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Political Mods?

ARKdeEREHARKdeEREH Member Posts: 531
I'm not sure if this should go into off-topic or the mod category.

Anyway, are there any mods that make fun of politics (favoring any side)? I just had this thought about how it would be funny if someone made a mod about a Donald Trump lookalike trying to deport the Bhaalspawn from Saradush and the resulting backlash that something like that might cause in the game (especially since the Bhaalspawn tend to be sort of powerful and godlike, lol). While I doubt that that specific scenario exists, it got me thinking that maybe someone has already made something else making fun of a different political topic?



  • GallengerGallenger Member Posts: 400
    edited November 2016
    If you've not yet, Fallout 2 does have quite a number of references to American political events of the later 90's that are pretty humorous, but if you weren't really aware of what was going on then it'll pry just fly over your head. Not to mention that the area they're mostly contained in is optional and can be missed entirely lol. If you like the idea of humorous politics-oriented stuff in your RPGs.

  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 3,026
    Modding takes effort. I doubt many people are willing to learn the tedious efforts of working with mods to create a tasteless joke that won't even be relevant (hopefully) a decade from now. That effort's better spent on creations with substance.

  • mashedtatersmashedtaters Member Posts: 2,125
    The game already pokes fun pretty regularly at our political, bureaucratic system already. Just visit the government district. It's like the DMV.

  • MathsorcererMathsorcerer Member Posts: 2,725
    Speaking of political jokes which are no longer relevant....I still have all my Illuminati: New World Order cards. Some of the "personality" cards included Ronald Reagan, Nancy Reagan, Bill and Hillary Clinton, George H. W. Bush, Dan Quayle, even Princess Diana and Prince Charles pre-divorce--you had to be there in 1994 or you wouldn't have gotten some of the jokes.

  • mashedtatersmashedtaters Member Posts: 2,125

    @mashedtaters: The Athkatlan government actually works really fast. Though their priorities are little strange.

    Charname: I'd like to apply for a magic license. How-

    Corniel: 5,000 gold.

    Charname: What?

    Corniel: 5,000 gold. Then you get your license.

    Charname: Oh. Okay. Is there a form to fill out? Do I have to pass a test?

    Corniel: Nope. Just gimme the money.

    Charname: Right. Now... I did kill a half-dozen Cowled Wizards last week.

    Corniel: I know.

    Charname: Is that going to be a problem?

    Corniel: Nah.

    Lol! Right, I forgot that I play with the Amber mod and Unfonished Business mods, both of which poke fun at the bureaucracy.

    Sorry guys!!

  • ARKdeEREHARKdeEREH Member Posts: 531
    I saw an episode of "Z Nation" recently that made fun of the border wall idea by making it about zombies (but in so doing effectively giving half the country to the zombies), and that's what gave me the idea. Since quests often have more than one way to resolve I thought that there could be ways that appeal to more than one side.


    Thanks. I haven't played the Fallout games yet, but I've heard of them, that might be worth checking out. Along those lines I read that there was a mod made to Doom 2 in 1995 that caused the lost souls (flaming skulls that fly around) to resemble Bill Clinton's face. I haven't played it but it sounds like it could be mildly amusing.

    I don't really like either major party after this past election cycle so something making fun of either of them would seem interesting.


    I noticed the bureaucracy when I tried to rescue that tiefling from the prison and I kept getting sent back for different forms and seals and they didn't even ask or seem to care why I wanted the forms to begin with even though everyone else seemed to think that the "demon" was dangerous. That was pretty funny.

    I do think it would be funny though for a standard human to try to evict several hundred armed and battle-hardened demigods, since it obviously wouldn't work out too well for the human and could have sarcastic dialogue.

  • TStaelTStael Member Posts: 861
    In view that "high fantasy RPG" is generally indebted to Tolkien, to say that "politics" is not actually intrinsic to fantasy worlds is false naïveté from my perspective.

    It were those world writing boring parts that made Tolkien a classic, even if us fantasy fans only cared about that ring. I remember reading it, and feeling offended how insular the Horse Lords were - when the wold was at stake!

    Anyone think of DA2, or EU? I do.

  • scriverscriver Member Posts: 1,805
  • TStaelTStael Member Posts: 861
    Or Mount & Blade? Only - I wish there was a "Wilhelm Tell" option with the next title.

    The presumed feodal world order is such a norm with gaming, ofttimes - how about a freedom fighting, federal republic?

  • BillyYankBillyYank Member Posts: 2,739
    TStael said:

    Or Mount & Blade? Only - I wish there was a "Wilhelm Tell" option with the next title.

    The presumed feodal world order is such a norm with gaming, ofttimes - how about a freedom fighting, federal republic?

    ... autonomous anarcho-syndicalist commune?

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