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BGEE / SOD "Item Replacement" Fun Pack (v2.1 completed)

gattberserkgattberserk Member Posts: 190
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Latest Update (2018):

Hi guys, I am back! I will doing just some touch up and finalising, which I put on hold in 2017.

A great member here CrevsDaak previously helped me to convert the content into WeiDU mod. Thanks alot buddy!

I currently have plans to update this mod with more new stuff and version, so just stay tune here! For now the latest version is v2.1

New plan for SOD for 2018 (V2.2)

The effect of all the new items have been finalised. Crafting dialogue, option from Jegg are almost done (extremely tedious job). You can craft 3 new items with 5 option (for now) to choose from.

List of new items added in for V2.2 content:


Ring of Lockpicking (Removed from SOD) - Loot from Black Lily
Ring of Danger Sense (Removed from SOD) - Loot from Meklin
Small Shield of Rapidity (New) - Reward from Undead Knight Quest at Firewine Dungeon.


Elixir of Warmth (New) - Kanagylm scroll cache
Oil of Insulation (New) - BD6000 cache
Firetooth +3 (BG2EE) - Given to you by Thrix as a 4th option item after answering her riddles.
Foebane +3 (BG2EE) - Loot from Idyletia in Avenus
Skullcrusher +3 (BG2EE) - Loot from Ashatiel in DS Castle Assault
Spear +3 - Chorster at Underground River Surface
Aeger's Hide +3 (BG2EE) - Sold by Nazramu
Boots of Elvenkind (BG2EE) - Sold by Waizahb
Ring of Anti-Venom (BG2EE) - Sold by Waizahb
Tasheron Bow +3 (New) - Sold by Nazramu

SOD Crafting:

Shield of Rapidity +1 (New Crafting) - Forged by Jegg
Hellscream +3 - Upgraded by Jegg**
Frostmourne +3 - Upgraded by Jegg**

List of Modified Items (SOD):

Guardian Devil - 15% Crushing resistance instead of Missile
Helm of Dumanthoin - +5% PDR now
Star Strewn Boot - +5% MR now for any class except Wizard Slayer
Tongue of Acid - Slow has no save now, but cannot bypass MR

Others changes in BGEE:

1) Fixed the 6 general stores in BG City to allow bolts to be sold.
2) Hunter Ring is replaced by Mercykiller Ring (BG2EE) in FAI spoiler cache.
3) Ghost knight in Firewine dungeon will now reward you the small shield of Rapidity
4) Fixed some reputation quest in BGEE (For eg Cordyor will now give u Sirine Quest at any reputation)
5) Black Lily in thieves guild can now be pickpocketed for the ring of lockpicking.
6) Meklin will now drop Ring of Danger Sense instead of Girdle of Fortitude.
7) Girdle of Fortitude will now be sold at Ulgoth Beard Inn
8) No more XP exploit on Elminister, but Daer'Ragh encounter will net you 14.5K XP.
9) Ring of Fire Control is dropped by Demon Knight instead of Ulgoth Beard store.
10) Cloak of Dampening is dropped by Cythandria instead of Ulgoth Beard store.
11) Ammo Pelt sold by Black Lily will be using BAG07 code instead of BAG05
12) Erdane in Durlag Tower will now sell Bag of Holding (BAG04), using IWDEE Bam for icon.

Others changes in SOD:

1) Some Easter Egg Items are added in the game for fun and surprises. (won't affect game balancing)
2) New set of tombs / manual (Total 5 of them excluding tome of wisdom)
3) Some items reshuffling in Dragon Cave (BD0710)
4) Nazaram store will include Aegis Hide +3, Removed Small Shield of Rapidity
5) Necklace of Form Stability is now found as loot on Dragon Cave instead of Nazramu store.
6) Adding crafting to upgrade Shield of Rapidity.
7) Increase item value of Dragonscale Shield/Armor to 10K GP
8) Update amulet of cheetah speed's Movement speed to opcode 176
9) Double capacity for both gem bag available at SOD
10) Introduce 2-3 different epic weapon (Long sword/ninjato) that are based on different element of Fire/Cold/Lightning. All of them are designed to be stronger than Twinkle +3 after upgrade. However for game balancing you can only choose 1 to craft as all they require "glove of strength", which is an unique item.

Hell Scream+3 (Requires Glove of Strength, Ring of Fire Resistance)
Frostmourne +3 (Requires Glove of Strength, Sable Cloak)

Some Eg. of New Item for V2.2 [BGEE/SOD]:

Damaged Shield of Rapidity +1 - Ghost Knight Quest

Type: Small Shield
AC: +2
Does not protect against missiles
Special: 10% chance to trigger haste (2 rounds) on wearer on successful melee hit.
Not Usable By: Non-Warrior, Kensai

Shield of Rapidity +1 (Upgraded)

Type: Medium Shield
AC: +2
Physical Damage Resistance: +10%
Permanent Haste
Special: Using ranged attack will negate the Haste. Haste will resume 1 round after wearer stop attacking with ranged weapon.
Not Usable By: Non-Warrior, Kensai

Requires Boot of Speed (boot01), Cloak of Dampening and Small Shield of Rapidity +1 to upgrade. Restricted to warrior class.

Notable Changes in v2.1 (Completed since 11th Feb)

1) 3x Ring of Wizardry has been reduce to 1, Ring of acuity is added in for that change
2) 3x Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise has been reduce to 1, GoES is added in for that change
3) More new item added in to replace alot of duplicated items found in BGEE/SOD. Check detail log for more info.
4) Nazramu Store now sells better and more powerful UNIQUE magical items.
5) Improved XP of some quest and encounter (very small scale)
6) Fixed certain quest and bugs
7) EXP Cap on SOD has been raised (600K max)

Detailed Log V2.1 (11th Feb'17):

SOD Content:

2) Add Dragon Bane +3 to Dragon Cave's Corpse
3) Add Necklace of Form Stability to Dragon Cave's Corpse
4) Raised XP cap to 600K & Start_XP to 161K
5) Increase XP of Gauth from 6K -> 9K
6) Duration of Improved Haste on Amul26 has been reduced to only 1 round.
7) Modify NPC inventories to certain unique items are not repeated (Adoy Belt, Relair's mistake
8) Allow off-hand THAC0 bonus of Belt of Skillful Blade to apply to all class.
9) Replace Ring of Protection+2 with Royal Guardian +2** (Entar, Duchal Palace)
10) Replace Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise with Extraordinary Specialization (Nazramu Store)
11) Remove Ring of Free Action (Nazramu Store)
12) Replace Necklace of Form Stability with Black Wolf Talisman (Nazramu Store)
13) Replace Ring of Wizardry with Ring of Acuity (Kherriun, Kanaglym)
14) Add in Stonefire +3 to Daeros hidden cache. (BD4300)
15) Helm of Domathoin: Increase PDR (3% -> 5%)
16) Star-Strewn Boot: Decrease MR (7% -> 5% MR, Wizard Slayer MR at +10%)

BGEE Content:

1) Added Cloak of Dampening** (Ulgoth Beard Store)
2) Added Ring of Fire Control (Ulgoth Beard Store)
3) Removed Orc Leather +3, replaced with Ammo Belt (Black Lily Store)
4) Replace Wakisashi +2 with +1 version (AR2100)
5) Buffed Girdle of Fortitude (Set to 18 Con once Equipped)
6) New BAM for Ulcaster Academy Ring. All charged abilities reduce to once per day.
7) Swap the item icon for Bow01 & Bow03 to the original BG Version

New Item List [SOD]:

*Item name* - *In-game location* (*Import from*)

Dragon Bane +3 - Dragon Cave (BG2EE)

Type: Halberd
Damage: 1d10+3, +6 vs Dragon (Piercing)
Thac0: +3
Speed Factor: 6
Not Usable By: Same as Halberd restriction

Stonefire +3 - DS Castle Basement (BG2EE)

Type: Axe
Damage: 1d8+3, +2 fire (Slashing)
Thac0: +3
Speed Factor: 4
Not Usable By: Same as Axe restriction

Black Wolf Talisman - Nazramu Store (IWDEE)

Type: Amulet
AC: +1
Hit Points: +10
Save vs. Breath: +1
Cold Resistance: +10%
Not Usable By: Wizard Slayer

Royal Guardian +2 - Entar Silvershield (NEW)

Type: Ring
AC: +2
Saving Throw: +2
MR: +5%
Not Usable By: Wizard Slayer

Ring of Acuity - Kherriun (BG2EE)

Type: Ring
2nd level Spell: +2
3rd & 4th level Spell: +1
Not Usable By: Non-Mage Class

Gauntlets of Extraordinary Specialization - Nazramu Store (BG2EE)

Type: Bracer
Damage: +2
Thac0: +1
Extra 1/2 APR
Not Usable By: Non-Warrior Class

New Item List [BGEE]:

Ring of Earth Control - Tracea Carol (BG2EE)

Type: Ring
AC: +1
Charm Earth Elemental, Flesh to Stone (once per day)
Not Usable By: Non-Rogue Class

Ulcaster Academy Ring - Ulcaster Ghost (IWDEE)

Type: Ring
Save vs. Spell: +2
Cast Larloch Minor Drain, Horror, Vampiric Touch (Once per day)
Not Usable By: Non-Mage Class

Ring of Human Influence - Dushai (BG2EE)

Type: Ring
Charisma: 18
Charm Person (once per day)
Not Usable By: Non-Rogue Class

Amulet of Cheetah Speed - Lothander (BG2EE)

Type: Amulet
Movement Speed: +2
Improved Haste 1 round (Once per day)
Not Usable By: Wizard Slayer

Girdle of Fortitude - Ulgoth Beard Store (BG2EE)

Type: Belt
Constitution: 18
Not Usable By: Wizard Slayer

Cloak of Dampening - Cythandria (NEW)

Type: Cloak
Phy. Damage Resistance: +10%
Not Usable By: Wizard Slayer

The Stone Breaker - Siemmon (NEW)

Type: Bracer
Strength: +1
Not Usable By: Non-Warrior Class

To install the mod simply run setup-unique_items.exe, do the same to uninstall.

Refer to my post (3rd one) below for more INFO

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  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
    Excellent idea! And the items proposed look perfect, except maybe the Gargoyle Boots if my memory don't fail me these boots can provide the wearer with Stoneskin (2 Skins) on use, which is really awesome in BG:EE considering how they aren't much good boots except for the Cheetah ones.
    But it wouldn't be too much neither, maybe just a small improvement in that case.
  • gattberserkgattberserk Member Posts: 190
    edited February 2016
    Just finished adding a background story to the cloak.
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  • gattberserkgattberserk Member Posts: 190
    edited February 2016
    Sorry for the poor text haha, did some edit and now it should sound better.

    "... Using one of the natural caverns connected to the city sewers for his secret experimentation, he managed to replicate the cloak and was too eager to try it on himself, Unfortunately, his impatience and underestimation on the magic involved cause him to be permanently trapped in his polymorphed slime form... "

    Just wanted to add some background to Schlumpsha (which was never clearly defined) and also create the background for OG CotS before it was found by Ivan, ditched in some deep cavern below the city of BG.
  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
    I love this kind of work, good job with the cloak!
  • gattberserkgattberserk Member Posts: 190
    Hi Gotural, I just tested the gargoyle boots and its not too OP, the stoneskin only has 2 layers and and you cannot stack it to 4.

    The movement bonus granted by Cheetah speed amulet seem to work on/off. Looks like got some bug.
  • gattberserkgattberserk Member Posts: 190
    To add on my intention of all this replacement was that, somehow adding a duplicate of the magical items on BGEE spoil the entire fun. Items such as GoWE no longer become unique, in fact it become OP to have 2 of them in the entire party. Its the best glove period, no restriction, add damage, thac0 on all weapons.

    It just become another "Long sword+1" and lose that feeling of uniqueness when you get it.

    Even in the vanilla BG we have seen duplicate of RoW and RoFR, at least they were conceal in some easter egg spoiler.
  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,714
    edited February 2016
    Everytime I get a "repeated unique item" I delete it using EEKeeper.
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  • gattberserkgattberserk Member Posts: 190
    edited February 2016
    I prefer they added something or new items that were more relevant to the game.

    The cloak of sewers if drop by King schlumpsha would be so perfect. The new items that items the game just sucks too much. The hammer with non-detection (seriously, do we need 3 items with non-detection?) was just redundant and the stupifer was too OP. Extra BoS or GoWE just show their plain laziness. Sigh
  • gattberserkgattberserk Member Posts: 190
    edited February 2016
    Anyway back to topic though, I decided to expand it to all other "repeated" magical items. Trying to replace them with new items that doesn't break the game. Hope to get some input from you guys if they are viable.

    Extra Ring of Wizardry <- Ring of Human Influence
    Extra Ring of Fire Resistance <- Not sure, maybe Ro Regen or Ro Spell Turning
    Extra Cloak of Non-Detection <- Cloak of Sewers (+1 AC I believe is fine)
    Extra BoS <- Amulet of Cheetah Speed (with IH nerf)
    Extra Boot of Avoidance <- Gargoyle Boot
    Extra Golden Girdle <- Girdle of Fortitude
    Extra Gauntlet of Weapon Expertise <- Stone Breaker (+1 str, slightly nerfed, from IWDEE)

    Extra Gauntlet of Weapon Skill - No issue since 1 is used for Quest

    For Ring of Fire Resistance, I am at a lost on what ring to replace. Ring of Spell Turning is a great idea since it already existed in Black Pit but I was wondering if it will be too OPed. Will it be more balanced if obtained through at very late game (Such as killing Semaj or Tracea Carol).

    Cloak of Sewers and Ring of Spell Turning might be the most relevants since its item lore directly involved content accessible in BGEE.
  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,714

    Extra Gauntlet of Weapon Skill - No issue since 1 is used for Quest

    So what?

    So does the Girdle of Piercing (that is much better IMO). It'll force you to make a decision and that's is what an RPG is about.
  • gattberserkgattberserk Member Posts: 190
    edited February 2016
    Raduziel said:

    Extra Gauntlet of Weapon Skill - No issue since 1 is used for Quest

    So what?

    So does the Girdle of Piercing (that is much better IMO). It'll force you to make a decision and that's is what an RPG is about.
    It will either end up giving up the quest and try all means to kill the NPC before he/she touch the door, which make it even more meaningless.

    I gave the belt to Ushey and i killed him second later... Same for Zurlong, is that how they wanted us to play?

    I dont mind having a duplicate cos if it means completing the quest to make it more fulfilling, especially if u have access to the same item at much later of the game.

    On top of that, GoWS is not OP and if u read the items description its not exactly an unique item. Somehow there seem to be quite a few around in FR.
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  • gattberserkgattberserk Member Posts: 190
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    In any case in my game, I submit the quest and i currently only have 1 GoWS. So is not a issue. I see having 2 GoWE (the best glove in BG) even more an issue than 2x GoWS.

    I plan to replace those noticable extra in BGEE first.
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  • gattberserkgattberserk Member Posts: 190
    Anyway I have just modified and created new items more suited for BG. Those ported from BG2 I have nerf abit and 1 item I have buffed it.
  • gattberserkgattberserk Member Posts: 190
    edited February 2016
    Finally after using DLTC Editor I manage to clear out most of the extra / duplicated magical items that is available in BGEE.

    Here is the extensive list of them with replacement for new items (mainly ported from BG2)

    New replacement items:

    Amulet of Cheetah Speed* - Lothander (Replace Boot of Speed)
    Gloves of Strength** - Simmeon (Replace Golden Girdle)
    Gauntlet of Missile Snaring - Tazok tent (Replace Gauntlet of Weapon Expertise)
    Girdle of Fortitude* - Merklin (Replace Boot of Avoidance)
    Plate Mail +2 - Simmeon (Replace Plate Mail +1)
    Ring of Earth Control - AR5500 (Replace Ring of Fire Resistance)
    Ring of Human Influence - Dushai (Replace Ring of Free Action)
    Ring of Snaring** - Friendly Arm Inn (Replace Ring of Wizardry)

    Malakar +2 - Undercity (Replace Plate Mail +2)
    Wakisashi +2 - AR2100 (Replace Cloakwood Scimitar +2)

    New add on:

    Gargolye Boot - Semaj

    Remove item:

    Cloak of Non-detection - BG East, Sorcery Sundries
    Ring of Zombie - AR2100


    Cloak of the Wolf -> Now comes +1 AC bonus. (Remove Cloak of Sewers to prevent complication)
    Change Icon for Plate Mail +2, change it to BG2 version of PM+2

    * - Denote item modification
    ** - Denote new items.

    Now I feel like trying to replay and get a feel how it will be, after implementing this non-breaking items instead.
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  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,714
    @gattberserk Nice job, dude. Do you have a mod with these for us to get?
  • gattberserkgattberserk Member Posts: 190
    edited February 2016
    Raduziel said:

    @gattberserk Nice job, dude. Do you have a mod with these for us to get?

    Hi I am not sure how to make it into a mod as I mainly just save them in my override files.

    I am considering adding a weapon+2 and morning star +2 and at Candlekeep dungeon (empty crypt) and Duchal Palace (basement chest) respectively. Not breaking the game since they are only available at Chapter 6/7.

    Might also be adding a helm of charm protection in the tomb of Isanne at Durlag Lv 5.

    Right now I am figuring how to get rid of the extra Girdle of Bluntness at the npc shop in BG SW
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  • gattberserkgattberserk Member Posts: 190
    edited February 2016
    Hi guys, btw can i ask for help to extract the dialog.tlk for reference 7745 + 7746, i seem to accidentally delete them and i believe the reference for this 2 is current "blank".
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  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,135
    I have moved the thread to the modding section, so that:

    1) more people could help you, @gattberserk
    2) you would upload your files to the forum (after the work is done) and thus more people could enjoy your work :wink:
  • MindmoilMindmoil Member Posts: 8
    Hello, I can probably make a proper WeiDU mod out of this, message me if interested.
  • gattberserkgattberserk Member Posts: 190
    I just did some crazy fun with the undead knight inventory, and replace their orginal items with 3-6 other stuff each that isnt available in BGEE.

    Of cos I buff them up, increasing their HP to 250-400 and even gave each of them a Ring of Regeneration (cannot drop or steal) so that ppl dont blindly rest just to use posion on them.

    So literally, its impossible to kill them after I did my modding, but for the sake of fun with CTRL + Y.
    5201.png 695.5K
  • gattberserkgattberserk Member Posts: 190
    edited February 2016
    Anyway so here is the result after the simple modding, I didnt do much. Whatever I take out I add one replacement in and its pretty good in term of progression. No more seeing duplicate of items that make the game dull and OP in certain ways.

    Pic 1: New morning star at Candlekeep Crypt. Its trapped and locked like the rest of the tombstones
    Pic 2: Basement of Duchual Palace (Dw to spoil too much here)
    Pic 3: Simmeon dropping different set of gears as opposed to the original BGEE. (definitely catch more attention)

    Anyway for any newest update I will show it my first post for convenient sake :)
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  • gattberserkgattberserk Member Posts: 190

    Finally remove Girdle of Bluntness from Storekeep AR1117
    Add in Orc Leather +3 to Black Lily. (purchasable for 10K gp, good for archer)
    Considering to add it Periapt of life protection (purchasable), but I am not sure if it will make Claw of Kazagoth too attractive (opinions anyone?)
  • gattberserkgattberserk Member Posts: 190
    Hi guys, I done some tweak to the Quest for Soultaker Dagger to give XP reward, Reputation pt as well as the kneecapper+1 as well. (Charname deserve good reward for clearing out Durlag tower + killing the demon and destroying the cult)

    I slightly modified the dialog to make it sound more natural with the flow. Do let me know your opinion on it. :)

  • gattberserkgattberserk Member Posts: 190
    Mod has been completed, will be available for DL soon.

    Summarised changelog for the BGEE fun pack:

    1) 15 duplicated items remove, 18 new items added, 1 existing item shifted location.
    2) Final Battle XP buffed
    3) 1 quest tweaked on reward, 1 quest that give new rewards, 2 quests timer extended
    3) All 6 "General Stores" in BG city has been tweaked to accept any items sold to them.

    Mod is done and is considered a small scale simple mod, but I believe it will add alot of dynamic play without spoiling the feel for original BG1. All extra copy of unique magical items has been replaced completely (not for non-unique items like Ring of Infravision)
  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,840
    I've done similar things to this. Using EEKeeper, I've changed around the items that enemies have in BG1, but I can't create any new items. I've made some interesting changes, though. For example:

    *All Kobold Commandos now have an Arrow of Detonation which they fire at you. However, you can get the arrow if you kill them before they use it.

    *Davaeorn now wields a Staff of Striking with 30000 charges, which he will drop when killed. The bad news is that he now has 18/00 Strength, 9 base THAC0, grandmastery in quarterstaves, an additional attack per round, and permanent haste. He's fun to fight.
  • gattberserkgattberserk Member Posts: 190
    edited February 2016
    Ee keeper doesnt allow u to change any item stats. You need a IN or a DHLCEP to do that...

    My mod design still stick to the fundamental rules of DnD therefore i dont really change the stats of enemies in the game. It is just bgee as it is, except with a different touch when u play through it again.

    Its still a small mod, but i believe an effective one, as one will see a interesting reward or loot as u journey through sword coast again.

    Anyway the complete list of duplicated unique items in SC:

    Boot of Avoidance
    Boot of Speed
    Bow of Marksmanship +2 (Exploit)
    Cloak of Non-Detection
    Fallorian Plate +1
    Gauntlet of Weapon Expertise
    Girdle of Bluntness
    Golden Girdle
    Harrower +1
    Plate of the Dark +1 (Exploit)
    Ring of Fire Resistance
    Ring of Free Action
    Ring of Thorn
    Ring of Wizardry
    Robe of Evil Archmagi
    Robe of Neutral Archmagi
    Scimitar +2 Rashad Talon
    Sling of Unearring +2

    Looks at the amount of items that has extra copy of them lying in SC, its really spoils the games omg.
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  • gattberserkgattberserk Member Posts: 190
    Hi guys I have already upload the Zip files... do try out if interested! :)
  • gattberserkgattberserk Member Posts: 190
    edited February 2016
    New update:

    Decided to add Ulcaster Academy Ring as a reward after returning the Ulcaster's Dusty Book.

    The Ring however has been slightly nerf to balance the game. (You can only cast Larloch Minor Drain & Horror once per day only).

    Zipfile has been updated accordingly. Available for D/L at my first post!
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  • rkocourrkocour Member Posts: 34
    This looks super interesting and I would love to try it out, but unfortunately until it's weidu'd it's a no go.
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