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Random Goblin dropped Medium Shield +1

Today I was taking a freshly-imported archer through Chateau Irenicus and, to my surprise, one of the goblins in the first hallway dropped a Medium Shield +1. I have no idea how many times I did Chateau Irenicus on BG2, but it had to be more than 30, (and would have been higher had I not discovered Dungeon-Be-Gone). This is now my sixth trip through in BG2EE. To my knowledge, this is the first time I have ever seen any of those goblins drop anything other than gold or some junk gems/scrolls.

Is this something they were always able to do, albeit extremely rarely? Is this a new BG2EE feature? A fortunate glitch? I mean, a Medium Shield +1 ultimately isn't that big of a deal in BG2, even this early, but the whole situation is kind of blowing my mind.



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