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Xan portrait problem

ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 2,991
Something changed recently in my setup and I cannot figure out the problem with Xan's portrait.
Some mod update I reckon, just not sure which as I have not run with him in a while. I know I did not specifically add it in and off itself.

He now has this picture (well, the top half anyway) on the character info screen but a blank question mark on the party roster, right side of screen.
Portrait is OK just tired of looking at the blank question mark. It shows up in the override files with his L,M,,and S. Not sure why they all had the 210x size but all the others do and work fine.

Only mods I can think that were updated recently was chatty imoen and BGNPC project, not sure why they would affect it though, so maybe something else I missed.

Any ideas or fixes?


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