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Gaming and getting older.



  • SquireSquire Member Posts: 512
    Chasing a dream is okay, but be careful not to put all of your eggs into that basket, or you could end up out of options. Do you think all of the road sweepers, bin collecters, toilet cleaners, and office temps, chose to be those things?

    I always wanted to be a pilot (and still do!!!), but I just have to face facts: there's no way in the world that that's going to happen, unless I win the lottery and get really lucky. Pilot, along with musician, actor, and anything in the gaming industry, are the kinds of jobs that millions of people want, but only a few hundred can have. Ergo, you have to be very lucky to get it, and there's a good chance you won't. What then?

    I'm not saying don't try at all, but be careful. At least make sure you've got some options if your chosen career path does fail, otherwise you could end up screwing your life up. Trust me, I speak from experience.

  • O_BruceO_Bruce Member Posts: 2,781
    @Belanos It's alright if you given up yourself, but don't encourage other people to do the same. I might be too young, but you definitely sound like a old fart already. A toxic old fellow at that.

    Also, thank you people for assuming than, for the rest of my life, I won't ever think of any alternatives or "what-if" scenarios. That's very encouraging of you.

  • DungeonnoobDungeonnoob Member Posts: 315
    I just upgraded to 4.0,and my first game was packman iirc,later i got a commodore 64.Must say i don't have the patience to go on and on as i just to.The real fun began when i got Baldurs gate on PS1,from there it was NWN but i had to uninstalled it because it took way to much of my time.BGEE is probably the best game i ever played since,loved it.

  • the_spyderthe_spyder Member Posts: 5,018
    SionIV said:

    *Changes subject*

    When i was young, i spent 5 hours in morrowind training my combat skills against mudcrabs.

    Been there. Done that. Got the tee-shirt. I spent endless hours in Oblivion simply summoning monsters and then killing them. However in that game it actually hurt me because although I had the stats, I was still casting useless spells that couldn't stand up to what was out in the world. :disappointed: :

  • TheElfTheElf Member Posts: 798
    The only difference I'm really aware of when I play RPGs is my reaction to the romances. I loved the idea when I played BG2 and I still feel like they were probably as well written in that game as any, now I often find them kind of annoying and cheesy tbh.
    As far as the first game I ever played, no idea because I was raised by the NES and was playing when I was 3. First PC game I remember getting into was the King's Quest where you're the servant of an evil wizard, but I was too young to figure anything out.

  • the_spyderthe_spyder Member Posts: 5,018
    First game I played? I couldn't say. I do remember "Adventure" vividly. And I did play Zork, but probably some time after it came out. First game I REALLY loved? Probably Gold Box Pool of Radiance. LOVED that game. Played it like a dozen times.

  • BelanosBelanos Member Posts: 968
    edited February 2015
    O_Bruce said:

    It's alright if you given up yourself, but don't encourage other people to do the same. I might be too young, but you definitely sound like a old fart already. A toxic old fellow at that.

    Spoken like a 22 year old. They have all the answers and know what life is all about. Don't feel bad though, I was exactly the same when I was 22. I hope you don't end up being too disillusioned when reality finally sinks in. Though by the tone of your posts so far, you probably will be. And what do you mean that I sound like an old fart "already"? I'm 57, I've been around the block a few times now and fully earned that distinction. If you think that someone trying to point out the reality of life is being toxic, then I suspect you're going to have to deal with a lot of bumps on your road.

    But it is a trade off and you often times have to decide between doing something you love and getting paid. It's a rare situation where someone gets both. Most people look for that sweet spot. A LOT of people have to settle for less than ideal. But that's life.

    Agreed. Life is all about compromises, and you quite often have to settle for the one that is at least acceptable.
    Squire said:

    Do you think all of the road sweepers, bin collecters, toilet cleaners, and office temps, chose to be those things?

    Before my father moved to Canada from The Netherlands, he was a rising star in the insurance industry there. He was a district manager with his foot in the door at the head office. But when he came here he couldn't get any work in that area as Canadians at that time didn't think of insurance the same way as people in Europe did, so the opportunities didn't exist for him here. Plus he had some language barriers to contend with. So he ended up having to get a factory job in order to make enough money to support his family, and he did that until it was time for him to retire. That's how life works sometimes.

    ...later i got a commodore 64.

    Some of the earliest games I played were the D&D Gold Box games on the Commodore 64, Pool of Radiance, Curse of the Azure Bond, and Secret of the Silver Blades. I went through all of those several times, I just couldn't get enough of them. Eventually I got an Amiga 500 and got into the Eye of the Beholder games. So my D&D experience on computers goes way back. And I've played pretty much every one of them so far, most more than once, right up to Neverwinter Nights 2.

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  • O_BruceO_Bruce Member Posts: 2,781
    Don't worry about me. I'm better than anyone here is giving me credit for. And, Belanos, don't speak shit of me when you know less than nothing about me.

  • BelanosBelanos Member Posts: 968
    edited February 2015
    O_Bruce said:

    And, Belanos, don't speak shit of me when you know less than nothing about me.

    I'm not the one calling people "toxic". And I'm not "speaking shit" of you. I'm just trying to point out that you're being rather naive and inexperienced. Which just comes from being so young. You'll learn eventually.
    elminster said:

    Can we please go back to talking about video games?...

    Well I tried, but he insisted on getting in the last word.

  • typo_tillytypo_tilly Member Posts: 5,702
    Tresset said:

    You and I are very similar @typo_tilly. I also played Donkey Kong and Mario Brothers as some of my first games. I too wrote about my games in school, and probably confused some of my teachers in the process. We both started BG at about the same age (but knowing how old you are I think one of us is slightly off on what age we started BG, not sure who though). I also replay my old games a lot (almost exclusively these days).

    Oh! Yes, I was older at the start of BG (edited above). For some weird reason I was getting my dates mixed up with when the Berlin Wall fell... o_o;

  • FinneousPJFinneousPJ Member Posts: 6,456
    @Tresset Regarding Pokemon were you ever on Pokemon online or RSBot etc.?

  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 8,148
    edited February 2015
    @FinneousPJ Eh? Whats that? The only time I was ever really visible on another gaming website pretty much ever was when I was in the Serebii chat room for a few weeks in which I used the name "Portalbendarwinden". I may have also used "Tresset" a few times but it was usually "Portalbendarwinden".

  • FinneousPJFinneousPJ Member Posts: 6,456
    edited February 2015
    They are and were competitive Pokemon battle simulators online. Very addictive.

  • ShadowHunterShadowHunter Member Posts: 143
    The only difference is when I was little I used to look at Ajantis and Garrick and think to myself "wow they're so old and they're adventuring, hope they don't break a hip or something" and now I just have a crush on their portrait. So yeah basically that's the difference :wink:

  • CoutelierCoutelier Member Posts: 1,251
    edited February 2015
    When I was a young man, in the eighties, we had a BBC micro computer and a few games on it. Monopoly I remember, and Time Pilot, and a few other shooters whose names I can't remember.

    Downloaded Time-Pilot for my Xbox more recently... of course, I only play it with the original pixelated graphics and beep sounds. Got my nephew to play it... he didn't like because there were no autosaves and you have to go back to the start of you lose all your lives.

    Can't say that games have ever made me feel old though. I still find games exciting as it's the only art-form that's still evolving.

    What did make me feel was when I went into an electrical store with my niece, when she was about 7 or 8, and they had an old fashioned rotary telephone and I had to explain to her how it worked and where the term 'dialling' comes from. And another time I was watching a TV show from the nineties and they referenced a thing we used to have in the UK called Ceefax. Even though they only stopped it in 2012, some of the younger people in the family still didn't know what it was.

    Oh yeah, and my nephew didn't want to watch Independence Day with me because apparently that film is 'ollld'. Even though it was obviously only a few years ago that came out, wasn't it?

    Post edited by Coutelier on
  • SilverstarSilverstar Member Posts: 2,206
    Coutelier said:

    Even though it was obviously only a few years that came out, wasn't it?

    Why yes, yes it did.
    Coutelier said:

    It is a fact that video games are used to keep eye/hand coordination in peak condition. They joke about it on TV, but it is a fact that surgeons use it as do professional athletes.

    NASA actually use(d?) the Nintendo Wii extensively for hand-to-eye coordination training. And someone I know who was partially paralyzed after an accident was actually told by her doctor to play tablet games to help with regaining full use of arm. There's probably dozens of examples of games being used for constructive non-entertainment purposes but sadly the world is still lagging behind in realizing the potential.

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