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[How to] Install mods on Android



  • trinittrinit Member Posts: 673
    edited July 9
    @Gusinda here are separate zips of weidu, dialog and music after i installed all of the mods. music is added by edwin mod, dorn expansion and one other NPC mod i made but it's not publicly released as it contains other people's work. hope this helps?

    i also took alook at the procedure you mention, and so far so good. it seems detailed and well explained so far :)

  • IsayaIsaya Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 695
    @Gusinda Nice work! I didn't use the method you're describing but I think it's fairly well explained. I just have a suggestion about the first time you use 1675151987 to calculate the size. At this point you still haven't explained it's the size in bytes of the patch.*.obb file. I believe you should move up this explanation a bit so that value doesn't appear by magic.

    I noticed two typos in uses of C:\something while the rest is referencing E:\something. In one case this C:\something includes 2064, which is obsiously a leftover from a text written for version 1.3.

    By the way, nice find about the possible use of dialog.tlk without requiring a centralfixed archive.

  • CavakCavak Member Posts: 24
    edited July 11
    Well, I went through the process and finished today. Unfortunately, I still got invalids.

    Some of it is from SCS apparently not working with these latest patches. But when installing patches for faith and powers and might and guile i got invalids also.

    Was Faith and Powers spheres not working or was that just the centralfix problem?

    Just in case I'm going to start all over and make sure I built the patch obb right and then test again.

    Edit: ignore this, i zipped the lang and centralfixed it and moved it out of habit. I still have the files set and will check with just copying it over

  • CavakCavak Member Posts: 24
    Ok, can confirm it works!
    Bummer for me tho is my specific mod combo won't. Something is fatally wrong with Faith's and Powers.

    Installing it, choosing install everything plus spheres and I can install might and guile and npc_ee but using anything from the spheres system crashes it.

    Installing faiths and choosing components to exclude spheres, then might, and npc_ee throws an error with a duplicate label for a fighter FnP and MnG are both labeling the same kit when choosing components for FnP. Very aggravating.

    I might try rogue rebalancing instead of MnG, use the FnP kits only.

    ANYWAY that's a personal prob lol. The method works.

    The only confusion I hit following the directions was to use the already modded dialog.tlk in the replacement and that it was the cause of the filesize change. The earlier description one page back where you short summarized the jung method made it clear

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 835
    Sorry about the time delay, my ISP decided it was time to do some infrastructure improvements but just forgot to inform anyone...

    @trinit, did some testing on your files and the dialog.tlk had some errors, so I rebuilt in accordance with your WeiDU.log and had no problems. I might add though, when using your dialog.tlk and music files, I had voice and movie speech. I am unsure how big your modfile is, but is there any chance you could split it up into 50 mb chunks and upload it (incl your baldur.lua) and I will see if I can set mine exactly as yours?

    @Isaya, thanks for the suggestions. I have (hopefully) fix the info about the file size and yes, I had written a document earlier (mostly so I could stardardise across the IE games) and had copy and pasted from that.

    @Cavak, it is great that you got it going. The part for the modified dialog.tlk was in the next section about modding. The idea is to not put the dialog.tlk into the .obb at all. Hopefully the revised document is a bit more clear. The Sphere System in FnP is not compatible with 2.5 it seems. I reported back to the author so we can sit and wait for a fix. To install SCS, you need to make sure that you include the hotfix for 2.x games. A link for it can be found here. Never had any problem with Might and Guile (at the time, it was the only mod used so it might be conflicting with something else) but there is a problem with NPC_EE. I read in the related discussion that reverting back to 3.1.2 will allow for the install. I have downloaded but not tried yet.


  • CavakCavak Member Posts: 24
    edited July 12
    @Gusinda At the moment, doing the vanilla test the game loads. But when I attack a tutor and Phyldia tries to cast a spell, crash.

    Likewise, when I do Firebeard's scroll quest and return to him and he would cast Protection from Evil on me, crash.

    So, any spell cast seems to crash it.

    I've tried with both copying lang and arching and centralfixing lang. No mods, just vanilla

    Edit: Not sure if its relevant, because I'm not intimately familiar with compression standards but:

    When I take a fresh copied from my device and unzip it, I get a file size of 2,072,661,623.

    If I repack that into a new zip folder ( including all files that came out of using 'store' it comes out to 2,072,612,281.

    Definitely including everything that I see appearing, but, with the size change is something being lost? If I take that and unpack it, then select what it unzipped and archive it into the size comes out the same as 2,072,612,281.

    This is me, grasping at straws :open_mouth:

    Post edited by Cavak on
  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 835
    Hi @Cavak, what software are you using to compress? For the sizing, do the sizes of the zipped files match? That is the original and the repacked? You could probably check the unpacked by file count to see if all are there.

    Let me have a look at the other problem of yours where the game crashes. I tested with a rogue (my fav char type). I will try with a mage/anybody and do some friendly attacking.


  • trinittrinit Member Posts: 673
    @Gusinda OMG!!! i managed to get it working! i followed your instructions from the last post (just creating patch.obb file) and it worked! music, movie, sounds, dialog is all there!!!

    one note- when creating patch.obb file, it would be useful to make clearer that user NEEDS to put the vanilla dlg into data foldder on android, otherwise the game will crash since it cannot find the default dlg. ( when testing if vanilla works)

    right now i'm using file with dlg and music in it, i think the game ignored music folder if it was just put like a standard folder into data folder on android.

    things i did differently from the previous attempts was this:
    1- i downloaded centralfix file from the link Gusinda provided in his post above
    2- when creating zip files, i didn't select modified patch folder itself, rather i selected data, lang etc. folders INSIDE it (as instructed above)
    3- i ran cmd in administrator mode (did this before too, don't know if it made a difference)
    4- i first ran the game just with lang folder in data folder on android, then i ran it second time with file containing music and dialog tlk (folder structure preserved), and i added override folder after that and ran it third time - everything worked

    @Gusinda - i can't thank you enough. i will go test the game some more and see if everthing works as intended. but even knowing some of the stuff works and the game accpts modified patch.obb is a great step forward :D

  • trinittrinit Member Posts: 673
    @Cavak i had the same problems before, file sizes being inconsistent. i managed to make the compression process give correct final result by doing the folllowing:

    1- once you put the folder somewhere you do not move it again for the whole process, only to move it to android in the end
    2- it's important that you make a test zip including 000.000 file in exact position where you intend it to be in the final obb. it's almost like moving the files also disrupts the correct bit size.

    but i agree, even unpacking and repacking the same files results in different bytesize somehow.

  • CavakCavak Member Posts: 24
    edited July 12
    Ya, im creating the 000.000 to bring the new obb up to the same size as the original, and creating lang/en_US/dialog.tlk in the 'files' that i pulled from the obb before creating the 000.000.

    I'm fairly certain ive followed the steps exactly. Could it be different on BGEE vs BG2EE?

    ive tried with 7z and winrar

  • trinittrinit Member Posts: 673
    @Cavak do you also include 000.000 file when you create first zip to calculate the difference? and keep the new, filled 000.000v file at the same spot as the old one? i use winrar, win7 has different options for store mode but store mode on winrar default seems fine

  • CavakCavak Member Posts: 24
    Ya I create a blank 000.000 for the minor effect it will have on size.

    And I've done store mode through WinRAR and 7zip and both give the same result

  • SavoriusSavorius Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I just stumbled across this thread after recently buying BGEE and BG2EE for Android.

    I wanted to chime in and say I went through the tutorial steps posted by @Gusinda and ran into the exact same issue that @Cavak did. As soon as any spell is cast, the game crashes. (btw, really well written tutorial, very easy to follow)

    This was for BGEE. I used 7zip to create the new Store .zip file. Size was the same as the original file.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 835
    @Cavak, yes, can confirm back to square one for BG1EE Beta... tried a number of things last night but no success. Both BG2EE and IWDEE don't display the same prob. Have some other things to try to pinpoint the actual prob but it doesn't look good. I will also advise Beamdog of the setback on the ticket.

    Thanks, will let you know how I go.

  • CavakCavak Member Posts: 24
    Well, in glad it wasn't just me lol. I'll check SOD and prolly play modded that through bg2. Or maybe just start with 2 and start over when it gets fixed.

    Thanks for confirming Gus

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 835
    @trinit, you are correct about the music folder. From the iesdp reference, the only override folders for the home folder are:

    home:/movies (overrides all others)

    No music in there... interestingly, there isn't any lang folder either.

    Happy to hear any feedback.

    @Cavak, I rolled back to 1.3.2070 today to test the procedure and the spell casting worked fine, upgraded back to and threw anything (that I could find) in regard to the spells Armor of Faith (use a Cleric as CHARNAME), and Prot From Evil into the override folder in case there were problems accessing the particular .bif. Still no luck I am afraid... I am running out if ideas so it may well be that we wait for Beamdog to release 2.5 proper for BGEE and try again. I have a mate around the corner who has BGSoD. It would be interesting if the same problem is in that game. Will see if I can try and let you know.

    @Savorius, thanks for your feedback earlier, and good to see the procedure was readable. I am still modifying the content based on comments such as trinit's and the vanilla dlg. So if you see any changes that could make it easier, feel free to fire it in. It is aimed at those who are not very technical...


  • trinittrinit Member Posts: 673
    @Gusinda that is interesting... at least the standard centralfixed file is functioning correctly for both music and lang folder from what i can tell

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 835
    If someone here is playing the BGEE Beta version on PC, is there any chance you could upload the en_US\dialog.tlk (in a zip file)? I bought on GoG so don't have access to it. I expect them to be the same, but always good to try...


  • DarkaenDarkaen Member Posts: 4
    edited July 13
    Hey ran across this post the other's a drive link to my en_us from the BGEE patch.obb Haven't started playing it just yet since I'd heard about EET right after buying the games... Def looking forward to playing again (played the originals when they first came out ages ago) and adding mods would be great. Hope this helps...

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 835
    edited July 13
    Thanks @Darkaen and welcome to the forum. I am actually chasing the PC version of the dialog.tlk. I have done some testing on the Android version, all of which failed. I expect that they will be the same file and wont have any success either but I have to draw through that line in my fault finding list...

    As far as EET goes, I am unsure whether it will be able to be installed on Android. We wont know until somebody tries, but I wont be trying until BGEE 2.5 is released (not in Beta).

    If you have BG2EE, then the procedure above works fine for it.

    Thanks again

  • DarkaenDarkaen Member Posts: 4
    edited July 13
    Thanks! Let me know if you need any other files or anything. I've got the complete trilogy all installed in android (mixed sd card adoption if you were curious lol). All are the beta version as well.

    Edit : From what I could find EET isn't possible on android. At least for now- I only mentioned that as I hadn't even considered the possibility of modding android till I happened to come across a post mentioning a way to play the non_EE pc version on android via gemrb.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 835
    edited July 14
    @Darkaen, I am so glad the EEs came out. I use to play BG 1 & 2 on Android using GemRB. Although it was a pain, it was a must have when away from home. I also had IWD and (I think) IWD2 but they only lasted a short time. I only had a my PC + 1 other max when I on Android...

    For BG2EE, it now has the official release to, so if you are still running beta, I would upgrade. Also, I am sure that SoD was an offical release as well (couldn't tell you the version number as I don't have it).


    Post edited by Gusinda on
  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 835
    edited July 14
    @Cavak, here is what I did today.

    I popped over to my mates and was able to setup a procedure for BGSoD. It will need to be different as there are duplicate files in the music folder; same name but one with uppercase and one with lowercase. Unfortunately that doesn't fit well with the Windows OS.

    The next update of the procedure will include it (need to remember and type it out yet), but simply put, the .obb needs to be left compressed.
    - Rename it to .zip,
    - copy the dialog.tlk to a safe area to setup as the vanilla,
    - find the size new of the, compare it to the original size to determine the size of 000.000,
    - take 148 bytes away, build 000.000 then add to .obb and check size.

    original patch.obb size - new patch.obb size - 148 = size of 000.000

    I did a couple of different games the same way, particularly BGEE to see if it fixed the problem but it didn't. But the outcome of doing many was the 148 bytes. First and second time was a case of adding 000.000 to replace the dialog.tlk, finding out I was 148 btyes to big, then deleting and readding another 000.000. For future attempts, I just remove the 148 first before making 000.000 and there wasn't a need to rebuild again. Why 148 bytes you may ask? I am guessing here but it may be the size of an entry in the index.

    Of course, once you have done that, you still need to centralfix the zip and rename it.

    Thinking out loud: This however opens the possibilty of doing this on the device. I ran out of time today, but I will try removing dialog.tlk out of a renamed obb on the device then try and create an empty file on the device and see if I can add it. I don't know yet if it can be done but worth a try for those who don't have access to a PC. Also unsure of what tools are available to create files to a specific size. We will see.

    The games I tried were:
    - BG SoD - Tick
    - PSTEE - there is only one .obb but it works well.
    - BGEE v1.3 - I wanted to see if the problem was related to BGEE or just the version. Happily, all went well for 1.3, spells were cast galore.
    - BG2EE Beta - I still had this in my Android modding folder, so I wanted to see if it might have been a version problem, but no. BG2EE worked as expected. It also reminded me that I need to clean out my HDD.
    - Rebuilt BG1EE Beta using the 'other' method. - sadly didn't work, game still crashed on casting.

    So the only game that is having the problem is BGEE Beta. I still haven't tried using a PC dialog.tlk yet but don't hold any hope as I am sure they are the same file.

    If, like me, you keep a copy of your games on HDD to save redownloading all the time, then I also found out something interesting. When you install the game and copy your obbs to their proper location, the game still needs to find the dialog.tlk (so it can start and create the 'Andoid\data\gamename' folder etc). If you place '' (name I use for my centralfixed zipped vanilla dialog) into the 'Android\obb\gamename' folder, it is read from there as well. You could also build the \data folder structure yourself, but I am quite lazy so prefer to have the game do it for me.

    Anyway, that it is for today's findings. Doesn't look good for BGEE but great for the rest, and hopefully Beamdog can find the prob and fix for the proper release.


  • legotaksinlegotaksin Member Posts: 51
    Has anyone succeeded in installing and playing spell revision mode?
    I tried it when game version is bg2ee 2.5 16.4 beta android but i failed.

    I used junyangche's method and except spell revision, other mod worked well (ex. scs, rogue rebanlcing, atweak, cdtweak, skipirenicusdungeon etc).

    whenever i install spell revision mod and play game, game is crashed when i used spell.

    if someone who used spell revision mkd is here, please share your method.

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 835
    Hi @legotaksin, there is a problem when installing mods onto the 2.5 patches where the dialog.tlk is clashing. Have a look at the series of posts prior, and you will see a method that might work (SR not tested in this) for BG2EE, It wont work for BG1EE Beta yet, will crash on spell cast... I wil give it a go myself to see what happens.

    Also, BG2EE has been released so I would consider updating first.

    Hope that helps

  • legotaksinlegotaksin Member Posts: 51
    Gusinda said:

    Hi @legotaksin, there is a problem when installing mods onto the 2.5 patches where the dialog.tlk is clashing. Have a look at the series of posts prior, and you will see a method that might work (SR not tested in this) for BG2EE, It wont work for BG1EE Beta yet, will crash on spell cast... I wil give it a go myself to see what happens.

    Also, BG2EE has been released so I would consider updating first.

    Hope that helps

    when i saw your method, i didn't look carefully because i think i already know it(junyangche's method)

    but i read it again, i find it is little different.
    i can't use it now because i can't use my computer for personal problem. but when i have a time, i'll try it.

    thanks for helping

  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 835
    @legotaksin, no problems. Had no problems installing SR v4beta15 onto BG2EE Only cast about a dozen spells, but took that to be working.


  • GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 835
    Hi All,

    Attached is a copy of the updated procedure (version 1.1) which includes how to repackage BGSoD and some minor text/format changes. This method works for all the games in relocating the dialog.tlk, however still doesn't work with BG1EE Beta. Lets hope fot the release that all goes well (or it has been installed in the data area).

    I am deleting the above version, so here it is again for casual viewers:

    --- The text for the body is too long, so taking some out (only general info, not procedural steps) ---

    ====== Section 0 - Introducton ======

    With the update to 2.5, there have been some dialog.tlk conflicts when loading modfiles onto an Android device. One solution to make the games compatible for modding is to reposition the dialog.tlk from it's current location within the to a new location in the Android\data\gamename\files\lang folder. An updated dialog.tlk can then be used without the potential for conflict with the original version.

    This document will describe how to repackage your game's to enable modding the game for Android devices. It will also describe generally, the process in building a modfile. It will not cover installing mods or the order in which that occurs as there is already enough discussion on these topics within the forum.

    Testing Environment
    The test environment used:
    Generic Gaming Notebook: CPU: Intel, OS: Windows 10
    Android Device: Samsung Note 4, Snapdragon/Adreno, OS: Android v6.0.1
    Language: us_EN (English). If someone can test with other languages, thanks.

    As of version 1.1 of this document, the following games have been tested:
    - BG1EE v2.5.16.4 Beta (Did not work, games crashed upon spell casting)
    - BG2EE v2.5.16.6 (Vanilla seemed to work fine and various mods tested which worked)
    - BGSoD (Requires a different method of repacking patch.obb, but vanilla works as well as various mods) Read addendum for the method used. This method also worked for other games patch.obb.
    - IWDEE v2.5.16.3 (Vanilla works, no mods tested)
    - PSTEE (Vanilla works, no mods tested) Didn't get the verson number but I expecet it is the latest.

    This document will describe three steps, Preparation, Repackaging the, and Modfile creation and installation onto your device. There is an additional section which explains how to install EEKeeper and NearInfinity to enable editing your saved game and modifing game content (when you really want that particular spell to work with your solo fighter!).

    ====== Section 1 - Preparation ======

    Collecting Tools
    - Gather the following tools:
    - centralfix.exe (
    - A compression tool that allows for creating a STORE only (uncompressed) .zip containers. I use WinRAR or 7Zip.

    Working File Structure
    - Create the following folder structure on your computer. E: drive is used but any drive will do the job. Ony BG2EE will be documented, but you can interpret the procedure to suit any or all of the games. You can also rename the folder structure to suit your needs. Do not name the folders with any special characters in the name (and do not include anything in the parens, they are for information only).

    E:\BD Android (Beamdog Android)
    E:\BD Android\BG2EE (This is where the mods are installed)
    E:\BD Android\BG2EE Modfile (This is where modfile is created)
    E:\BD Android\BG2EE Modfile\lang\en_US (where to copy the dialog.tlk, you will need to change this to whatever in game language you use)
    E:\BD Android\BG2EE (A clean copy of the game files if you have enough HDD space)
    E:\BD Android\ (or whatever the name of the patch obb file is) (This is where the repackaging of the patch .obb occurs, can be deleted once complete)

    Unpacking .obbs
    - After installing the game onto your device and running once (to create the \data game file structure and baldur.lua), connect device to PC, and copy the 2 x .obb files from:
    'sdcard/android/obb/com.beamdog.baldursgateiienhancededition/' (this is the internal SDCard)
    to E:\BD Android\BG2EE

    - You can now disconnect your device.

    - Rename the 2 x .obb to .zip.
    For those that know how, you can register the .obb extension with your compression tool rather than rename.

    - Unpack (using WinRAR or 7Zip) into 'E:\BD Android\BG2EE' making sure the folder structure remains the same.

    - Unpack into E:\BG Android\BG2EE
    maintaining the folder structure.

    - Move to E:\BD Android\

    - Delete (or move to another location for backup)

    - You should now have the following folders inside BG2EE
    E:\BD Android\BG2EE
    E:\BD Android\BG2EE\data
    E:\BD Android\BG2EE\lang
    E:\BD Android\BG2EE\movies
    E:\BD Android\BG2EE\music
    E:\BD Android\BG2EE\override
    E:\BD Android\BG2EE\scripts
    and chitin.key should be in the root of E:\BD Android\BG2EE

    - If you have the space on your HDD, you can now copy the contents of 'E:\BD Android\BG2EE' to 'E:\BD Android\BG2EE'. This allows you to delete the modded folder and quickly start again, or recover if you have an error, by copying these contents back to 'E:\BD Android\BG2EE'.

    - Select E:\BD Android\

    - Unpack into the folder maintaining folder structure.

    - Find the file size (in bytes) of (look at the properties of the file) eg: (1,675,151,987 bytes), and keep note of it. To find, right click on the file and select 'Properties'. Under the General Tab, there are two information lines showing size. Use the amount (in bytes) that is shown beside 'Size:' and not 'Size on disk:'.

    - Delete (or move to another location for backup)

    - Your folder structure should look like:
    E:\BD Android\
    E:\BD Android\\data
    E:\BD Android\\lang
    E:\BD Android\\movies
    E:\BD Android\\music
    E:\BD Android\\scripts

    - Copy centralfix.exe to E:\BD Android\BG2EE Modfile

    - Copy centralfix.exe to E:\BD Android\

    Note: PSTEE only has one .obb (main.obb). This can be repacked using the method below as if it were the patch.obb.

    ====== Section 2 - Repackaging Patch.obb ======

    Repackaging Obb
    This procedure needs only to be done once per game version. Once it is done, the modified patch.obb replaces the original patch.obb on your device. You can either keep a copy of the original on your device (renaming it so it doesn't conflict), or on your PC. Another method of course, is to reinstall the game if problems arise or you want to revert back to original.

    - Move 'E:\BD Android\\lang\en_US\Dialog.tlk' to 'E:\BG Android\BG2EE Modfile\lang\en_US' (you will need to adjust which dialog.tlk and folder for your language).

    - Sitting in the folder 'E:\BD Android\\lang\en_US\', create a text document called 'CreateEmptyFile.bat'. Right click on the file and edit (I use Notepad++ but Notepad will also do the trick). Add the following lines into the .bat (a copy is with this document):

    @Echo Off
    Rem This creates an file with no contents called 000.000
    fsutil file createnew 000.000 0

    - For those who know how, you can open Command Prompt in the folder and use the command:

    fsutil file createnew 000.000 0
    (Note: For Mac users, the command is MKFILE, and of course it's own syntax, instead of fsutil)

    - Save and close. Run the .bat file by double clicking on it.

    This creates an empty file called 000.000 that will be filled later to bring the patch.obb to its correct size.

    - Move CreateEmptyFile.bat to 'E:\BD Android\'.

    - Sitting in the folder 'E:\BD Android\', select all folders ie:\data, \lang, \movies, \music, \scripts. Do not select any files in the root of the folder.

    - (Repacking method described using WinRAR) Right click on blocked folders and select 'Add to Archive...'. The name in Archive name should be ''. Change Archive format to ZIP and change Compression method from 'Normal' to 'Store'. Click OK. WinRAR will now create an uncompressed ZIP container and close.

    - Find the file size (in bytes) of the newly created (look at the properties of the file) eg: (1,663,475,108 bytes), and keep note of it.

    - Using the file size from the original patch.obb that was gathered in the preparation phase, and the file size from the newly created patch.obb, determine the difference between the two (original size - newly created size):
    1,675,151,987 - 1,663,475,108 = 11,676,879

    This means that the file size of 000.000 needs to be 11,676,879 bytes in length to make the patch.obb correct.

    - To do this, copy CreateEmptyFile.bat back into 'E:\BD Android\\lang\en_US\' and edit the .bat file. Change the command to reflect the new file size. The number at the end of the command should be the same number you got by calculating the difference (no commas).

    fsutil file createnew 000.000 11676879

    - Save and close.

    - Delete the current file 000.000 and double click on CreateEmptyFile.bat. This should now create a new empty file that is 11,676,879 bytes in size.

    - Delete CreateEmptyFile.bat from 'E:\BD Android\\lang\en_US\'

    - Delete the newly created patch.obb.

    - Recreate a new patch.obb by repeating the steps used to create an uncompressed file:
    Sitting in the folder E:\BD Android\, block all folders ie:\data, \lang, \movies, \music, \scripts. Do not select any files in the root of the folder.

    - Right click on blocked folders and select 'Add to Archive...'. The name in Archive name should be ''. Change Archive format to ZIP and change Compression method from 'Normal' to 'Store'. Hit OK. WinRAR will now create an uncompressed ZIP container and close.

    - Find the file size (in bytes) of '' (look at the properties of the file) eg: (1,675,151,987 bytes).

    It should now be exactly the same size as teh original patch.obb. If it isn't, delete and repeat the steps above.

    - The newly created zip file now needs to be prepared using Centralfix (which fixes the Central directory in the zip file).
    Sitting in the folder 'E:\BD Android\', select '', drag and drop it onto centralfix.exe. A windows should open, showing the central headers being fixed, and close

    - Rename '' to ''.

    - Copy to your device, placing it into (Internal SDCARD) 'Android/obb/com.beamdog.baldursgateIIenhancededition' folder. If you still have the original, you can rename to if you have enough space or keep it backed up on your PC and delete.

    Prior to testing, the original dialog.tlk needs to be prepared. This will confirm whether patching the has been successful or not, and should be done before any attempt at modding is performed.

    Vanilla dialog.tlk
    To play the game unmodded (generally called vanilla), the original dialog.tlk needs to be used. There are two methods of using the original dialog.tlk, one is copying the file and the other is packaging it into a centralfixed zipped format. We are using the the copy method, but a general overview for the packed method is giving:

    - To play the game using the vanilla dialog.tlk, sit in the following folder on your device:

    - Create the folder 'lang', then create 'en_US' inside it.

    It should look like:

    - Copy 'E:\BD Android\BG2EE Modfile\lang\en_US\dialog.tlk' to that folder.

    If you wish to use the packed method, then zip up lang\en_US\dialog.tlk (in E:\BD Android\BG2EE Modfile folder) which becomes, centralfix it and copy it to the root of 'Android/data/com.beamdog.baldursgateiienhancededition/files/' on your device.

    Finishing up
    You are now ready to test the game to see whether it starts. Do not skip this step, and get straight into modding. This step will confirm whether the procedure has worked, giving the confidence that when you start modding and problems occur (and they will!), it is to do with the modding and not the base game.

    Disconnect the device and run the game. If it crashes on start, then it is likely something is wrong with the dialog.tlk (either folder names/location, or if packaged, it most likely hasn't been centralfixed). If it tries to redownload the game, then it is likely your that is the problem (mostly a size difference).

    Hopefully all goes well. If it does, the your ready to mod the game....

    ====== Section 3 - Creating the Modfile ======

    This section isn't to explain the steps required to install mods, or in what order they should be. There are enough discussions about this already in the forum. It will provide a general outline only focussing on what to do once the mods are installed...

    I recommend starting with installing only one or two mods until you understand the process of setting these up on your mobile device. If problems occur with the process, it is easier to fault find and restart with two mods then it is with 20.

    Some mods only require them to be copied to the override folder as standalone files, so just place them in the override folder (if it doesn't exist, create override). Most mods use WeiDU to install.

    Starting with the folder structure (as detailed in Preparation section) in place...
    - Most mods are packed in a .zip or .rar file. Unpack the mod so that the WeiDU component ('setup-modname.exe') is in the root of the folder 'E:\BD Android\BG2EE' (where chitin.key is).

    This means that the rest of the mod should be contained in a folder branching off (called 'modname'). Double click on 'setup-modname.exe' to install the mod. Rinse and repeat for other mods, taking care of the order in which they need to be installed.

    Most mods place their content only into the 'override' folder and change the dialog.tlk file. So these will be discussed first.

    - Once you have installed all the mods you want, copy (don't move) your 'override' folder complete from
    'E:\BD Android\BG2EE'
    'E:\BD Android\BG2EE Modfile'

    - Copy 'E:\BD Android\BG2EE\lang\en_US\dialog.tlk' to 'E:\BD Android\BG2EE Modfile\lang\en_US'.

    If you still have the original dialog.tlk in this folder, you can back it up elsewhere or if you have it on your device already, you can delete it. My preference is to rename the lang folder to lang.vanilla and create another '\lang\en_US' folder structure (this is why I have almost no room left on my HDD) and keep it backed up in my modding environment.

    Creating the Modfile
    - Sitting in 'E:\BD Android\BG2EE Modfile', select both 'lang' and 'override' folders, right click and 'Add to Archive...'. The name in Archive name should be 'BG2EE Modfile'. You can change the name of the archive to something that has more meaning now or later. Change Archive format to ZIP. The file can be either compressed or set to STORE. Hit OK. WinRAR will now create a ZIP container and close.

    We are only creating the file container (zip file) to reduce the amount of time to copy the files to your device (copying thousands of files to your device can test the best of patience), and only using .zip as it is a common format. If your Android File Manager can handle .rar compression, then why not...

    Note: If you are going to keep everything in a single package, then you will need to have the .zip (yes it needs to be a zip) uncompressed (STORE Only) and apply centralfix.exe to the modfile. Be aware however that if you have more than a certain (not sure what it is exactly, but somewhere around 4000) amount of files in your override folder, the game will crash. If you are going to uncompress the file, or you don't understand what I just said, then ignore this paragraph and continue on.

    - Connect your device and copy the Where you place the file on your device depends on which File Manger (FM) you are using and how it handles .zip files. If your FM requires you to place the .zip into the folder you are going to unpack it in, then place the file into:

    Otherwise you can place it into a specially created folder to hold modfiles. I place the modfiles into the game folder above Files (ie: Android/data/com.beamdog.baldursgateiienhancededition/)
    and unpack when I want to test/play. I also keep my vanilla modfile (which only contains dialog.tlk) in this folder as well as unpacked in lang.vanilla (on the device).

    - Disconnect device

    - Open your Android File Manger. Since you already have the original Files\lang\en_US\dialog.tlk installed, you will need to rename the 'lang' folder to 'lang.vanilla' (if you want to keep it there). At this point, you are ready to unpack the modfile.

    - Using your Android File Manager, select the archive and unpack (keeping the folder structure) into:

    You should now have the following:

    You may also have other folders such as

    - If you had the in the root of the Files folder, then you will need to delete or move it elsewhere. If it is left in place, the two dialog.tlk (one in your lang folder and one in you zipfile) will clash and the game will crash.

    - You can now test the game by running it. Hopefully, everything should start up fine and you can 'play on'. If it doesn't, then some fault finding needs to occur. It could be anywhere from all the way back when the mods were being installed through to leaving the file in the root folder of Files on your device. This is why it is good not to install every mod known straight up and go slowly until you are confident with the process first, then explore the boundaries. After the frustrating time of long and drawn out fault finding session, take a break and try again...

    Mods that add or modify content in folders other than 'override'
    - Some mods can also place changes into lang\sounds, movies, music, or scripts folders and these will need special attention...

    - If you are not aware of what the files are, you may be able to look at the mod folders and the install .tpa to determine what the maybe. Unfortunately, I can't tell you which ones they are so it is a case of bringing in the Sherlock part of you to do some investigating.

    - If you are aware of what the modded/additional content is, then you can create the file structures below, copy individual files across adding them before creating your modfile.

    For additional sound (voice) packs/files...
    - Install the sound pack mod. The additional voice files are generally installed to \lang\en_US\sounds.
    - Create a new folder called: E:\BD Android\BG2EE Modfile\sounds (not \lang\en_US\sounds)
    - Copy the additional sound files to this folder. Add the folder to your modfile when you create it.

    For addition scripts...
    - Create a new folder called: E:\BD Android\BG2EE Modfile\scripts
    - Copy the additional scripts to this folder. Add the folder to your modfile when you create it.

    Not tested, but should work:
    For additional music...
    - Create a new folder called: E:\BD Android\BG2EE Modfile\music
    - Copy the additional music to this folder. Add the folder to your modfile when you create it.
    (Note: This did not work for @trinit. His methods was to place the music folder and dialog.tlk into a centralfixed .zip file and place it into the root of /Files). According to IESDP ( ,the '\music' folder is not an override folder.

    Using PC installed Mods
    If you also have the game (must be the same version) installed on your PC and you wish to use the same mod configuration on your Android device, there is no need to reinstall the mods.

    - Sitting in your Game folder, right click on 'override' and copy the entire folder to:
    E:\BD Android\BG2EE Modfile\

    - Copy your \lang\en_US\dialog.tlk to:
    E:\BD Android\BG2EE Modfile\lang\en_US\

    - If the mods used also adds additional content in other folders, create appropriate folders in the modfile folder and copy content.

    Create the modfile (eg: or whatever suits), copy to device and unpack as detailed above.

    ====== Section 4 - Editing Your Saved Game\Modifying Game Content ======

    Some, or is that most, players would like to be able to open their saved game, character file, or just play with EEKeeper to adjust their game as they see fit. The same for NearInfinity. This can't be done natively on your Android device, however, using the environment setup for modding, you now have the opportunity.

    To setup EEKeeper:
    Create additional folders called:
    E:\BD Android\BG2EE Files (This emulates the Files folder of your game on the device)
    E:\BD Android\BG2EE Files\character (This is where to place your .chr files)
    E:\BD Android\BG2EE Files\portraits (This is where to place your custom portraits)
    E:\BD Android\BG2EE Files\save (This is where to place your saved games)
    E:\BD Android\EEKeeper (This is where to copy EEKeeper)

    I also keep a backup of my modified 'baldur.lua' in 'E:\BD Android\BG2EE Files' keeping all my game data together. It is also a good place to backup your vanilla dialog.tlk in 'E:\BD Android\BG2EE Files\lang.Vanilla\en_US\'.

    - Unpack EEKeeper into 'E:\BD Android\EEKeeper' and run once to create the eekeeper.ini file.

    You can setup your paths by one of two methods:
    1. Run EEKeeper, select 'Settings' then 'Installation Directory'
    - Create or Add a Profile called 'BG2EE' (do not use the quote symbols). This of course is not prescriptive and you can call it whatever you want. Tis only a suggestion.

    - Set the Installation Directory to 'E:\BD Android\BG2EE'. This is a little bit more restrictive. It needs to be the name of the folder that you use to install the mods into. The one that contains 'chitin.key' in the root...

    - Select Game Language (English in my case)

    - Setup User Save Data Directory to 'E:\BD Android\BG2EE Files' (recommended). This is also slightly restrictive. If you decide to use E:\BD Android\BG2EE Files\save, then you also need to tick 'Use Custom Save Location'. If you use the recommended location, do not tick the box. The difference is that when using Custom Portraits and the recommended path, your portrait will show in the saved game (assuming you have it copied there). You can also allocated a custom portrait within EEKeeper from here and it will show in the game.


    2. Copy the lines below into eekeeper.ini (changing the paths were necessary:

    Install Path = E:\BD Android\BG2EE\
    Save Directory = E:\BD Android\BG2EE Files\
    Language = lang\en_US\
    Custom Save Directory = false

    You can also quickly create other profiles such as BG1EE etc..., just place a blank line between each section.

    [BG1EE Beta]
    Install Path = E:\BD Android\BG1EE\
    Save Directory = E:\BD Android\BG1EE Files\
    Language = lang\en_US\
    Custom Save Directory = false

    - To copy your saved game and any other game data, connect your device and navigate to:

    You can copy the character, portraits, save folders (if they exist) directly into there respective folders in
    E:\BD Android\BG2EE Files\

    - If you only want one (or just not all of them) game, then navigate to
    and copy the entire saved game folder (ie '000000001-Gus - Start') to the following folder:
    E:\BD Android\BG2EE Files\save

    You should now have 'E:\BD Android\BG2EE Files\save\000000001-Gus - Start' with the game files inside the last folder.

    You are now ready to start playing with your saved game files.

    When you open EEKeeper, you should now be able to select the BG2EE Profile (Files, Profiles, BG2EE for those who haven't used it before), then open a saved game, and it should be in the Open Single Player Saved Game dialog box. Select it and click OK.

    If you also want to be able to edit Black Pits or Multiplayer games, then you will need to create the folders that their games are saved into, ie:
    E:\BD Android\BG2EE Files\bpsave
    E:\BD Android\BG2EE Files\mbpsave
    E:\BD Android\BG2EE Files\mpsave

    NearInfinity requires Java Runtime to run so make sure you install that first. I haven't used NearInfinity much in the Android Modfile environment, but you can copy NearInfinity.jar to each game folder (where chitin.key is and where you setup your mods) and run it from there. This will open the game and allow you to play around with the game files. If you want to open a saved game, it is likely you need to 'Open File' and navigate to the saved game file (Unless someone can tell me how to modify the default locations).

    If you just want the one NearInfinity.jar, then you can copy it to the root of 'E:\BD Android' and, using Open Game, navigate to the game that you want to edit.

    ====== Addendum 1 - Repackage method for BG SoD ======

    When attempting the procedure above to repack the BGSoD patch.obb, it was found that there were duplicate files (UPPERCASE and lowercase names) in the '\music' folder. This meant that the patch.obb could not be unpacked on file systems that are not case sensitive like Windows. The idea then is to leave the patch.obb complete extracting the dialog.tlk then replacing it with the empty file (000.000) to bring the patch.obb back to size.

    Conducting tests, this procedure worked on the other games patch.obb as well, and will most likely replace the method above in future releases of the document (if any required).

    Repackaging the BGSoD .obb

    - Copy to E:\BD Android\

    - Find the file size (in bytes) of '' (look at the properties of the file) eg: (1,873,806,917 bytes).

    - Rename the patch.obb to

    - Open patch.obb using WinRAR or 7Zip and navigate to the lang/en_US folder.

    - Copy the dialog.tlk to 'E:\BD Android\BGSoD 2.5.x.x\lang\en_US' to setup as the vanilla as detailed above.

    - Leaving WinRAR/7Zip Find the size new of the,

    - Determine the diffence between the original size and new size to determine the size of 000.000.

    - Remove a futher 148 bytes.

    original patch.obb size - new patch.obb size - 148 = size of 000.000
    1,873,806,917 - 1,865,125,529 = 8,681,388
    8,681,388 - 148 = 8,681,240

    - Build 000.000.

    fsutil file createnew 000.000 8681240

    - Drag and drop 000.000 to the /lang/en_US in the and close WinRAR/7Zip.

    - Check the file size of the If the size is different, caclulate the file size that 000.000 was supposed to be, then create new 000.000, delete the old version and place the new version in. Ceck size again. Repeat until file size is correct.

    - Drag '' onto centralfix.

    - Rename from .zip to .obb.

    The file is now ready to place onto your device. Testing needs to occur as detailed above with a vanilla dialog.tlk to confirm repacking worked as expected. Once this is done, you can move onto modding.

    What's with the 148 bytes
    I repacked a couple of different games using this method. The outcome of creating 000.000, adding to the .zip, checking the size, recreating 000.000 with a new size etc, for a couple of these games was that the 000.000 was always 148 bytes to large. For future attempts, I just remove the 148 first before making 000.000 and there wasn't a need to create a new 000.000 again.

    Why 148 bytes you may ask? Yeah, I would like to know as well but, I am guessing here, it may be the size of an entry in the index of the zipped file.

    Modding BGSoD and creating modfiles are conducted as detailed above. The only thing that needs to be remembered is that the Android BGSoD is a standalone game and doesn't contain some files or references that are in BG1EE (which may be required by a mod being installed).

    Some way around it, for files, would be to copy the necessary files to the override folder prior to installing the mod (or the second time you install the mod because it didn't work in the first instance...). It will be a hit and miss event and some mods may not work at all that were successful with BG1EE and SOD as a DLC.

    Happy gaming


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