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Is Imoen an Evil Genius? (Massive Tarrasque-Sized Spoilers Throughout)

Permidion_StarkPermidion_Stark Member Posts: 4,613
For years we have been thinking of Imoen as our adorable (or unbearable) little sister: a happy-go-lucky, good-hearted kid who is intensely loyal to the Charname. But now conclusive proof has been uncovered revealing that as soon as you leave Candlekeep Imoen goes on a killing spree, slaughtering defenceless animals:

So do we need to reassess everything we think about Imoen? Is she in fact using the Charname as a cat's paw to achieve her own ends? Is Imoen the one pulling the strings throughout your adventures? Is she the puppet master? Is Imoen the true power behind the Throne of Bhaal?

Look at the evidence:

1. She knows more about your flight from Candlekeep than you do. She turns up just after Gorion is killed. Coincidence? Maybe. Or did she watch and wait until the battle was over?

2. She keeps herself to herself and rarely interacts with anyone but the Charname. But she always complains if she doesn't like what you are doing and praises you when you do what she wants.

3. You can't get rid of her. No matter how you try. She will keep coming back.

4. In SoD she says she can't join you because she wouldn't be much use but she follows you through the first dungeon like a tour guide. None of the monsters in the dungeon will try to attack her. Even if everyone else is killed Imoen will survive.

5. Imoen sits out the whole of SoD because she says she is learning magic (even if she already knows more magic than she learns). Is this true or is she up to something? Is she, for instance, plotting with the Hooded Man?

6. At the end of SoD Imoen takes the credit for breaking you out of jail. But just before this happens the Hooded Man turns up and predicts that you will escape. Are they in this together?

7. Once you do escape Imoen chooses the path you take and just happens to lead you into an ambush.

8. You wake up in Chateau Irenicus and Imoen frees you from your cage. She claims she escaped from her own cage because it was damaged in the attack by the Shadow Thieves. Seems kind of convenient doesn't it?

9. She then tells you that she was tortured by Irenicus. But you only have her word for this. What if she was helping Irenicus in his studies? Wielding the knife that killed Khalid? Or worse yet, what if she was the one guiding the operation? Telling Irenicus where to cut?

10. When you break out into Waukeen's Promenade and the Cowled Wizards come to arrest Irenicus she makes sure she gets arrested by firing a Magic Missile at him. If she was really intending on fighting a battle with a powerful enemy mage there is no way she would start by firing a Magic Missile. She is just using a weak spell to ensure that she gets taken into custody with him.

11. Everyone has assumed that Imoen doesn't want to be taken to Spellhold but what if it is exactly where she wants to go? She knows Irenicus is a real threat to the Charname so she wants to make sure she can stay close to him. Irenicus is Imoen's dupe just as much as the Charname is.

12. In the end she achieves the power she wants without anyone ever suspecting what she is really up to. Even Elminster is taken in:

And what of Imoen, the eternal child? She had long stood in the shadow of
, but she was her own person, and would find her fate where she
pleased. She returned to Candlekeep for a time, her formidable skill in magic
granting a greater appreciation for its tomes. It was smaller than she
remembered, however, and she did not stay long. Later she was seen in such
vaunted company as Khelben "Blackstaff" and Elminster, by all accounts
encouraging them to not be such stick-in-the-muds. Her influence grew over
time, and she may have founded a thieves' guild that now operates all the way
to Neverwinter. When asked of this she always answered with a smile of purest
innocence. "Heya," she would say, "it's just me, Imoen."

Imoen. We never suspected her because she was hiding in plain sight.

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