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Worst weather effects ever in a videogame.

StovichStovich Member Posts: 13
Let me preface this first by saying I absolutely love Siege of Dragonspear. It is for this reason that I must bring up my disdain for the overcast/fog effects added to this new campaign. I find myself saving/loading just to reset the clouds that are constantly rolling in.

Seriously, what is the justification for these completely asinine effects? Half the time when I play the game, I feel like I gazing into an old-timey TV set that is projecting white static into my eyeballs, making me squint just to see anything.

This brain-damaged weather implementation is giving me eye-slit syndrome.

How the hell can I permanently remove this garbage from my game? I don't want to wait for a patch.

Look at this trash:

If you look really closely, you'll notice I took a screenshot of a videogame.



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