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Nimran Draws...

NimranNimran Member Posts: 4,864
So here's the thing: I was once told by an art teacher that my drawing skills are kinda garbage, which has caused me to drop the medium altogether for almost a decade now. That said, I think I would like to retry my hand at it. Why? Because I have all of this pent-up creativity and nowhere else to put it. That, and my artistic senses have been tingling ever since I started looking at some of the fine works of art here on the forum. It made me realize how much I miss the devotion to small details, holding my face barely an inch away from the drawing board as I sketched feverishly for hours, my hand growing bum over and over again, until finally my work was done. I know most people might consider that tedious and boring, but I remember enjoying it, at least until my drive was lost when that teacher said that I sucked. Anyway, I'll start this thread by posting two of my older works so you can see for yourselves what I had fun creating.



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