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[MOD] Dragonspear UI++ (v2.42)



  • PeccaPecca Member Posts: 2,104
  • ReverieReverie Member Posts: 30
    Hey, quick question - is there a config somewhere where I could disable the changing of the active character in the inventory screen on mouse hover? They keep swapping randomly for me as I'm just trying to move some items around :) Other than that, absolutely love the mod (the old version, not the beta just yet).
  • EndarireEndarire Member Posts: 1,386
    Large character portraits + resize UI = can't fully see all portraits.


    Image from ๖ۣۜReverie on Discord.
  • PeccaPecca Member Posts: 2,104
    I think my original version doesn't implement on hover inventory swap but I don't remember. If it's there, thereis probably no easy way to turn it off. Infinity UI implements switch in the settings for that.
    Large portraits were intended to be used with unscaled interface, because they were too small.
  • ReverieReverie Member Posts: 30
    I commented out 1 line here:

    function Inventory:onSlotsAreaEnter(n)
    if self.hovered ~= n then
    -- we are in sync, i.e. hovered == nil or hovered == selected
    -- remove the cover
    Infinity_SetArea('slotsAreaCover', nil, nil, 0, 0)

    -- restore previously hovered area
    if self.hovered then
    Infinity_SetArea('slotsArea' .. self.hovered, nil, nil, 392, 98)

    -- invalid area, we're done
    if n == nil then
    self.hovered = nil

    -- valid area, hide it, select hovered char
    -- NOTE: triggers actionExit for the slotsArea
    Infinity_SetArea('slotsArea' .. n, nil, nil, 0, 0)
    self.hovered = n

    the last line, self:select.

    It's not optimal - gotta click a character to move an item to their inventory as well now - but I think I prefer it that way over the hover-switching of the character on the side. Will decide which way I prefer it after a bit of testing, I guess, if there's no way to only turn off the hover (I'm guessing there isn't).
  • ReverieReverie Member Posts: 30
    edited April 17
    Hey, so I'm also trying to set up a non-EET, just BG1EE install and after installing the GUI, everything is black. The intro movies launch and if I press alt-f4 I get visible window asking me if I wanna quit and guilting me about poor Boo. But other than that - blackness.

    What could be happening? Did I miss something important?

    EDIT: Infinity UI works though. I guess I'll just use that, even though it's a beta. Can't beat a fully black screen :D The Dragonspear one works totally fine on my EET install. Weird stuff.

    Just want to add that these UI mods - whichever - are a muuuust. I played for a couple of hours with it and wouldn't go back to vanilla, lol. No way Jose.
  • EndarireEndarire Member Posts: 1,386
    Dragonspear UI++ is a handy UI also largely by Pecca that's closer to being finalized.
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