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Noober is Love, Noober is Life

NimranNimran Member Posts: 4,848
edited October 2016 in Off-Topic
Hello, friends, fiends, and fremeses! 'Tis I, @Nimran, here to spread joy and fun (and :cookie:s) for all!

This is a joke thread where people can come up with any sentence whatsoever, but they must replace one or more words in each sentence with Noober. The goal is to have fun coming up with wacky things about Noober.

I'll start. What kind of Noober has two Noobers?

(Uhhhh, did something remove the ability to set where the thread goes? I don't have the option to move it.)

JuliusBorisovKamigoroshiRelSundan[Deleted User]Nonnahswritermashedtaters


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