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Hi everybody. As one who began tabletop gaming nearly twenty-five years ago, my "go-to" system has always been (and always will be) AD&D2E. Although I didn't own a PC at the time of the original release of Baldur's Gate (and could only enjoy the game vicariously on the screens of others), I am thoroughly enjoying (and appreciative!) of Beamdog's recent efforts and, as such, have reflected said appreciation by purchasing BG: EE, BGII: EE, IWD: EE, and am looking forward to picking up BG: SOD. Needless to say, when I'm "adventuring," I feel like I am 13 again, although 2015 certainly doesn't feel like 1991....

While life (college, family, etc.) has not afforded me the opportunity to engage in substantial tabletop play for many years now (although I still own quite the collection of TSR's product line), over the past several months I have slowly rediscovered my love for PnP RPG's, and largely credit this resurgence of interest to my purchase of BG:EE. My lovely wife has expressed interest in giving a game a go (she was never a "gamer"), and, with friends both old and new willing to toss some dice, we'll have to see what happens. Going forward, I am eager to interact with everyone on the forum (albeit intermittently as life permits), and am very pleased to be welcomed as part of your community. Until next time. Vale!

L. Tarquinius Pavo



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