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Creating weapon

Is their a way to create or modify weapon. for exemple If i prefer a sword only esthetic perpose could i change the image of mace to a sword. or create a sword that as the same stats?


  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Posts: 752
    The answer is yes. There is a program called nearinfinity which will make all sorts of changes.
    I usually use it in conjunction with EE keeper.
    I think that they are actually available on the Beamdog forum.
    Google the terms.
  • AerakarAerakar Posts: 373
    I agree with @Wise_Grimwald and I recommend both EE Keeper and Near Infinity. EE Keeper is great if you change your mind about something during your game, e.g. picked clubs as a weapon but realize you should have picked quarterstaffs, or want to change the character sprite of your fighter/thief to a hooded thief. You can change NPC photos, or even make changes in ability scores and other things if you have some desire.

    Near Infinity is good for altering weapon or armor appearance or item abilities as you want, e.g. change color of a magic buckler for your assassin from bright blue to black, or add abilities, etc.
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