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  • ArveragusArveragus Member Posts: 62
    It is beginning to look as if nothing meaningful will happen until September 18th. It would be good to obtain a pre download and avoid overloaded server issues but if necessary work is being carried out in the interim to make the game as bug free as possible I think that it's better to be patient.
  • kingcrowleykingcrowley Member Posts: 23
    As long as i can play a bug free version by the 18th, i will be happy.
  • TheSavageTheSavage Member Posts: 8
    @kingcrowley There is no such thing as "bug free" in software, we can just hope the bugs are few and far between :)
  • kingcrowleykingcrowley Member Posts: 23
    Agreed.... with the extra time we have to wait i am sure it will be worth it.
  • vorticanvortican Member Posts: 206
    Boy, I'm sure glad I preloaded before they delayed the game!
  • HoboJoe0858HoboJoe0858 Member Posts: 35
    How could you preload, I don't think they ever had it available to preload.
  • ArveragusArveragus Member Posts: 62
    I think that it's now safe to say that the preload date was unrealistic. More significant issues have been in the offing and it would have been helpful if we had been told what was going on at an earlier stage. That being said if it means getting a better product I am (just about) happy to wait for two and a half months. Perhaps we could be told whether there will be a prelaod prior to the new release date?
  • NecdilzorNecdilzor Member Posts: 278
    I hope so, I really wanted to pre load. I have never done it.
  • SimmOSimmO Member Posts: 10
    its the 22nd here anyone got the download email yet?
  • bigdogchrisbigdogchris Member Posts: 1,336
    edited November 2012
    SimmO said:

    its the 22nd here anyone got the download email yet?

    It probably won't be until the morning of the 22nd NA Mountain Time (UTC-7)

  • Son_of_ImoenSon_of_Imoen Member Posts: 1,806
    edited November 2012
    SimmO said:

    its the 22nd here anyone got the download email yet?

    Probably there won't be no emails before it's the 22nd and working hours started in Edmonton, Canada, where Beamdog is located. It's called Mountain time (MST), lagging 7 hours behind GMT. Try the math for your own timezone or use Google as your friend :-).

    I don't expect the mail to arrive before 9:00+7+1 (GMT+1 timezone)= 17:00 in the afternoon here in Holland. In Asia/Australia it will be an even longer wait I guess.
  • AristilliusAristillius Member Posts: 873
    THX for doing the math for me @Son_of_Imoen (same timezone). Feel free to do so at the 28th as well :D
  • hummer010hummer010 Member Posts: 95
    I live 200km east of Edmonton. It's now lunch time. No emails yet :(
  • JariahxSynnJariahxSynn Member Posts: 67
    Half way done preloading myself and I'm ecstatic for the 28th!
  • SirFrancealotSirFrancealot Member Posts: 56
    I've downloaded the installer client but it's coming up with a server error. Looks like beamdog site and servers are getting slammed
  • axellsladeaxellslade Member Posts: 47
    Yeah I'm trying to download the standalone Installer but all I get is a 107 bytes file and "Server problems" error.
  • FishFish Member Posts: 38
    Got the installer downloaded after a couple hours of 503 server errors. Can't get the download going though (server errors on authentication.) It looks like the servers are slammed.
  • PretendedPretended Member Posts: 2
    5-6 kb/s of pre-loading speed.

  • MeekratMeekrat Member Posts: 31
    Do I want the P2P thing red or clear?
  • SkjuletSkjulet Member Posts: 2
    I cant download the torrent file.
    it says the files doesnt exist.
  • MortesMortes Member Posts: 45
    @Skjulet are you loged in on the beamdog website?
  • SkjuletSkjulet Member Posts: 2
    @Mortes now i am. And now it's working. Thanks
  • fumy1903fumy1903 Member Posts: 10
    My official installer don't work.... ¿now download on torrent? WTF! I hope beamdog fixed soon this problem. I paid for a service that works properly. ¿When a new patch out will also have to download it torrent again? LOL...
  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,211
    I was actually hoping for a torrent feed. I will download it now and keep on seeding until release day.
  • MortesMortes Member Posts: 45
    @fumy1903 Just to clarify this. Both the dedicated BGEE client as well as the official Beamdog client are nothing else but customised torrent downloaders. The file I linked in my post is the very same file those programs use as well.

    The difference when doing it the way I described it is that you use a client software you prefer (which likely is a bit more reliable). In addition you have the option to configure the client the way you might need it as some ISPs are known to throttle or block traffic/ports that are used for file sharing and this way you'd be able to avoid it.
  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,211
    All right downloading right now at my full connection speed.
  • sesobebosesobebo Member Posts: 10
    much obliged for the torrent link! it worked as smooth as you'd like.
  • MortesMortes Member Posts: 45
    Btw. please consider to keep the torrent up for seeding for some time after you hit 100%. This should help to increase the overall bandwidth. There currently seem to be too many clients at 0% in comparison to the few that managed to get the files fully or partially downloaded.
  • HootHoot Member Posts: 40
    Thanks a lot for the torrent link, m8ty. I will seed it when idle :P
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