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Ineth's themed collections of BG2 style portraits

inethineth Member Posts: 623

Ineth's themed collections of
Baldur's Gate II style portraits

Since my IWD:EE portraits thread was well received, I'd like to share some BG2:EE portraits I collected as well.
However, instead of one big pack, these are more focused collections centered around particular themes.

Collections, not original art

Please note that I did not paint any of these images - I merely cropped (and post-processed) them into BG2 portraits.
The originals are images which I found browsing on Pinterest / DeviantArt / Google Image Search, painted by random artists. (See the "Spoiler" boxes in each section for credits and details.)


An archive with ready-to-use BMPs is attached to the end of each post.

Alternatively, you can click individual portraits to get their 210x330 version in PNG format. (Don't use "right click > save image" on this page, because then you'll only get the low-resolution JPG thumbnail.)

To use the portraits, simply place the BMP files in your BG2:EE portrait folder and select "Custom portrait" in the game.

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