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[NPC MOD] Ishlilka the Wizard Slayer for BG1 + SOD [FULL VERSION 1.3]

WarChiefZekeWarChiefZeke Member Posts: 613
edited May 24 in BG:EE Mods
Introducing the Ishlilka mod for BG!

--If you have a previous version of this mod, you must uninstall it before installing this latest version.--

Ishlilka is a newly trained Wizard Slayer that has come to this part of the Sword Coast to prove herself worthy to her father and his band of reputable mercenaries. Noble at heart, and up alone against a strange foe, she willingly takes up your cause in exchange for aid in her own.

What you can expect:

At least two banters with every companion in BG1.

A friendship and romance path.

A unique quest for BG1 and SOD.

Various interjections at different points in the game.

A balanced front liner with a unique ranged weapon.



Some tips:

Should be fully compatible with other BG1/SOD mods.

This is the Full Version, it should be functional but there still remain the minor possibility of bugs. Please inform me if so.

This mod was made for BG:EE with SOD installed. I don't know what will happen if you add it to a vanilla BG:EE install. You may just get an "installed with warnings" and it will be fine. You may open up a portal to the Hells. I can not be held responsible for such reckless acts. (I will post a standalone BG:EE version in the comments sooneventuallyish)

She can be found at the grounds of the Friendly Arm Inn.

Romance is available to Half Orcs, Humans, and Half Elves, although Half Elves will have special difficulties.

Ishlilka will follow you into SOD only if she was with you for the final battle with Sarevok and you export your game.

If you failed to complete her quest in BG1 but brought her into SOD, you need to talk to her if you want to start her next quest.

The plot will get thicker and the quests will get juicier in BG2/TOB ;)



1) Install into game directory.

2) Take the ishlilkamod-setup.exe and ishlilkamod-setup.tp2 out of the mod folder and into game directory.

3) start the setup executable.


If you have any suggestions, comments, tips on how I can improve it, reasons why I suck, please let me know.


Special thanks to every modder who has ever made a tutorial as well as a certain trio of gibberlings whose advice was invaluable.

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  • EekanImpEekanImp Member Posts: 11
    It's always a treat to see a new NPC mod get released. :)

    I hope the alpha testing goes well - I'll be keeping an eye on this. ;)
  • WarChiefZekeWarChiefZeke Member Posts: 613
    edited June 16
    Thank you! I too hope that it goes well ;)

    For those who only have BG:EE, try this one instead. If there are any problems, please let me know, though there shouldn't be :)

    Post edited by WarChiefZeke on
  • rashkaerashkae Member Posts: 104
    The installer is not packaged correctly. The .exe needs to be in the game folder to be installed. But since it is instead in the mod folder, (and can not find it's compoenents if I try to move just the setup exe one directory up.), I would have to copy all the subfolder directly into my game folder to install.

  • WarChiefZekeWarChiefZeke Member Posts: 613
    edited March 12
    @rashkae, you should be able to take the ishlilkamod-setup along with the ishlilkamod-setup.tp2 out of the mod folder and into the game directory for installation. if this isn't the case, I will repackage it. :)
  • rashkaerashkae Member Posts: 104
    Yes, your right, sorry,, I should have tried harder before posting.
  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member Posts: 1,583
    Got a bug. Added her to BGEE & SoD v2.3. met her at the inn and her name comes up as "Thank you Shar-teel, it's very reassuring" I have not even met Shar-teel yet.
  • rashkaerashkae Member Posts: 104
    I confess, I peeked at the dialogue files... (sorry, I guess i'm just the impatient type)

    I notice a few things that might be oversights. I haven't playtested through this yet, so I apologize if I misinterpret how this works.

    There's a romance bad end that sets the Global Romance Active to 3, but most of the checks against the variable only look for not 0.

    I notice a few non-love talk conversations that can jump the Romance Active to 2. This is my my humble opinion, but I think it would also make sense to do so at the end of LT 3 or 4. (Especially 4.)

    In one of the Dorn Banters, there is line:
    DO ~SetGlobal("IshyDornR","GLOBAL",1)~
    Should that be IshyDornRho to prevent loop?

    And finally, I think you did not add the CD_NoT_Valid Checks to the LT timer, (though I see it is there for the other talks.
  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 869
    Yep, it's always nice to see a new mod. As for some suggestions...

    The name problem - there is a missing line in tp2. You can find there only:

    SAY NAME1 ~Ishlilka~

    But there should be also:

    SAY NAME2 ~Ishlilka~

    I think that some proofreading may help, too. When I was skimming some talks, I saw some things like "i'm" instead of "I'm" etc.

    I would expand some talks here and there, because some are really short and some people may have expected to know a bit more about the character or her and charname's relationship growth.

    Another thing: Her portrait does not match original portrait cropping. It should be more or less like in the attached version:
  • WarChiefZekeWarChiefZeke Member Posts: 613
    edited March 12
    Thanks Rashkae, all of those issues have been fixed and the download in the OP has been edited to have those fixes. (and with the SAY NAME2).

    No, you're right, they should have been checking for 2 specifically, not just not zero. That was a testing holdover that should have been changed.

    @Zaghoul that's...weird. Do you have any other mods installed?
  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 869
    @WarChiefZeke - the "Thank you Shar-teel, it's very reassuring" should probably be fixed with SAY NAME2 - the line was lacking and probably some other string was put there. And that string probably was "Thank you Shar-teel, it's very reassuring". However, @Zaghoul must use save from before meeting the character to check it (before entering the area where Ishy is)
  • WarChiefZekeWarChiefZeke Member Posts: 613
    Right, so if you uninstall and delete/replace the folders with the new download let me know if that solves the problem.

    I'm also in the process of expanding several talks and banters as well as adding new ones in the SOD department. Expect more of this.
  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 869
    And what with the portrait? Can you offer more suitable version so they looked at least a bit more like other BG portraits?
  • WarChiefZekeWarChiefZeke Member Posts: 613
    Portraits updated in the OP download, because I agree it should fit more BG style.

    Also, the third friendship talk has been expanded. I will apply these changes shortly to the BGEE-only version.
  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member Posts: 1,583
    edited March 12
    Checking it again from a previous save. Still the same thing with the name. On the main game screen with all the portraits on the right side. If the cursor is held over this new npc it keeps making that swishing soud you always get when you place the cursor over them to show hitpoints. Did not notice the portrait change either.
    Uninstalled again.
    Quite a few mods but never had a problem before.

    Would like to see this work as she seems an interesting NPC. Kinda partial to half-orcs, so please keep tying.

    Ill keep a save open to keep trying this prior to meeting her. Just let me know when to give it another shot.

  • WarChiefZekeWarChiefZeke Member Posts: 613
    edited March 13
    Hm...I can't seem to replicate those bugs on my end with the currently available version. Have you tried a new game after uninstalling the old version? Considering she's at the FAI it only takes a minute or two of game time to return. Otherwise it may be a mod conflict, but i've confirmed it twice now with NPC project and several others...

    if anyone else gets this bug, please report :)

    in the meanwhile i'll see if i can discover the issue
    Post edited by WarChiefZeke on
  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member Posts: 1,583
    Ah-ight then. I at least figured out how to make this work. I had an even earlier save when I had just got to the inn for the first time with imoen. Met Ish them and it seemed to work fine. Also she had her equipment this time (had nothing in addition to wrong name on the later save).

    Must have had something to do with a late in game return to the FAI for some reason. I had the NPCs White and Mur'Neth with me and a druid animal companion but do not see why they would have conflicted.

    It also worked when I took the my character from the first 'prologue start' save the game made and I went straight to the FAI. Worked fine, with her equipment.

    I'll just restart my character again cause she looks interesting and Im only partial to half orcs and half elves(and the occasional little Urdlen worshipping gnome) . Will see what she thinks of my Half elven druid oozemaster.

    Glad you added a javelin. I had just started using artificial sunlights javelin mod and love it.

    Will let you know if anything else develops.
  • WarChiefZekeWarChiefZeke Member Posts: 613
    edited March 13
    Oh yeah, adding Ishlilka into a game where you've already been to the FAI will certainly make it bug out.

    Anyway, glad to know that it works! Let me know if/when you complete the quest. :)
    Post edited by WarChiefZeke on
  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 869

    (...) However, @Zaghoul must use save from before meeting the character to check it (before entering the area where Ishy is)

    Huh, I said that. Once character spawns, the .cre file is no longer checked, but information from your save game is used so you need to use save from before she spawned (not before talking to her, but before you entered the area when character may be found). That's why I mentioned the area before :)

  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member Posts: 1,583
    What was weird was that on both saves, the early and the later save, I had already entered entered the FAI area where she was. Also on both saves I had not uncovered the unexplored area Ish sits in. Just happens that one save was later in the game and that one did not have her working correctly.

    I wonder though, with the earlier save that worked, where CHARNAME and Immy had entered the inn (Ish is outside the inn), they were inside the inn when I added Ish to the game.

  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 869
    Probably the earlier save was from before the mod was installed, ergo there was no script that would make her spawn and if she did not spawn, then the file wasn't stored in your savegame :)
  • Son_of_ImoenSon_of_Imoen Member Posts: 1,547
    Bookmarked the thread to try her out once the bugs are squashed. Good hunting, all testers and thanks in advance!
  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member Posts: 1,583
    Everything seems to e going well now. Got the quest run, nice bit of a scrap that was. Says she will help me now. I am not sure as to the progression of the romance as there are not that many talks. Are they triggered by chapter progression?
    Really liking the javelin throw animations.
  • WarChiefZekeWarChiefZeke Member Posts: 613
    edited March 13
    I believe there are 5 straightforward romance talks in BG1, not including the various interjections, SOD talks, chapter related romance dialogues, and related NPC banters that accompany it.

    That being said, I set the timers a bit high. I have considered lowering them and probably will. If you want to cheat ahead, i'll give you the console code.
  • WarChiefZekeWarChiefZeke Member Posts: 613
    Also, thanks for letting me know the quest worked out! That's the most code-intensive part of the mod so I was worried that might be an issue.
  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member Posts: 1,583
    edited March 13
    I dont want to jump ahead but if you PM me with the talks I can keep an eye out for them better. A couple of little grammer issues but nothing major, I'll be glad to check it again myself if you send a mail to me. Great mod so far. A certain mage at the FAI did not like her class as a WS that much, hehheh. Proceeding to Cloakwood mines next.
    Very good and accurate use of orcish mythology, especially as I have played many a half orc cleric using those gods as a background and guidance to roleplating the character.
  • rashkaerashkae Member Posts: 104
    Just finished the quest. I was spinning my wheels for a bit because the first time I talked to the ... ah, Informant in Nashkel, the new dialogue did not trigger. (not sure why.) But second time was the charm.

    I liked that it was not immediately obvious where you had to look and whom you had to talk too. A little legwork is appropriate for quests, I think. My party was level 4 when I found the fugitive, and I think the battle was just about the perfect challenge level. Maybe a bit too easy. (I say that since I was able to survive the battle without reload on the first try. But it was an exciting surprise that took some thought on my part to make it through.)

    I think there's something still off with the Romance LT's. I'm sorry if this is working as you intended, but I think it would flow better if the LT's started *after* the frinendhsip track.. (Ie, the LT's only start once you use on of the flirtatious comments that bumps Ramance Active to 2). As it is, both tracks play simultaneously, and are over far too quickly. Also, since the timers end up the same, a few times you get two conversations back to back.

  • WarChiefZekeWarChiefZeke Member Posts: 613
    Right, they shouldn't be triggering at the same times but that can be easily solved, will update it in the next patch to space them out more. I believe I also figured out why it took two conversations and solved the error. (needed an extra interject for that line)

    So it looks like everything is at least basically functional in BG! All that's left is SOD. This is going smoother than i'd hoped.

    What I want to do in the near future:

    - add more random interjections because i feel like they add flavor and replayability

    - add some more banters or expand on them where I feel appropriate

    - add any cross-mod banter that fellow modders would be willing to do.

    It's funny, I was worried that the quest might be a bit too difficult, but i'm glad to know it's about the right balance. I'm tempted to beef up SOD's enemy now back to how he originally was.

  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member Posts: 1,583
    edited March 15
    Yep, I would say alpha test is a success. Great work. Additions for the near future listed above sound like a great plan.
    Post edited by Zaghoul on
  • WarChiefZekeWarChiefZeke Member Posts: 613
    This latest version includes a quest fix so that the dialogue always fires without having to try twice and timers should function as they should. Huzzah!
  • rashkaerashkae Member Posts: 104
    edited March 15
    *Spoilers Removed, sorry*
    Post edited by rashkae on
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