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  • MortesMortes Member Posts: 45
    @Magical_Trevor You need to download the torrent file with your browser first (login to the Beamdog website). Afterwards you can open this file with the torrent program and it should start connecting and downloading.
  • RythgarRythgar Member Posts: 101
    Likw @Mortes said, just wait a bit, it sometimes takes a while.
  • Magical_TrevorMagical_Trevor Member Posts: 57
    @Mortes @Rythgar ... Thank you. Not only for helping, but for staying polite and patient with someone new to all of this. I've always had console or PC games, so I've never jumped through these kinds of hoops before. XD Thanks again.
  • DaywalkerDaywalker Member Posts: 37
    I totally agree with Magical_Trevor! must be hard to stay so nice if everybody just asks the same questions again and again and again, you guys are awesome :)
    I think its working for me now aswell, downloading only at arround 250 kb/s, but a 2 hour dl time is so much better than 3 weeks :D
    Thanks again everybody here!
  • azuritazurit Member Posts: 182
    why is on one allowing me to download data?? i see 10 peers, lots of them are downloading from me, my share ratio is 3,15 and growing and still NO download! fuck you guys! i downloaded fucking 12 MBs in one hour..
  • cas206cas206 Member Posts: 7
    My tidbit of knowledge for the non-techies:

    Standard Bittorrent uses a defined range of port numbers that don't change. Some (most?) Internet Service Providers (ISP's) have either blocked those ports are purposely slowed traffic on those ports so that large files (i.e. movies, etc) take forever to download.

    My guess is that the "basic" beamdog client is standard bittorrent. So you can mainly blame your ISP for your download problems.

    Smart torrent clients, like uTorrent, attempt to get around the problem by changing the connection port number to something different that the ISP doesn't expect. So that gets around their attempt to slow you down.

    Other than the ISP itself, Windows Firewall can be blocking the port. But you should have seen a prompt from Windows that asked for permission to open that port when you ran the client or downloader. If you are using a different firewall, such as Norton Security, or other third party security software, then they can be blocking your port and that software needs to be configured.

    In addition to software firewalls, there can be firewalls built into any routers you use to share your internet connection, especially if you have wireless routers. Those also can be blocking your ports and need to be configured.

    All this level of "protection" is why it is hard for the experts on here to diagnose your download problem without knowing exactly how you are wired up and what software you have running.

  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    Downloading at around 550KB/s with µTorrent (will take about an hour :D). Seeding already, will continue to do so as much as I can.
  • MortesMortes Member Posts: 45
    @azurit Sounds like a firewall issue. I assume that it's blocking incoming connections. I'd recommend you to search on google for how to change settings correctly. Check this for what information is important to google for:
  • azuritazurit Member Posts: 182
    @cas206 i'm downloading from torrent daily without problem. Anyway, why i'm supposed to download data from other Beamdog customers?? i paid for it so i want to download it from Beamdog directly.
  • azuritazurit Member Posts: 182
    @Mortes i usually don't have problems with torrents
  • RadioactiveGaryRadioactiveGary Member Posts: 16
    Excellent, I was having a lot of problems with the beamdog client and the official downloader even though i made rules in my firewall e.t.c. it would only go so far and stops. I'm using the torrent now and I'll happily seed away! I've a 100mb broadband connection! :D
  • cas206cas206 Member Posts: 7
    Download is complete and now seeding. The majority of the clients currently connected to me are uTorrent clients. I see sporadic hits from BitTorrent. One constant connection is BDOG### where the ### is a large string of numbers. Guessing that is the Beamdog client at work?
  • MortesMortes Member Posts: 45
    @azurit What client do you use? Do you have changed the default settings of your torrent software?

    Regarding 'Why i'm supposed to download data from other Beamdog customers??'

    The two clients Beamdog offers are dedicated torrent programs as well. The only difference when downloading it with a separate client is that you have configuration options that are missing on the two downloaders.
    So at least if you know a bit about torrent clients you see what's happening and where the error might be and have a way to do something instead of starring at the non-progressing progress bar.

    TL;DR: They use torrents because otherwise direct download servers would have already died.
  • shawneshawne Member Posts: 3,239
    Yes, well, with all due respect, I didn't pay $20 to undergo tutorials in torrenting. I don't have the technical expertise or the patience to figure out how to get them to work (since they tend to just stay at 0.0% at all times).

    If this nonsense keeps up I might as well just pick up the inevitable pirated copy - seems ridiculous that I paid for a product I can't actually obtain through approved channels, but I suppose that's where the game industry is these days.
  • OphidiosOphidios Member Posts: 3
    Don't you think you're perhaps being a bit ridiculous? There's still plenty of time before the game "releases". I'm sure if you relax, you'll be able to download the game in time just fine.
  • MortesMortes Member Posts: 45
    @shawne I guess, if you wait until mid next week, the download problems will be solved anyway. If you can wait I wouldn't bother to try the torrent.
  • shawneshawne Member Posts: 3,239
    edited November 2012
    I'm being ridiculous? I pre-ordered based on the claim that the game could be pre-loaded on the 22nd, as a matter of convenience. Nearly 24 hours after doing so, I have 2 megabytes of data to show for it. That is ridiculous.

    @Mortes: It's not like I have much choice in the matter, though if I'd known it would work out this way I would never have pre-ordered the game.
  • azuritazurit Member Posts: 182
    edited November 2012
    @Mortes i'm using KTorrent, i also tried BGEE installer but it didn't work at all. I don't see any beamdog peers, only 3 trackers. My share ratio is 3.57 and i'm disabling seeding now (my download didn't moved even by bit)...

    I really don't understand why i cannot download from their page directly, i don't care about their infrastructure. Just look how much time i waste to resolving this! This is big fail and i'm very dissapointed.
  • OphidiosOphidios Member Posts: 3
    shawne said:

    I'm being ridiculous? I pre-ordered based on the claim that the game could be pre-loaded on the 22nd, as a matter of convenience. Nearly 24 hours after doing so, I have 2 megabytes of data to show for it. I don't think that's ridiculous at all.

    I think you're being a bit obtuse here. The game wouldn't be playable anyways, and the whole "guess I'll just support piracy" argument is childish.

    I'm sure you'll get the game in time for the launch. And if not, does that really matter that much? The game was already delayed once before. Did you seethe with anger and demand a refund? I sure hope not.

    I think what's most important here is we're supporting a small company who's trying to do something awesome for us, the fans. They don't have the sort of budgets that other companies have, I think it's reasonable for us to bear with them while they iron out the wrinkles.

    SIDE NOTE: Seeding like a boss.
  • shawneshawne Member Posts: 3,239
    @Ophidios: I sincerely hope you're joking. This isn't Kickstarter, this is a business transaction. I pre-ordered for the right to pre-load the game, in the hopes of avoiding a situation where it wouldn't be available at launch due to heavy traffic. Good for you if your support is unconditional; mine is contingent upon Beamdog being able to deliver what it offers, when it's offered. So far, that hasn't happened.

    (And yes, the delay was most certainly a strike against them; it kept me from making a commitment until pre-loading was announced.)

    As for "supporting piracy", you've misread my argument. Beamdog has received payment for a product I can't access. I'm not going to ask for my money back. But assuming this issue isn't sorted out anytime soon (and fixing it "by launch" rather defeats the purpose of pre-loading, doesn't it?) I'll most likely end up using a pirated copy of a game I actually bought, simply because I had an easier time getting it than I did using Beamdog's own service.
  • MortesMortes Member Posts: 45
    @azurit Sorry, I don't have a developer environment here to built it for Windows so I can't check it :/ If everything else downloads just fine for you with this client, I don't have a clue what might be the issue. If you really want to download the files now, you might want to try a different software.

    Otherwise try to get together with @shawne and write a short and adequate complaint to the Beamdog staff. If enough people complain, they might add a direct download in addition to the ones we currently have.
  • azuritazurit Member Posts: 182
    someone finally allowed me to download, thanks to, almost 600 KB/s..
  • shawneshawne Member Posts: 3,239
    @Mortes: I'll give it another day, but if there's no substantial progress that's exactly what I'll do.
  • valkyvalky Member Posts: 386
    about the torrent-stuff:

    It can sometimes take a while until it connects to some seeds/peers, specially if one only have it installed for BGEE and using basic settings; and most clients are using a low check-rate then for available sources. (specially in this case, as there were like 2000+ peers and I guess with some of not being forwarded in your router it checks like forever 'til it finds a viable seed/peer)

    And typically it is recommend to port-forward torrent in the router as well, though some of them might work without - in case basic ports are selected - but else it's hard to describe how to set-up any torrent client for those, who aren't comfortable with :P

    I was happy to get at least steady 500kb/s instead of 1-5kb/s or later I couldn't even connect anymore.

    IMO, they should also provide a ftp access or better hosting of that files...the launcher stuff is kind of a joke - no complains anymore (thanks to torrent) but nonetheless...
  • masterloomasterloo Member Posts: 1
    Thanks Mortes for the help with the torrent file, will seed until tomorrow. Now for the waiting .... nearly there ..... I cant take it, this is worse the christmas :)

    Have nice weekend
  • GwaiGwai Member Posts: 18
    edited November 2012
    So, what do you do after downloading files via torrent and copying them to the BGEE install folder? [apart from seeding for all other ofc]

    [SOLVED] :D you need to delete the files 766.beam and 766.status and run the launcher again, then it will check if you have all the files.
    Post edited by Gwai on
  • valkyvalky Member Posts: 386

    go to BGEE\Data and delete both 766.* files while your launcher is being closed...restart the launcher and check again ^^ should be working then. If not; then you did something wrong O_O
  • DaywalkerDaywalker Member Posts: 37
    @Gwai im in the same position as you now^^ finally finished dling but apparently my beamdog client doesnt think so :D already re-installed beamdog and deleted the "unused" files in the "games" folder but apparently i forgot something :/
  • GwaiGwai Member Posts: 18
    thanks for your insight, you're right of course :)

    and now... we wait :>
  • DaywalkerDaywalker Member Posts: 37
    guess i fucked up somewhere then.. copied the 00766 folder into my C/programs/beamdog/games folder and deleted both 766 files there but client still wants to dl the game.. oh well, gotta retry everything tomorrow then..
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