play out!

  • Grond0Grond0 Member, Moderator Posts: 4,870
    @Lanoisuledex you could just use the reflection shield and get the ravager to kill itself ...

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