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Far from new, but finally authorized account



  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,211
    Sees that @Anduin is still close...

    Remembers he never returned to stabilize his new powers...

    Casts "Protection from Cookie Monster" self...
  • NotabarbiegirlNotabarbiegirl Member Posts: 141
    Anduin said:

    Gavin? THE Gavin you meet outside the temple in Beregost?


    If so, my respect mod user.

    Of Course Gavin Mor..... I adore Berlainde and all of the characters she has had a hand in creating. I am not just any Mod user I am a Mod addict. I mod every game I play and was sad about the BG EE editions until I could get the mods I had on my TUTU install working.
  • NotabarbiegirlNotabarbiegirl Member Posts: 141
    @Nimram thank you for the cookie.
    NimranlolienJuliusBorisov[Deleted User]
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