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  • majinsnakemajinsnake Member Posts: 113

    Has anyone been able to pre-load the game yet? Its eight days to launch and I havent seen or heard anything about pre-loads. Or am I totally wrong about this let me know, please and thank you.

    I been able to pre-load it.
  • JariahxSynnJariahxSynn Member Posts: 67
    @majinsnake That question is two months old guy lol.

    *Panther Style!!!

  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,211
    @Daywalker Send an email to They will be able to help you.
  • nacramnacram Member Posts: 4
    is there a torrent available for the 1,8 gb sized game ?
    because somehow.. after downloading the newer beamdog client.. it just does not see the preload anyore like it used to.. (it said preload complete last time it worked with the previous client version)
  • MortesMortes Member Posts: 45
    edited November 2012
    @nacram just use the original torrent link. The file got updated when the new files/installer got released.

    On the other hand, you can try and delete the 766.status and 766.beam file from the installer download folder. Restart the client afterwards. It should start checking the game files and download the missing files afterwards.
  • BelegurthBelegurth Member Posts: 61
    You can see all videos with .vlc.
  • QumiQumi Member Posts: 7
    My preloads stop at 99,8%, both beamdog and standalone BGEE. After that - the programs freeze :/
  • Gustafson1099Gustafson1099 Member Posts: 4
    How can I actually start the game? I click on the icon (as an administrator), it says preload complete and that's all.
  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,211
    @Gustafson1099 It'll be released in half an hour, then you can complete the download and install the game.
  • Gustafson1099Gustafson1099 Member Posts: 4
  • MuttleyMuttley Member Posts: 61
    15 minutes to go people... WOOF!
  • Gustafson1099Gustafson1099 Member Posts: 4
    Can't wait...
  • azuritazurit Member Posts: 182
    i swear that my clock stops and don't move!
  • JariahxSynnJariahxSynn Member Posts: 67
    So much traffic on my post lately i feel so loved. ^_^
  • SheikiaSheikia Member Posts: 15
    edited November 2012
    Okay so I am having very slow downloading with the individual installer. (50k/s) I've been downloading since yesterday and only have 500 mb. I am trying the torrent, but it is just continuously saying "connecting". I'm using Ares. I haven't had this problem with torrenting before. Can anyone help me?

    I'm thinking I may not end up with a lot of help because everyone is already playing the game without me :'(

    Edit: So the torrent is finally 50k/s. Why is the torrent also so slow? I have a decent internet connection.
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  • KEGman321KEGman321 Member Posts: 22
    @Mortes When I click on your link for the torrent it just takes me to a white screen. Nothing else happens.
  • MortesMortes Member Posts: 45
    @KEGman321 You need to login on the Beamdog website first, then you can download the file.
  • KEGman321KEGman321 Member Posts: 22
    @Mortes I tried that. I logged in, then went to the link and it still just shows up with a blank page for me
  • MortesMortes Member Posts: 45
    @KEGman321 The requirement for being able to download the file is to have bought the game and to be logged in to the Beamdog website. I just checked and the file is still available.

    Something else I could imagine, is that your browser is blocking the download for some reason or that the server was under higher load so that it didn't work.

    Aside of that, downloading the game via Beamdog client or dedicated downloader should be much more reliable, now that the bigger issues were ironed out.
  • KEGman321KEGman321 Member Posts: 22
    @Mortes Thank you. My beamdog client still isn't working, but I'll continue working on it.
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