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The Only Poll That Matters: Are You Buying SoD?



  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 16,316
    edited August 2015
    @steelchaser what OS is your mac running?

    Edit: Nevermind. I'm assuming you are running Mavericks. The game is supported for Mountain Lion (OSX 10.8) and above. So the game should run fine on Mavericks.
  • AenorAenor Member Posts: 64
    1) Take a long leave from BGEE forum
    2) Happen to visit and see Dragonspear announcement
    3) Start a new character in BGEE, ignoring social life plowing through it
    4) Realise it will be months until said expansion will be out
    5) Start waiting for the pre-order to start
  • BillyYankBillyYank Member Posts: 2,768
    You forgot the cheap-old-bastard choice:
    Waiting until it's included in a 50% off sale.
  • descalabrodescalabro Member Posts: 1
    Beamdog haven't yet shown their ability to write a good storyline, to design a challenging and compelling city or dungeon, and in general I expected much more from BGEE. I can see no good reason why they replaced the original intro for that BD style sequence: it looks awfully cheap and it doesn't fit the style of the game at all. Also, they could have taken the chance to animate the backgrounds a little bit, specially in the enhanced edition of Icewind Dale where the lava streams could use some work.

    I'm definitely going to wait for reviews before buying Siege of the Dragonspear.
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  • wubblewubble Member Posts: 3,156

    I don't even like Minsc,

  • SkaroseSkarose Member Posts: 247
    edited September 2015

    I've already started two BGEE campaigns in preparation. One of the games is GOOD with the canon party and the other is my Assassin(EVIL) run. I rolled the craziest stats for my Half-Elf assassin on the third re-roll it came up 101 total, I had to do a double take and rub my eyes in disbelief .

    I have a certain amount of faith in the peoples creating Dragonspear and am really excited about it's release.
  • darrenkuodarrenkuo Member Posts: 366
    Beamdog's upgraded work can't be called legend or perfect ,

    But it still extend BG-series life cycle and support modern platform,

    If you really like BG , there is not reason you don't gather your party for new adventure,
  • ChetChet Member Posts: 64
    I'll buy the Android version when available. I bought BG:EE for both PC and Android but I haven't played the PC version since I got my new android tablet. (Also in the unlikely event that my Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact is not supported I won't purchase.)

    Unless I'm mistaken that means I can't preorder and the Android version won't be available at initial release.
  • spacehamzterspacehamzter Member Posts: 77
    this is torture!! I cant wait anymore!!
  • superfly86superfly86 Member Posts: 31
    What about localisations? Beamdog is messing around with fans. They can't prepare proper Polish localization (translation) for Baldurs GAte since release (2 years or more). Why other developers can prepare local versions of their game in moment when game is released (like Divinity Original Sin, Banners Saga and more) but beamdog neglect it. IT's silly that already released games for a few years where not prepared correctly. I don't want to buy unfinished game. The only game which is localised (thanx to original version of CDP) is Icewind Dale but BGEE (voice and new tasks) BGEE2 (lacks completely) are completely misunderstanding. Take my money but make product which will be suitable for me. Please Beamdog change your tactic ...
  • CheesebellyCheesebelly Member Posts: 1,727
    I'm no translator, but I am Slavic, and I can say that between a Slavic language and English, the difference is gargantuan. When I started learning English, I had absolutely no reference points on anything, it was absurdly different than my own Language. Luckily, I'm also part Italian and speak that one fluently, and surprisingly enough, it has more similarities than one might imagine.

    What these volunteers are doing is something an actual, paid company would do. For a heavy dialogue-based game like Baldur's Gate, such a task is monumental and I congratulate all these volunteers on their effort.
  • TorinTorin Member Posts: 229
    I will not be preordering (I only do my preorders through Kickstarter :D), but I will be buying it at release unless reviews from both press and other players say it is a disaster. Since MCA already said it is good, only huge amount of game breaking bugs could cause that.
  • Pre-Order, since I only purchased BG:EE because of this expansion. Otherwise, I would have stayed with a mega-modded BG.
  • KurumiKurumi Member Posts: 520
    Pre-ordering of course.. Beamdog did such a great job with the EEs, and from what I've read and seen about/of SoD so far, I highly doubt that they'll disappoint us *'^_^'* ..

    Don't ever make a bet with a tiefling. - Planar proverb.
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  • ElendarElendar Member Posts: 831
    Can I pre-order it yet?
  • lolienlolien Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,108
    If my wife let me.
  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,735
    lolien said:

    If my wife let me.

    Show her this game, introduce the BG series to her. Let her slip into it... Play together:)
  • lolienlolien Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,108
    bengoshi said:

    lolien said:

    If my wife let me.

    Show her this game, introduce the BG series to her. Let her slip into it... Play together:)
    It's a setback, that the first, what one see, when starting the game is a gigantic skull. I would have much success with a pony, flowers, a happy snowman or something like that. I managed to make her play Heroes III in the past, but she is more critic with games nowdays.
    Undead prejudice is a problem in certain circles. I can't wear my BGII shirt for this reason. ("Hey dad, here's your ugly T-shirt, please tuck away, i don't touch it!")
  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,735
    *amn, we meed Baldur's Gate: Pony Edition.
  • kcwisekcwise Member Posts: 2,287
    Hack the game files! :)
  • batoorbatoor Member Posts: 676
    I'll be getting it no matter what. I think what little we know of the plot seems promising, so that has me hyped.

    I'm more skeptical about the characters and how they're written and possibly some IWD imported changes I might not be too happy about, even if nothing is confirmed. Nothing that would dissuade me from buying it though.
  • KurumiKurumi Member Posts: 520
    It also has the Underdark, Driders and at least one Cyclops in it which is also great.. not to mention that I'm also quite curious about how they implemented the Shaman class.. - take my coins already, Beamdog ;) !!!

    Don't ever make a bet with a tiefling. - Planar proverb.
  • HafirHafir Member Posts: 97
    Plan to buy one more in future for second laptop
  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,666
    the drama over sod seems even more overblown theses days. as now it feels like we get the same thing that happend in 2016 every time a new game comes out.
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