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  • ArakinArakin Member Posts: 16
    edited November 2012
    Uhrm, hello there. First time posting something on this forum.

    I have some trouble with the preloading. I woke up today and got it installed and quickly start the download and it worked fine. However I had to stop to it several times, because I needed to shut down my laptop.

    Now it is keep saying "Getting download info" and it has been during that for like three hours now.

    Can anyone help me? And I am sorry if this issue is already posted on this thread.
  • Magical_TrevorMagical_Trevor Member Posts: 57
    edited November 2012
    Alright, I have ANOTHER stupid question. (Surprised yet?) It's still dl'ing, no problems with that, but what is everyone talking about 'seeding' ? What does it do, and how do you do it, since it seems like everyone wants to/is proud of doing it? Thanks in advance!
  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    edited November 2012
    @Arakin, try deleting the files listed on the previous page, then restart the client (installer).

    @Magical_Trevor, seeding is a torrent term, the more people seeding something the faster (or more stable) it will be for others to download -- within reason, of course. Leeches are people who don't seed, or who have not yet completed their download and are not seeding.

    People who use torrents legitimately are proud to be able to help others out by seeding. In simple terms: without people seeding (that includes Beamdog, who are probably allowing via non-P2P I would assume), it is impossible for anyone else to download.
  • RythgarRythgar Member Posts: 101
    @Arakin this is a known issue, apparently. For whatever reason, Beamdog's servers are wholly inadequate for this release. You can try restarting the client to send another attempt, or do what some of us have done and download the installer files via a third party torrent application.
  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,211
    The torrent seems to be the best option until the bandwidth problem with Beamdog's servers are solved.

    I have downloaded from the torrent with no problems and have been seeding all day :)
  • GwaiGwai Member Posts: 18
    all the content downloaded from torrent should go to the install directory of BGEE, like this [an example, you could have named your install dir differently]:
    ...\Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition\Data\00766\
    there you should put downloaded directories "music", "data", "script", "manuals" with their content and a single *.dll file "decrypt.dll" or smth, can't remeber now :)
  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,211
    @Gway Exactly, just copy everything you download from the Torrent to your BG EE install data folder and then run the installer again so it can check the files and declare your preload complete.
  • FeidhlimFeidhlim Member Posts: 10
    I think another reason to pre-order the game is to let the developers see the level of interest in the game and let then use that as justification for continued development. If nothing else consider it a way of supporting the development team and voting with your dollars to encourage them to keep the momentum going. Cheers to re-releasing the best RPG game ever... Can't wait to see what they can do with the rest of the franchise as well.
  • MenthroMenthro Member Posts: 85
    Done! Seeding until release!
  • RedcloakRedcloak Member Posts: 8
    I was able to grab the download with uTorrent quickly last night when I was unable to obtain download info with the Beamdog client.

    I'll keep seeding as I've got a lot of connections active. Unfortunately, it looks like I'm capped at about 170K upstream for this traffic.
  • svzurichsvzurich Member Posts: 2
    Thank you, I now have the file that would not download (4mb total downloaded) complete thanks to the torrent. :D
  • EdgedyEdgedy Member Posts: 13
    Torrent worked great, I just copied it into Beamdog after finishing. Thanks!
  • ShapiroKeatsDarkMageShapiroKeatsDarkMage Member Posts: 2,428
    Where i can find third party torrents?
  • nacramnacram Member Posts: 4
    but what's the point in downloading all these files when i cannot even play after that.. :(
    i was under the impression that preload refered to us getting advance copies.. since we bought our game a long while ago already.. and i was thinking i'd be able to play it before the actual launch ..

    i'm seeding it myself until a few days after the launch..
  • lordkimlordkim Member Posts: 1,063
    edited November 2012
    Quote Trent O :

    That is why we are doing the pre-load. We need to see the issues and fix them before people get really mad at us ;-)

    Hence the preload of 1.3gb, and not the full game .
  • EzavielEzaviel Member Posts: 2
    Mortes said:

    If you have problems to download the files with the official installer, you can try to download them with your prefered torrent software instead. To do it you'll have to login on the beamdog website and follow this link:

    It will download the BGEE torrent file which you can use to download the preload data files.
    After the download finished, you can copy the 00766 folder with all its content over to the location of the official downloader.

    Depending on whether you used the beamdog client or the dedicated BGEE downloader before, you should locate the '\BeamDog\Games' (beamdog client) or '\Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition\Data' (dedicated BGEE installer) and copy the 00766 folder from the torrent download location into there. You'll probably have to overwrite existing files. Do so as those files are likely incomplete.

    Now you'll only have to delete the files 766.beam and 766.status from this very same folder. Start the official downloader/beamdog client again. It will check the files and should confirm that the download is complete.


    PS: for comparison: official client got stuck at 2% for me and wouldn't download anymore. Using deluge (torrent downloader) I was able to download with 300-1500 kb/s and had the download finished within 40 minutes.

    Thank you so much. This worked perfectly.

    You are a scholar and a gentleman.
  • nacramnacram Member Posts: 4
    edited November 2012
    i wonder .. how big will be (ballpark) the final game.. compared to the preload ?
    is the preload around 90% of the size and the rest will be small (like 50-100 mb) in size ?
    or is the preload just half ?
    why not just give us the non-finalized playable game prior to the official release ?
    so we can do some compliance testing while waiting for the finalized gold release ?
  • RecmorRecmor Member Posts: 1
    nacram: The download is most likely the complete version, just encrypted. The decryption key will be released on the release date your computer will only have to decrypt the downloaded content to the final location.
  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,211
    @Nacram There are 500mb more to download. Final installation size is around 3gb.
  • Magical_TrevorMagical_Trevor Member Posts: 57
    FINALLY seeding. (Internet was so bad it took 25 hours to download, so my upload is only, like... 40kb/s. XD) Oh well, every little bit counts, right? Thanks for your help everyone!

    And it works! Thank you very much! Seeding for what little my horrible internet is worth. XD
  • DaywalkerDaywalker Member Posts: 37
    " Preload complete" finally!
    Thanks to everybody for helping me, i really appreciate it!
    I honestly have no idea WHY its working now, but the important thing is that it DOES work now i guess :)
    had some fun time trying to copy and delete from left to right but its finally over, those 2 magic words saved my evening :)
    Now i cant wait till its finally the 28th!
  • esKqesKq Member Posts: 1
    Used my torrent client to download and it's perfect.

    Seeding like a madman for the moment, enjoy my server upload :D
  • FrobFrob Member Posts: 2
    The referenced torrent file from : doesn't exist any more (tried two different network locations). The stand alone client does nothing for me but draw an empty window border and hang forever. I'm pretty much not interested in installing the Beamdog client, because I will not be using their service. Does somebody have a mirror of the torrent since Beamdog apparently removed it?
  • lordkimlordkim Member Posts: 1,063
    edited November 2012
  • GyumaouGyumaou Member Posts: 8
    Frob said:

    The referenced torrent file from : doesn't exist any more (tried two different network locations). The stand alone client does nothing for me but draw an empty window border and hang forever. I'm pretty much not interested in installing the Beamdog client, because I will not be using their service. Does somebody have a mirror of the torrent since Beamdog apparently removed it?

    I just checked and it works fine for me. Make sure you're logged into the beamdog website, otherwise you won't get the file -- it's only available to those who pre-ordered.
  • FrobFrob Member Posts: 2
    Yeah, I wasn't logged in at the time, not used to that being an issue with a torrent file. However I figured out my fundamental problem - the installer app just doesn't work unless my windows 7 machine is in Aero mode on the desktop. In "basic" mode, it doesn't draw the contents of the window.
  • azuritazurit Member Posts: 182
    another 500 MB of data can be downloaded! :) my download is already completed (1.8 GB)
  • DaywalkerDaywalker Member Posts: 37
    edited November 2012
    there is another download? my BG:EE folder is about 1,3 GB big, but when i start BG:EE it still says "preload complete". Do i have to use the installer or beamdog client to get the other 500 MB?
    Edit: I downloaded the first 1,3 GB from the torrent file, installer/beamdog didnt work for me that time.
  • azuritazurit Member Posts: 182
    @Daywalker i downloaded 1.3 GB from torrent and moved it to installer. then i started it and it checked the data and tells that preload is competed. today i started it again and it tells me there an update, so i installed it. finally, it started to download another 500 MB (1.8 GB togather). if it won't work, try to restart the installer few times.
  • DaywalkerDaywalker Member Posts: 37
    @azurit thanks for the tip! restarted a few times and its working now, though my installer seems to nor function very well at all. every time i start my installer i get some critical error where the message appears that wants you to send the error details to microsoft or so, im sure everybody knows this message but if i just leave the window open and DONT click anything at all ( not even clicking the cross in the top right to close the window) it just keeps downloading <.< like nothing happend at all..
    any idea what could cause this problems? i mean technically it IS working, but cant be correct that i get these error messages..
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