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FAQ #1 [Archive]

CorianderCoriander Member Posts: 1,667
What is Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition?
BG:EE is an upgraded version of Baldurs Gate, and the Tales of the Sword Coast Expansion.
Information can be found at

What are some improvements we will see with Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition?
1) Improved user interface. The old Baldur's Gate interface was created around 640x480 resolution. We are going in and re-writing the UI system to work for multiple larger resolutions and we are using the iPad 3 (at 2048x1536) as one of our target resolutions.
2) Convert the graphics completely over to OpenGL. By using the hardware present in all devices, we can run BG at higher resolutions and run it faster and smoother that it ever could before.
3) The addition of the ability to zoom in and out dynamically during gameplay.
4) Expanding platforms that it will be available on.
5) Expanding language base available.

Will Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition be available in different languages?
Yes. English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (EFIGS) are all confirmed languages that should be available at launch, and the game should include all the languages in one version. More languages are on the way, including Polish, but cannot be confirmed at this time. They correspond to the language forums that we currently have open. We hope to include them at launch as well.

What platforms will Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition be released on?
Windows PC, Mac OSX, iPad, and Android Tablets.

Will game saves be compatible across all platforms?

Will cross platform multiplayer be available?

What rule system will be used for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition?
2nd Edition D&D Rules.

Will the original quests be expanded?
The original content will remain mostly untouched. Broken quests that don't give rewards or allow exploitation of rewards will be fixed.

What are the system requirements for the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition?
Required System Memory (MB) 512 MB
Minimum Graphics GeForce 2 or Equivalent
Processor Speed (GHz) 1 GHZ
For Intel Hardware

Will you need an internet connection to play Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition?
No. A connection will be required to download and install and update the game but is not required to play.

When will Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition be released?
It is currently available through Beamdog for PC and Mac, through the Mac App Store for the Mac, and the App Store for iPad. There is no set release date for Android.

How much will Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition cost?
The PC and Mac version are $20 and includes all the DLC. The tablet version is $10 with the DLC available as in-app purchases.

Will the Enhanced Edition be on Steam or GOG?
It is available on Steam.

Will those that preordered be given Steam keys?
No. The Steam version is distributed by Atari. We can not request keys directly from Steam and there is no deal with Atari to give them to us. Steam keys were not promised to those that preordered.

Will there be a Baldur's Gate 3?
We are pursuing the idea.

Tanthalas edit: Fixed the pre-order price since the discount ended back in September.
Edit: Updated available versions.
Edit: Added question about Steam keys.
Edit: typo

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