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Please, no more Modernisms in Bg series!



  • CaradocCaradoc Member Posts: 92
    edited February 2016
    I like the new companions. I think they fit in just fine.

    Dorn II-Khan has a really cool backstory. Even when playing with a good party, you kind of want him to be in your party. he is just so bad ass and has fun banter.

    Neera is just my favourite, so cute and funny. I really like having her around. And her personality fits perfectly to her wild mage class. Bringing her into party brings extra trouble, but I love the unpredictability. Sometimes she cast a spell which really saves the day, but the next time she probably srews up and ends up almost killing everyone when her spell backfires :smiley:

    Rasaad Yn Bashir is what can be expected from a good alligned monk personality wise. I quess he is the most stable one of the new companions. The thing is that he is really a suicidial. In the early levels his name could be Rasaad Dies Alot. So you will really need to babysit him untill he hits level 9 or so. Rasaad begins to really shine in Bg2 though.

    As for Hexxat. Well she is definitely something else I first expected. I really enjoyed the surprise. I had no idea because I had avoided reading spoilers. :wink:
  • BeowulfBeowulf Member Posts: 236
    I have to 2nd you on the Cali surfer dude thing that guy was not funny to me and I was like what... did I buy Teenage mutant ninja turtles? Neera and Alora were not glaringly modern though but that guy straight out of sterotype south cali land
  • TarbalTarbal Member Posts: 5
    I gotta necro this, because this guy saw the future...
  • Google_CalasadeGoogle_Calasade Member Posts: 80
    *sighs* Almost nothing I've seen in the new exp pack is BG. The writing leaves a lot to be desired and the dialogue I've seen...guess this is one venture of Beamdog's that I won't support. I can only hope that if they do BG 3, they do it better than this and leave out the social issues and modern-day references. I have nothing against anyone. To each his/her own. You're gay? Cool. Transgender. Cool. Straight. Cool. It's all good to me and I wish that the people in the world would respect one another.

    That said, there's a time and a place for addressing social issues, for reference modern-day. But that time and place is NOT Baldur's Gate. Like I said elsewhere, I want a game that takes me away from real world stuff, not remind of it.
  • FardragonFardragon Member Posts: 4,511
    Tarbal said:

    I gotta necro this, because this guy saw the future...

    And the answer remains the same: Baldur's Gate was always a modern game, where characters spoke modern English, riddled with pop culture references and jokes. It would have been inappropiate for SoD to be any different.
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